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On economic issues, are you more liberal or conservative?

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05/25/12 8:01 pm

USA's BUDGET (minus 8 zeros)
Annual family income $ 22,469
Money the family spent $ 35,755
New debt on credit card per year $ 13,286
Existing balance on credit card $ 157,080

05/25/12 8:00 pm

Romney planned budget cut per year starting in 2016 MAYBE, in his best-case scenario $ 5,000
Obama's deficit reduction plan, per year $ 3,600
Interest on national debt paid in 2011 $ 4,544
(sources USdebtclock/treasurydirect/Romney website/Obama's budget proposal)

05/25/12 7:53 pm

conservative... don't spend what you don't have

05/25/12 7:47 pm

@yoodle, so? Most economists are also Keynesians.

Leonitis North Carolina
05/25/12 7:47 pm

@TARDIS -love the screen name -good luck in CO

05/25/12 7:47 pm

@cws, it depends on which social issues you mean. Ending the War on Drugs would actually save us a lot of money.

05/25/12 7:46 pm

Conservative...and I support Austrian economics... :D

yoodle Texas
05/25/12 7:43 pm

This is a dumb question becomes even 95 percent of economist believe the right choice is a mixture of the too and no one system will work following the business cycle.
P.S. cutting back government spending only gave Europe a double dip recession and it debt stayed the same

05/25/12 7:37 pm

it's crazy that people still think there is a social/economic split. if you're liberal on social stuff, you have to pay for it with liberal economic policies. people who say "I'm socially liberal but economically conservative" are hypocrites who don't want to admit they support hurtful policies,

05/25/12 7:34 pm

Bri, good luck on the local gov crusade, but maybe u should help us take the power away from the fed gov FIRST

05/25/12 7:32 pm

Altruism is never bad, but altruistically ignorant never last long

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 7:23 pm in such a conservative place.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 7:23 pm

Well that would all make sense if I was speaking on the federal government, I'm not. Sorry if I didn't make that clear, I'm speaking about smaller governments--local. Ehh, you're not the first to think that, most people think me crazy and ignorant for wanting to raise our taxes, especially since I..

05/25/12 7:19 pm

Bri, u sound very altruistic and young, almost ignorant, but NOT of course. Just hoping that 300 million or even 150 million people are going to magically agree on gov and make it efficient is absolute absurd.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 7:16 pm

I'm blaming us. We refuse to properly fund our own services. People expect for government to properly find these services with less money, and then we blame the government for inefficiency.

05/25/12 7:15 pm

Liberal in the middle of good old CO. Yikes. Feel just a little bit judged… :/

because South Dakota
05/25/12 7:13 pm

the 2 questions together show what America really wants. less government spending (including defense, healthcare, and social programs), and don't tell us who we can marry , what we can smoke, or take away our freedom of choice

05/25/12 7:11 pm

Bri, u want money spent one way and other people want money spent another way...this is why gov does not work. U should stop blaming people and accept the reality

05/25/12 7:09 pm

This is some of the most outlandish propaganda I've heard in a long time!!!!!!!!! People should read this below!!!!!!!'

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 7:09 pm have the chance to be great. "people aren't dreaming anymore" -Neil DeGrasse Tyson in regards to cutting funds to NASA. The power lies with the people. If you want the services to be successful, then they will be successful.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 7:07 pm

...don't pay, they wonder why it crashes. Example: people always say "there's more that can be cut in education" rather than voluntarily vote to raise taxes to actually fund it. No matter how government runs, it will never be efficient enough whether it be local or state. These publicly funded...

05/25/12 7:04 pm

@mrken: you are a black and white thinker.
Reality is more colorful
That's why I'm neither liberal nor conservative.
I'm middle ground.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 7:04 pm

I said "if it is" I don't claim to be an economist. The could be successful if the government would fund it correctly. It isn't successful because people don't want it to be successful. People don't want a successful "socialist" ideal in America. They don't want to have to pay, but when they...

05/25/12 7:02 pm

But to my point...

"I happen to be a proponent of the single payer universal healthcare system."

Who do u suppose said this, hmmm?

05/25/12 7:01 pm

I don't understand this one or the other attitude, though there's an article about it in SciAm I'm going to read.
I don't think anything is wrong with a basically free market that also has a social safety net and public education.
It's called social market economy.

05/25/12 7:01 pm

Hahahaha, u liberals are sooo confused!!!
Bri, no it doesn't make it bad, but it definitely doesn't make is successful.
Praetorian, u are going to just deny deny deny until u lose all credibility. Bri is at least honest in admitting it is socialism!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 6:58 pm

If it is socialism, does that make it bad? Does it make emergency services bad? Does it make public education bad? Does it make public works bad? Does it make the military bad?

05/25/12 6:58 pm

No, it's part of a social safety net.
Socialism means that every factory and such is owned by the state - down to the last screwdriver.
Only if the market is controlled by the govt it's socialism.

05/25/12 6:54 pm

Ok, I'll ask again! Is a single payer healthcare system socialism???

05/25/12 6:51 pm

praetorian nicely said. It's refreshing to read a knowledgeable post.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/25/12 6:49 pm

@mrken: most stable economies in the world place in effect policies based on capitalism and socialism. Public education. Is that socialist enough?

05/25/12 6:44 pm

Praetorian, so do u consider single payer socialism?

05/25/12 6:39 pm

a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

I'm not a fan of Obama but he's NOT a socialist - people just like to hurl the word around.

05/25/12 6:30 pm

steezmo, do you even know what the word "socialist" means? The answer's obvious, but I had to ask. Once you look up the definition, give an example of how President Obama is one.

05/25/12 6:15 pm

Yet people would still consider voting for Obama...a socialist not a democrat.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
05/25/12 5:03 pm

Boiled down, people are big fans of liberty. Both popular parties would do well to pay attention to the growth in Libertarian sentiment among the general populace.

MGLC New Mexico
05/25/12 4:49 pm

@ Pistachio

This is a non scientific poll

05/25/12 4:46 pm

I just want to repeat what @TheSkeptic said: Based on the two liberal/conservative polls we should be a libertarian country.

05/25/12 4:19 pm

Isn't ready to VOTE for then**

05/25/12 4:17 pm

I champion libertarian principles, but I don't think the US is ready to VOTE for them. Thus election is so important, I just want Obama out and someone who will start striping things don't, even if it's just the ACA!

05/25/12 4:17 pm

Lesbian, if it were between Paul and Nader, I'd vote Paul, but thus is between Obama and Romney.

05/25/12 4:17 pm

@lesbianham Dr. Paul is a good fit but many incompetent voters mainly from the south would vote for an old guy.

05/25/12 4:16 pm

@timeout the economy fluctuates if you see a bar graph it goes like a rollercoaster.