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Should students be retained a grade in school for failing a state standardized test? (UserQ)

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04/07/12 6:12 am

I wish there was a way to retain kids. I am tired of being blamed for a kid not doing well on state tests when the kid has failed every one for the five years prior to mine. A student can fail every class, every assignment and test, only show up half the time and he or she gets promoted up a grade

04/07/12 6:11 am

I'm in high school now, and I have a 4.0 GPA. The school I go to is known to have good teachers and have students who do good on standardized tests. However, I do terrible on standardized tests because the tests are timed, and I have huge reading difficulties the school can't help me with.

KyHeff Kentucky
04/07/12 6:10 am

various opinions, very interesting.

04/07/12 6:04 am

@honest There are less truly gifted kids, so therefore they're in smaller classes.

04/07/12 6:02 am

@kato2009 The problem is that less than half of what is taught is tested. Curriculums are so dense that teachers cannot teach everything in depth. If the test's focus (it changes every year) happens to be in a well covered area, the students do well, if not, they don't.

04/07/12 5:48 am

@kato2009...what if the student doesn't care? Teachers fault?

04/07/12 5:47 am

Standardized tests are a way for the government to evaluate teachers. If a teacher hasn't taught a student something that's on the test, the student will fail that section... So if many students fail a certain section, that should be on the teacher, not the student...

04/07/12 5:44 am

They not hey. I love autocorrect.

04/07/12 5:44 am

"Standards" are a joke, there's no such thing. Hey are political just like everything else. Besides, they're meant to "assess" teachers. They should be one metric of several and be consistent. In the 16 years I've been teaching they've changed just about every year.

ryno Flyover Country
04/07/12 5:41 am

Bri-D: Agreed. Standardized tests are a waste of time . Kids are only taught how to take tests not real skills and knowledge.

04/07/12 5:41 am

Don't know your ABCs? Then you can't perform in a class where they're learning to read. Can't read? Then you can't perform in a class where books are read. Mastery of the curriculum of one grade is a prerequisite for the next. Otherwise, the word "grade" is meaningless.

04/07/12 5:34 am

Never understood why gifted had less kids in a class. They don't need more one-to-one instruction, they're gifted.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/07/12 5:32 am

I think I've seen doing that cause a lot of damage. I think the kid should be moved up a grade and evaluated for one of two separate routes. A, a special needs class one-on-one with a tutor or teacher until caught up. Or B, a gifted learning class with fewer students and more intriguing lessons.

BriD Illinois
04/07/12 5:32 am

Standardized tests are a JOKE!

04/07/12 5:31 am

@landoffree...the state does that and teachers treat the problem. They can't change all the other factors that affect a child's performance but they are held accountable for it.

04/07/12 5:28 am

No but it is the doctors fault if he fails to administer tests to determine the problem and then act to treat the condition.

04/07/12 5:26 am

So now we find out the school systems are cheating to make them look better. Its a damned shame everyone becomes the loser!

04/07/12 5:23 am

Studies show retaining doesn't improve scores. The decline of parenting never seems to be mentioned. There is more to how a child does in school than what happens at school. Is a doctor at fault for the health of a patient when the patient does nothing to help them self outside the office visit?

04/07/12 5:20 am

It should be considered when deciding whether or not the student will move to the next grade... But it should ultimately be the teachers decision.

giottoblu Connecticut
04/07/12 5:19 am

Standardized testing doesn't tell you anything about a student's intelligence or readiness to advance in their schooling. It is a deeply flawed system.

04/07/12 5:18 am

The superintendent. He informed us that he couldn't really do anything about either issue. I used to look up to teachers when I was young but not anymore.

04/07/12 5:17 am

My daughter's teacher once sent me an email that had so many grammatical errors that I corrected the email and sent it back to him. He made a comment to my daughter in class telling her "your father must me a joy to live with" so I sent copies of the email to other parents and we all went to see

04/07/12 5:12 am

Our education system is so messed up, we fund it to much and the unions KILL, I know my mom is a great teacher! Students come back years later to thank her!

04/07/12 5:12 am

Yes and to be able to feel good about your salary as a teacher make the testing easier or do away with it altogether.

