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On economic issues, are you more liberal or conservative?

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05/25/12 9:19 am

Liberals, who fancy themselves as champions of the common man, create more poverty in the nation as they restrict wealth creation.

05/25/12 9:19 am

The are no non-profits without profits.

05/25/12 9:21 am

The is no well of wealth in the country from which liberals can decide on its distribution. All wealth is created by individuals who risk their money and their labor. Liberals stifle that by punishing the creators of wealth & rewarding the sloths.

05/25/12 6:15 pm

Yet people would still consider voting for Obama...a socialist not a democrat.

NYevo NY
05/26/12 11:34 am

So explain to me how a federal agency is blackmailing organic food makers into paying them off. And then expain to me where that money ends up. Sounds like conspiracy to me. If anything, i can see a company that doesn't pass inspection paying an inspector to look the other way

05/25/12 12:21 pm

Mcmc2- to clarify I also tend to vote on the person- just usually works out that way lol

05/25/12 9:23 am

You can never raise taxes fast enough. Washington will always be able to spend faster than they can collect. The only way to stop them is by restricting revenue flow to them.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:36 am

mrmc2 in addition to not thinking more than 4 or possibly 8 years ahead it sounds like you are saying our memory only works 2 years back.

05/25/12 12:24 pm

USA's BUDGET (minus 8 zeros)
Annual family income $ 22,469
Money the family spent $ 35,755
New debt on credit card per year $ 13,286
Existing balance on credit card $157,080
Romney planned budget cut per year starting in 2016 MAYBE, in his best-case scenario $ 5,000

05/25/12 12:24 pm

Obama's deficit reduction plan, per year $ 3,600
Interest on national debt paid in 2011 $ 4,544
(sources USdebtclock/treasurydirect/Romney website/Obama's budget proposal)

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 5:10 pm

And "approved" crops are illegal in other countries, that is things with weed killers added into the genetics of the seeds and other types of GMO. Ever compared fresh organic eggs to store eggs? Or strawberries? How about cucumbers, peppers, peas, ect? I literally have allergic reactions to the GMO

Rosebud Ohio
05/26/12 5:12 pm

Foods the FDA approves. As do many many other people I know. The FDA can only make money from what they regulate.
Again, don't believe me, look it up.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/26/12 5:40 am

I wonder how our artificial intelligence friends feel about our memory. o that's right, they also have limited memory. how do we prioritize our memories effectively?

05/25/12 12:27 pm

I'm libertarian now: fiscally conservative, socially liberal. Just how the founding fathers wanted it.

Thanks for everything Ron Paul

05/25/12 12:28 pm

Look at the party filters: Only the far left voted liberal.

05/25/12 12:28 pm

A true conservative would be one who is true to conservative values., not one who uses the politics of distraction to drive a non issue wedge between people.

05/25/12 12:28 pm

For example, they cry that Big Government is taking away their freedom. Fine, then tell me how one can't trust Big Government to do anything right, yet support capital punishment. Isn't capital punishment state sponsored execution?

05/25/12 6:30 pm

steezmo, do you even know what the word "socialist" means? The answer's obvious, but I had to ask. Once you look up the definition, give an example of how President Obama is one.

05/26/12 5:59 am

wetheslave you have an interesting take on things. Not sure where you got the memory thing from. 4, 8 years; arbitrary numbers and mostly pointless unless you are talking about election cycles.

05/25/12 6:39 pm

a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

I'm not a fan of Obama but he's NOT a socialist - people just like to hurl the word around.

05/25/12 6:44 pm

Praetorian, so do u consider single payer socialism?

MGLC New Mexico
05/25/12 12:31 pm


Talking about how the state fails to run industry and how they run the judicial system is different. Judicial = justice, healthcare = industry. You can't privatize CP, you can privatize HC, so you offered a false analogy

MGLC New Mexico
05/25/12 12:32 pm

@H50: no, I am a Austrian economics supporter

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 6:49 pm

@mrken: most stable economies in the world place in effect policies based on capitalism and socialism. Public education. Is that socialist enough?

05/26/12 6:17 am

Mr mc2 How long is "quite a while".

I agree republicans suck. Have you considered the libertarian party?

05/26/12 5:36 pm

Lol rosebud u r Card stacking if u look a little far down u complain about how there r roaches and poop and stuff in processed food but when organic has probably much more costs more and tastes the same so
Card stacking: when u don't adress your sides problems

05/25/12 6:51 pm

praetorian nicely said. It's refreshing to read a knowledgeable post.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/26/12 11:45 am

@rosevud: "they do very little" look at their budget. Give them more money, dot cut it.

05/25/12 6:54 pm

Ok, I'll ask again! Is a single payer healthcare system socialism???

05/26/12 6:32 am

Fresh1 No fixed time limit, just far enough over the horizon that pols don't really have to do anything but complain.

05/26/12 5:38 pm

And as u see I agree everything has some kind of issue one one hundredthousandths of a roach

05/26/12 6:32 am

My college advisor was the libertarian candidate for Lt. Gov.of NY. I agree with a lot of the positions, but differ on limited government; I think they go too far. Now I'm an anti republican independent.

05/26/12 5:39 pm

I like what 667 said he really exploited your card stacking

05/25/12 9:49 am

Libertarian... Balanced budget amendment please... If I'm supposed to live within my means, why shouldn't the government?

05/25/12 6:58 pm

No, it's part of a social safety net.
Socialism means that every factory and such is owned by the state - down to the last screwdriver.
Only if the market is controlled by the govt it's socialism.

05/26/12 6:39 am

Mrmc I agree libertarians do go a bit too far but it is better than having a republican as president. Honestly I prefer a libertarian president with both a democrat majority senate and house.

FaceMoose Over There
05/26/12 11:48 am

Liberal on social, conservative on economic.

05/25/12 12:36 pm

@16k Swing and a miss. Who said anything about privatizing CP or HC? I was giving examples of the hipocrisy on the right.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 6:58 pm

If it is socialism, does that make it bad? Does it make emergency services bad? Does it make public education bad? Does it make public works bad? Does it make the military bad?

05/26/12 6:42 am

I think its criminal as to what our government has done to us and to future generations. Every man woman and child is on the hook for $50,000 and it just keeps climbing.

05/25/12 7:01 pm

Hahahaha, u liberals are sooo confused!!!
Bri, no it doesn't make it bad, but it definitely doesn't make is successful.
Praetorian, u are going to just deny deny deny until u lose all credibility. Bri is at least honest in admitting it is socialism!

05/26/12 6:46 am

@jopat The government has done nothing to us, we've done it to ourselves. The electorate gets bogged down is pointless arguments while the pols reward big donors. Take responsibility.

05/25/12 9:54 am

military spending at the same level as education and health. problem solved.

05/25/12 7:01 pm

I don't understand this one or the other attitude, though there's an article about it in SciAm I'm going to read.
I don't think anything is wrong with a basically free market that also has a social safety net and public education.
It's called social market economy.