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Show Of Hands Jun 26, 10:15 pm
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Wert Jun 26, 7:05 pm featured

My father-in-law recently passed and was cremated. My daughter, a potter, used some of his ashes in a glaze for some hand thrown pots for family members. Do you see this as cool or creepy?

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Show Of Hands Jun 26, 1:11 pm

Does the Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs Wade impact your life directly?

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Show Of Hands Jun 26, 1:10 pm

What distance trip is long enough that you'd rather fly than drive?

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Show Of Hands Jun 26, 1:08 pm

Do you have a recliner as your primary "kicking back" chair in your living/family room?

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Pipers Jun 26, 12:38 pm featured

I loved this as a bookcover. You could write all over it. Did you have covers like this?

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Squidboy Jun 26, 11:40 am featured

Would you support indexing your State’s minimum wage to the rate of inflation?

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Ebola007 Jun 26, 6:26 am featured

Arizona approves the largest school voucher program in the nation. Vouchers are now available for ALL students to attend their school of choice. Should other states follow their example?

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Show Of Hands Jun 25, 11:37 pm
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Show Of Hands Jun 25, 9:56 pm

Do you think that diversity (political, economic, social, etc) between states in the USA is more of a good thing or a bad thing for the country overall?

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Show Of Hands Jun 25, 9:51 pm

Would you rather live in Los Angeles or New York City?

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Show Of Hands Jun 25, 9:50 pm

If you had to compete in a foot race against your peers, do you think you would do better in a short sprint or a distance race?

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panther61 Jun 25, 8:31 pm featured

Does your state have oppressive, sticky humidity in the summer?

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Doopy Jun 25, 5:40 pm featured

Do you read Supreme Court decisions on issues important to you?

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biggestFanfare Jun 25, 4:12 pm featured

The ratio of parents waiting to adopt to children up for adoption is around 30:1. Is adoption too difficult in the US, or is there another cause for this?

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daverator Jun 25, 2:14 pm featured

Employee 1 makes mistake sometimes but owns up to them. Employee 2 rarely makes mistakes but throws #1 under the bus when they do. Which employee would you rather have?

#1 #2
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panther61 Jun 25, 11:00 am featured

Have you eaten a hot dog so far this year?

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panther61 Jun 25, 10:51 am featured

Does fresh corn grow within 100 miles of where you live?

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