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On economic issues, are you more liberal or conservative?

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05/27/12 8:37 am

tales should have been tables......

05/27/12 8:36 am

bri-and; yeah like the senate that tales everything and not had a budget for ow many days?

mmjman Emerald Valley
05/27/12 8:13 am

And Obama and congress is too busy playing politics to do the right thing either, cut spending, and cut all the damn tax loopholes.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/27/12 8:12 am

That book doesn't pertain to this situation. But what does is the people that block all kinds of legislation that would move our country forward!

mmjman Emerald Valley
05/27/12 8:11 am

But apparently bush was too high in cocaine to figure that out

mmjman Emerald Valley
05/27/12 8:11 am

I hope everyone also understands the lunacy of starting two wars and cutting taxes at the same time, we have always had high taxes at war time. Hell after world war 2 the highest income tax bracket was 80%. When you start two wars and Has huge spending increases, you also need revenue icreases...

05/27/12 8:09 am

Bri-and: sorry just call em like I see em! What this government has done financially to its citizens is criminal, anyway I look at it! Burden millions of Americans? Really? Cn't wait until you get a taste of real life! Go read another book!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/27/12 7:45 am

@jopat: oh good, now we know that the criminals are the ones that signed it. The ones that signed one mans pledge to burden millions of Americans.

05/27/12 7:40 am

Ask Harry Reid where his ability to compromise has gone! Or the wonderful Nancy Pelosi ......

05/27/12 7:39 am

so voters could hold the criminals accountable.

05/27/12 7:38 am

MrMc2: from your earlier post everyone understands that raising taxes during down times regardless of severity just prolongs the misery. Signing the Norquist pledge was a way to pin down and document who could be bought or bribed down he road.

05/27/12 7:32 am

Thats a lot of revenue for the treasury! But because Barack Hussein Obama has never worked in the private sector he wouldn't have any idea how to encourage growth in a market driven society! Thats all I meant.......

05/27/12 7:29 am

ScottsTots: sorry i missed your post earlier questioning what I meant by 15 million more people working. My point was this administration never talks about growing the economy. When you. consider how many are unemployed think about 15 million more returning to the work force and paying taxes!

05/26/12 10:25 pm

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BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 6:47 pm

@rosebud: GMO would need to be addressed by Congress. That doesn't make it the FDA's fault. And if you're allergic, move to Europe. The EU banned most, if not all, GMO foods I believe. Oh but wait, they have bigger government, you probably wouldn't like it...

05/26/12 5:39 pm

I like what 667 said he really exploited your card stacking

05/26/12 5:38 pm

And as u see I agree everything has some kind of issue one one hundredthousandths of a roach

05/26/12 5:36 pm

Lol rosebud u r Card stacking if u look a little far down u complain about how there r roaches and poop and stuff in processed food but when organic has probably much more costs more and tastes the same so
Card stacking: when u don't adress your sides problems

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 5:12 pm

Foods the FDA approves. As do many many other people I know. The FDA can only make money from what they regulate.
Again, don't believe me, look it up.

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 5:10 pm

And "approved" crops are illegal in other countries, that is things with weed killers added into the genetics of the seeds and other types of GMO. Ever compared fresh organic eggs to store eggs? Or strawberries? How about cucumbers, peppers, peas, ect? I literally have allergic reactions to the GMO

05/26/12 4:35 pm

Rosebud organic farm products are more likely to be contaminated with insect droppings, which can be harmful for human consumption, because they don't use pesticide that kill insects that destroy crops and that are carriers of harmful bacteria. I like organic produce but only consume FDA approved

05/26/12 3:36 pm

I'm loving the questions and results. Freedom!!!