04/07/12 5:06 am

NoVT- you bring up a good point. I'm tired of hearing teachers complain about their salaries. Around here, the teachers in this little town make more $ than most professional office workers & they get huge holiday breaks & at least half the summer off.

04/07/12 5:01 am

Agree, 380lady. Taxes & teacher salaries keep increasing (faster than inflation) & academic standards keep falling.

NachoMan Pennsylvania
04/07/12 4:57 am

if they can't pass a basic state test than they should not be allowed to advance a grade. if they do pass than that does not mean that the student should automatically pass

04/07/12 4:46 am

Oh this is good. So we pass kids that can't speak English at grade level and we are arguing about the necessity of proving you deserve to advance to the next grade by passing a test. That's just wonderful.

04/07/12 4:41 am

yes- the standards of educ. are far too low these days. schools rely on tech. for too much & have stopped teaching kids.

04/07/12 4:41 am

This is all basic stuff people! Why would we even consider passing a student that couldn't even understand English well enough to read the question??? Wow we are in serious trouble.

04/07/12 4:38 am

@tx Well to start with our children should learn English and should be taught a wide range of subjects to prepare them for life.

1txteacher Dickinson Gator Swamp
04/07/12 4:31 am

The new test will when was the last time you used an ellipse or hyperbola or logarithm in your life or your job? Those are only a few of the topics on the third math test...what about chemistry or physics? I agree the legislators could not pass them!!

1txteacher Dickinson Gator Swamp
04/07/12 4:29 am

I am an educator in Texas high school I struggle with many issues. Texas old test geared toward average kids but what if you speak another language then you fail your math test because of the reading required.

04/07/12 4:24 am

At the end of a lesson you usually take a test to see if you've learned the material. At the end of a grade level it makes sense to do the same. Hold kids accountable and teach them about performance. Life isn't fair but it does pay to be a winner.

adalla Virginia
04/07/12 4:22 am

I believe the 8th grade and 12th grade are "gateway" tests already, by Federal law. You have to pass them to advance or receive a diploma. I'm in favor of them as they are very basic tests and ensure minimum standards in education. I don't think teachers should be responsible for how kids perform

yoggsaron Las Vegas
04/07/12 4:21 am

Yes they should, the bar is set extremely low now a days.

04/07/12 4:19 am

I agree why would we want to put pressure on our kids! The only thing our kids need to know is how to apply for government assistance... Right? Obama will take care of them. And besides other countries can take the hard stuff for a turn like space exploration. Who needs tests... Oops we do!

04/07/12 4:10 am

Those are hard and complicated and makes students feel dumb. Fuck those tests

04/07/12 4:09 am

some people, like myself, are terrible with those kinds of tests and would still b in 1stgrade

BadBadger Georgia
04/07/12 3:59 am

No more than they should advance for passing one. One standardized test isn't the whole picture.

spoiler Michigan
04/07/12 3:34 am

Of course they should retain a grade. The question, I think, is should standardized tests be the only method for preparing students and educating students.

donna0987 Indiana
04/07/12 3:33 am

No way, they go to school year round here judge them by the entire school year. How would you like for your boss to rate your performance on just one day... They choose.... No thank you.

04/07/12 3:29 am

I have kids and I want them prepared for life and in life you have to get used to pressure to perform and pass fail situations.

04/07/12 2:20 am

standardized tests are not a true measure of a students academic potential. it only shows what they remember during those few hours it takes to administer the test. those of you who think otherwise obviously don't have kids!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
04/07/12 2:13 am

Yes, absolutely. But, on the other hand, as some have pointed out, a standardized test isn't always the best measure of someone's abilities.

04/07/12 1:30 am

Some kids don't test well but are very smart and ambitious on life. They sometimes end up being Einsteins and Steve jobs's. If they held back our kids over a test failure it would be more on that teacher than anything. And ultimately, they'd be prohibiting a potential visionary to change the world

04/07/12 1:15 am

The california standardized exam is so easy, that a stoner kid can pass it.

04/07/12 12:29 am

if you fail the standardized test it's going to take more than an extra year of school to save you. Best to just be sent on your merry way.