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Show Of Hands May 25th, 2012 12:00am

On economic issues, are you more liberal or conservative?

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05/25/12 9:19 am

The are no non-profits without profits.

05/25/12 9:19 am

Liberals, who fancy themselves as champions of the common man, create more poverty in the nation as they restrict wealth creation.

05/25/12 9:10 am

Balance the budget, no deficit spending, make corporations pay the same taxes as other businesses, eliminate PAC's, cut defense spending to match education and healthcare. IDK if I'm liberal or conservative for thinking like that, and I don't care. What I think is right doesn't need a label.

05/25/12 9:05 am

I believe in raising taxes to meet expenses, eliminating tax breaks, flat tax percentage based on profit, and cutting expenses. Both extremes are wrong, and partially right.

05/25/12 9:02 am

tax all the same. and give to only the disabled and elderly

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/25/12 9:00 am

Fiscal conservative. That doesn't mean giving tax advantages to special interests or spend on defense over social programs. It means tax fairly and equitably, spend only where there is a legitimate need. It means eliminate deficit spending and reduce debt.

05/25/12 8:57 am

4sanarchy I mean "cooperate corruption" that will hurt and prevent financial betterment. If we lived in a tribal society I would be saying the total opposite.

cato Santa Barbara, California
05/25/12 8:54 am

Libertarian! Read Ludwig von Mises and you will be enlightened.

05/25/12 8:41 am


anarchy4s South Carolina
05/25/12 8:38 am

Forte: "to prevent corruption"? Please qualify that statement, because it seems to imply that liberalism is somehow less prone to corruption than that your point, or did I miss something?

05/25/12 8:32 am

I will have to say I am in the center on this. though I'm a liberal I find in my personal finances I'm conservative, but in a national level, to be a modern nation, I feel a nation has to adapt liberalism to prevent corruption.

05/25/12 8:28 am

Thinking all these "rinos" who are so socially conservative (but not fiscally) should take note of how Americans feel about these issues!

Secular Grand Rapids
05/25/12 7:59 am

@NYevo Faygo is a soda, neutral michigander joke.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/25/12 6:56 am

Majorly conservative with a dash of libertarian and proud of it!

NYevo NY
05/25/12 6:55 am

Was that a dig, or a mis-type?

Secular Grand Rapids
05/25/12 6:51 am

michigander here, i'm a big believer in Faygo.

NYevo NY
05/25/12 6:48 am

I'm a big believer in paygo.