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polster2 Today: 2:11 pm featured

Austin Independent School District will limit disciplinary classroom removals of students, including expulsions, because black students were five times more likely to be removed from class than white students. Did the district get it right?

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PopSavvy Today: 12:08 pm featured

Have you ever tried cannabis for medicinal reasons?

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snowflakewisper Today: 10:39 am featured

If money wasn’t an issue. Would you rather send your child to a public school OR a private school ?

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lovesick Today: 8:39 am featured

People who continue to voluntarily wear masks after being vaccinated are just as "anti-science" as anti-vaxxers.

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Tony Today: 8:35 am featured

Do you think movie theaters will ever fully recover from the covid lockdowns to get back to their pre-COVID levels of ticket sales?

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mommamia Today: 6:04 am featured

Sitting outside enjoying a little peace before the busyness begins. 😊 It’s finally my wedding day after Covid forced us to post pone twice! Very excited & relieved it can now happen! Any words of wisdom?

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Show Of Hands Jun 11, 9:53 pm
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Tony Jun 11, 8:55 pm featured

Do you have any immediate family members graduating from high school or college this year?

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PamGH Jun 11, 6:26 pm featured

The value of trusted local journalism has never been more clear: it is independent reporting that provides the necessary oversight and illumination to inform the public and hold policymakers accountable. Do you subscribe to your local newspaper?

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Liberty Jun 11, 6:23 pm featured

Tonight the Federal Reserve called an emergency meeting for Tuesday 6/15 to discuss Monetary Policy Issues. Do you think it will announce an increase in interest rates and/or a tapering of QE soon?

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dale41 Jun 11, 6:00 pm featured

***Official Friday Night Music Challenge*** Eric Church just released Heart & Soul and that is tonight's theme. 9 songs for both Heart/Soul, 6 songs for &. Each word has 1 song worth 3000 pts, all other songs are 1000 pts. Let the games begin!

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gretchen0719 Jun 11, 4:47 pm featured

What was your favorite vacation experience? I want to plan a trip.

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qmastrangelo Jun 11, 10:45 am featured

Is it rude to ask someone whether or not they’ve been vaccinated?

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MrMilkdud Jun 11, 8:37 am featured

If you’re looking to hire someone for a straightforward contracting job (replace a door/window/siding/simple remodel/etc) that doesn’t involve wiring or plumbing, are you more likely to hire a freelance contractor or go with an established company?

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PopSavvy Jun 11, 8:23 am featured

Do you have a seldom-used bike in your home?

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Nickid Jun 11, 8:11 am featured

It’s my b-day and I invited a friend to join me and some other friends for a celebration dinner. She came back and said “I asked my husband and I can join you for dinner but not drinks following.” Do you ask or tell your spouse when making plans?

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polster2 Jun 11, 5:32 am featured

Congressional Republicans are sounding the alarm over inflation, which is the worst in 13 years, arguing that President Biden’s $2 trillion stimulus plan is responsible and that his multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan will make matters worse.

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