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Show Of Hands May 25th, 2012 12:00am

On economic issues, are you more liberal or conservative?

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05/26/12 8:27 am

This will be Obama's downfall

scottstots Georgia
05/26/12 8:19 am

@jopat I was reading below, I wasn't sure what you were referring to when you said it would be nice to have 15 million more people paying taxes.

05/26/12 8:14 am

it's just money folks. WWJD

05/26/12 8:01 am

@cowboy Please open a dictionary and look up socialism. I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish with your tired rhetoric, but you obviously have little knowledge of economics and government.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 7:59 am

@cowboy: 1. they weren't meant last this long. 2. There is a tax cut on a revenue stream for SS, that's not how you fund something. No wonder it's broke!

05/26/12 7:59 am

@jopat How can my statement be bs when you basically restated it, however inarticulate? I just fault the GOP more since they put party ahead of country. By pledging to Norquist and considering compromise a dirty word, the repubs become the problem.

05/26/12 7:57 am

He has no ideea that taxes and incentivising business will actually grow revenue to the treasury. Kinda be nice to. have 15 million more people paying taxes!

05/26/12 7:56 am

@16k. Wrong. They implement the policies that their administration see fit. If your assertion was true, why don't repubs implement conservative policies?

05/26/12 7:56 am

forte667; sure we have been in debt before there are 2 cures, austerity and raise taxes or serious inflation. this guy running stuff now never talks about growing our way out of this mess! Just more division and demonizing anyone that disagrees with them!

05/26/12 7:52 am

MrMc2: ThTs BS and you know it. All of these people we send lie to us just to get there and then somehow they join the club. Like everything else its been in place so long it will never be brought down because we don't elect people with charecter!

cowboy Doors of Perception
05/26/12 7:47 am

FDR was a Socialist pig. Of course the New Deal was pure Socialism Bri. And how did it work out? All those socialist programs are now broke, as predicted. Great plan. FDR was one of the worst Presidents ever. People really do forget their history and repeat the same mistakes over and over.

05/26/12 7:40 am

It gave jobs at least

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 7:28 am

@16k: conservatives hated the new deal. They called it socialism and whatnot. Sound familiar?

05/26/12 7:25 am

16 Roosevelt and Kennedy implemented conservative polices... No, I don't think so. Clinton maybe and that is debatable; Wilson I'm not too sure of the legislative branch party majority back then. But over all these polices that benefit us was signed and not vetoed by democratic presidents.

MGLC New Mexico
05/26/12 7:11 am


They usually implement conservative policies under republican pressure.
Look it up

05/26/12 7:06 am

Flapilot falsehood? Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton all democrats and all have boost our economy in some way

05/26/12 6:55 am

FlaPilot you're absolutely incorrect on this. The economy actually grows under democratic administrations, look it up.

05/26/12 6:53 am

Forte, saying a blatant falsehood does not make it fact. History has proven again and again, conservative economic policies show the best growth. Open a history book once in a while.

05/26/12 6:47 am

Jopat that can change and become a surplus in 12 years that is something to be aware of but not worry about. We have been in debt before, history proves democrats are best to pull us out of these situations

05/26/12 6:46 am

@jopat The government has done nothing to us, we've done it to ourselves. The electorate gets bogged down is pointless arguments while the pols reward big donors. Take responsibility.

05/26/12 6:42 am

I think its criminal as to what our government has done to us and to future generations. Every man woman and child is on the hook for $50,000 and it just keeps climbing.

05/26/12 6:39 am

Mrmc I agree libertarians do go a bit too far but it is better than having a republican as president. Honestly I prefer a libertarian president with both a democrat majority senate and house.

05/26/12 6:32 am

My college advisor was the libertarian candidate for Lt. Gov.of NY. I agree with a lot of the positions, but differ on limited government; I think they go too far. Now I'm an anti republican independent.

05/26/12 6:32 am

Fresh1 No fixed time limit, just far enough over the horizon that pols don't really have to do anything but complain.

05/26/12 6:17 am

Mr mc2 How long is "quite a while".

I agree republicans suck. Have you considered the libertarian party?

05/26/12 5:59 am

wetheslave you have an interesting take on things. Not sure where you got the memory thing from. 4, 8 years; arbitrary numbers and mostly pointless unless you are talking about election cycles.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:40 am

I wonder how our artificial intelligence friends feel about our memory. o that's right, they also have limited memory. how do we prioritize our memories effectively?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:36 am

mrmc2 in addition to not thinking more than 4 or possibly 8 years ahead it sounds like you are saying our memory only works 2 years back.

05/26/12 5:26 am

On top of that, tax policy is the preferred method of rewarding big donors. These loopholes didn't get there by themselves. Hypocrites.

05/26/12 5:24 am

They go on about the debt, but take no steps to do anything about it thanks to Grover Norquist and their inability to compromise.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:24 am

I doubt anyone thinks more than 400 years ahead except academically. if we allow ourselves to be painted in a corner, expect inhumane sacrifices. desperate people do desperate things.

05/26/12 5:24 am

Fresh1 Full disclosure, an independent for Obama. We can actually sustain it for quite a while, but that's ludicrous. There''s no will power in Wash to fix it. Right now, I fault the repubs.

scottstots Georgia
05/26/12 5:20 am

These labels mean relatively little on a national level. When we look back objectively, we'll see that Obama is just a continuation of Bush and if Romney is elected, it will be a continuation as well.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:19 am

true, government does have a responsibility to manage long term projects, things we know nothing about and things we need but can't afford as individual. however, are they thinking 4 years or 100 years ahead?

05/26/12 5:16 am

Mrmc2. I agree with big government. That's fine. But it has to be a feasible government FIRST.

two questions: how long can we sustain a 1 trillion dollar deficit
Are you an Obama/Romney/ or third party supporter?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:10 am

the more debt you have the less money you have to spend, with all that interest sucking up your cash. so how do you buy what you want or desire but don't need? more debt less money. bankruptcy damages everyone and disrupts. or we do what they want cheap

Kommandant Indiana
05/26/12 5:10 am

This poll result is a breath of fresh air

05/26/12 5:09 am

your not one. autocorrect must be one of those inventions.

05/26/12 5:08 am

To those of you who are too short sighted to see the necessity of "big government" just google "NSA inventions." The fed can invest in riskier ventures in a way that private industry can't or won't. Do one research before you respond.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:03 am

we need to set the example for our government to see. avoid credit as far as possible. the more mature you are the more independent. we seem happy to sell our souls to our new masters. America the new slaves

05/26/12 4:56 am

USA's BUDGET (minus 8 zeros)
Annual family income $ 22,469
Money the family spent $ 35,755
New debt on credit card per year $ 13,286
Existing balance on credit card $ 157,080

05/26/12 4:55 am

Romney planned budget cut per year starting in 2016 MAYBE, in his best-case scenario $ 5,000
Obama's deficit reduction plan, per year $ 3,600
Interest on national debt paid in 2011 $ 4,544
(sources USdebtclock/treasurydirect/Romney website/Obama's budget proposal)

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 4:37 am

@tony: while I agree with you on almost all you said, I can't really agree to the end in ALL subsidies. Without the federal government (quickest example I can think of) we would not have received around $100 million for our mass transit expansion. They do spur a lot of jobs with those subsidies.

05/26/12 4:26 am

535 representing 310 million cannot work for those represented. time to secede and create smaller compacts and exit this corrupt union.

05/26/12 2:42 am

I'm honestly shocked by the results wow. Yay capitalism!