05/26/12 1:33 pm

USA's BUDGET (minus 8 zeros)
Annual family income $ 22,469
Money the family spent $ 35,755
New debt on credit card per year $ 13,286
Existing balance on credit card $ 157,080

05/26/12 1:32 pm

Romney planned budget cut per year starting in 2016 MAYBE, in his best-case scenario $ 5,000
Obama's deficit reduction plan, per year $ 3,600
Interest on national debt paid in 2011 $ 4,544
(sources USdebtclock/treasurydirect/Romney website/Obama's budget proposal)

05/26/12 1:31 pm

either bug business own almost all productive property and the masses are forced to work for a wage paid by them, or the government owns all the property and you forced to earn a wage from it. look of Distributism (especially the great website Distributist Review)

05/26/12 1:30 pm

neither! free market capitalism (as it exist i the usa) and socialism are two sides of the same coin.

FaceMoose Over There
05/26/12 11:48 am

Liberal on social, conservative on economic.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 11:45 am

@rosevud: "they do very little" look at their budget. Give them more money, dot cut it.

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:34 am

So explain to me how a federal agency is blackmailing organic food makers into paying them off. And then expain to me where that money ends up. Sounds like conspiracy to me. If anything, i can see a company that doesn't pass inspection paying an inspector to look the other way

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:29 am

Removing them all would make food unaffordable.

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:29 am

The reason there are acceptable levels of roach parts parts allowed in food (something like .0000002%) is because in a food processing factory it is probably close to impossible to remove 100% of all undesirable things. Undesirable, doesn't necessarily mean health risk.

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 11:24 am

Are being shut down for no reason, left and right? That's not exactly protecting anyone. They do very little. Again, they need a massive overhaul. As they exist now, I give them no credit when it comes to approved or not. If they weren't paid, yes I'd probably trust them. But they are paid off.

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 11:23 am

NYevo- the corruption is rampant. Again, they go after healthy things, like organic foods or vitamin c therapy over chemo for cancer because they aren't getting money for it. Why is it ok to have acceptable levels of blood, pus, maggots, and more in our canned/processed foods while organic farms

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:20 am

If you think things are unsafe presently, just wait till safety decisions get made solely by those who have to foot the bill for that safety. Don't be crazy

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:17 am

Nothing is without corruption, but if you think you're safer without the FDA, you don't know what you're talking about.

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:17 am

The FDA is what separates you from the whim of what each and every health product maker personally believes is safe. The FDA used to regulate an industry that I worked in. That industry was forced to be much safer than it was on its own.

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 11:04 am

If you actually look at it, and discover how corrupt it is, there's no way you could be for it. And again- cut it or do a fundamental overhaul.

NYevo NY
05/26/12 10:48 am

@Cowboy: disagree with his politics all you want, but FDR was loved by the masses of this country. You're off your rocker

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 10:48 am

@rosebud: I know what it is, I've just never heard someone say cut it. I've heard more "increase funding" for it rather than "cut it". We will, hopefully and most likely, never live to see the day the FDA is cut.

ceej Michigan
05/26/12 10:43 am

So, 69% are economically conservative on this poll but 61% (on another poll) support a city government in telling private businesses what kind of bags they can use. Interesting.

polarized Tennessee
05/26/12 10:35 am

new party anyone? a party built on liberal social ideas with conservative fiscal spending? show of hands unite!

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 10:03 am

Food and drug administration. The one that is going after raw milk, but has an acceptable level of pus and blood in store milk. Same with medicines an other foods. They'll ok almost anything as long as it makes them money.

05/26/12 9:13 am

To be not honest everyone thinks their liberal.

05/26/12 9:12 am

My girlfriend is liberal but her parents are conservative. Im liberal but my parents are conservative. We both go to college together...

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 9:02 am

Conservative. Spend as little as possible. The EPA, FDA, DOE are all crap, corrupt and either need done away with completely or severely re-vamped. And that's just the start. Limit terms in any elected job, reduce salaries and remove pensions. Its service not a way of life.

05/26/12 8:57 am

cowboy I said dictionary, not newsmax.

Happy2 California
05/26/12 8:46 am

Liberal economics is what most Americans call fiscal conservatism. Which do you mean here Tony?

cowboy Proud Father
05/26/12 8:43 am

I did MrMc. FDR's picture was next to the definition of Socialism. Thanks.