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Should students be retained a grade in school for failing a state standardized test? (UserQ)

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samarak Louisiana
04/14/12 1:57 pm

I think teachers should b retrained to teach not just throw info at kids n expect them to memorize it like they do now days what happend to the days of learning

04/11/12 9:15 pm

How the he!! do you fail one of those

tsk California
04/11/12 2:59 pm

I knew a classmate who bragged about getting straight A's. I looked at his report card and he takes ESL classes. He speaks english perfectly fine. I asked him why doesn't he take English instead of ESL. He said he wants the easier grade. lol

Lucky for him this was before HS exit exams.

PetePuma Oregon
04/10/12 8:44 pm

Absolutely not! Standardized is Bastardized. Get rid of all asinine such-tests and simply teach. one size does not fit all.

tuvwxyz New York
04/10/12 1:24 pm

Defiantly not! State testing is a bad way to test students as is! What if you go to school with a pounding headache or on 1 hour of sleep on that one day of the state test and you do poorly, that is not a good reflection of your ability!

waaazzaap Arizona
04/10/12 12:12 am

Glad I got out before AZ made science one of the standardized tests subject or else I would have never passed lol

04/09/12 10:33 pm

no way lately the state of California has been giving us standard tests after standard tests after standard tests. I'm a bright student usually do great on these tests but there are times when I don't fully comprehend a subject but am forced to take a test. this is not always the students fault.

04/09/12 9:25 pm

the test isn't a test though. it's a mind game. you can know the subjects up and down and still fail. they word questions in a way designed to confuse kids and make them second guess themselves. it's not as straight forward as 2+2

04/09/12 8:04 pm

@Priceless what I was saying was that I have reading problems that cannot actually be helped. I have taken reading programs and school courses that just wasted money and time. It's actually impossible to fix my reading problems.

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/09/12 5:58 pm

Cynical: wtf are you blathering about? A "TEST" "tests" one's knowledge. If the only way you can pass a test is to know exactly what questions will be asked, you're screwed...for life! It's not just 2+2=4 a kid needs to know, it's WHY 2+2=4. It's the mathematical CONCEPT that must be understood

KudosToYou California
04/09/12 5:53 pm

@ Snafu, they can learn the subjects and not pass the test. The test is about the test, not the subjects. If they fail, it's because they didn't learn the test.

04/09/12 5:19 pm

I think this question needs clarified. I'm in favor of a mandatory test to graduate. We need to define a low end of the spectrum and not accept anything else. These tests are pass/fail and have no effect on grades.

04/09/12 2:15 pm

Absolutely not. Education is about far more than scores on a test, and that is already being sacrificed in attempt to make AYP. My son's school barely covers science, social studies, art, logic & problem solving. And they push to teach more advanced math without drilling the basics.

snafu Washington
04/09/12 12:42 pm

Why is this even a question? Of course they should be held back if they don't pass, obviously they didn't learn the subjects the other kids were able to learn through the year.
What message is that sending to give them a passing grade even though they failed? They'll never try hard to do anything!

redheeler Texas
04/09/12 10:38 am

btw I am fascinated by history.

redheeler Texas
04/09/12 10:36 am

"not good test tacker" is an excuse. You either learned the required subjects or you were daydreaming in the back row.

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/09/12 8:20 am

***that may mean there are... (auto correct is hating me today)

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/09/12 8:19 am

....again...not a big debate here. It's very common sense. You either know it or you dont. Of course, if that's the case, that my mean their are (gasp!) teachers not doing their jobs effectively. My question would be, how did the kid get an A in the first place?

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/09/12 8:17 am

Cdizzle: hahahahaha. Good response. ACTUALLY, what that means, is they either were taught the wrong stuff, or they were simply handed the A grade on the first place. Either way, if youre failing a standardized test, youve proven yourself unable to learn & apply learned material the state requires.

04/09/12 6:24 am

get the federal government out of education.All education of children in K-12 should be handled by the appropriate city or county authority.

04/08/12 10:47 pm

Theaux, your lack of respect for history is more disappointing than the way it is taught. You are an example of our failed education system.

04/08/12 9:10 pm

I think high school is a poor excuse for a place of learning at least in America 50% percent of what your learning is not useful whatsoever! like history, history for my school is a requirement I'm I the only one who sees how flawed of a system

04/08/12 9:10 pm

I think high school is a poor excuse for a place of learning at least in America 50% percent of what your learning is not useful whatsoever! like history, history for my school is a requirement I'm I the only one who sees how flawed of a system

ilikepi Somewhere near Japan
04/08/12 8:35 pm

I would have voted yes but I recently took an ISTEP test (Indiana's standardized test) and must say it's complete donkey sh!t and has almost nothing to do with a lot of what is learned, considering the books children are taught from are chosen by each school system, this ensures inaccurate results.

04/08/12 8:14 pm

4sAnarchy your responses show you no nothing about the kids and the education system i have friends who got str8 A's in all subjects but couldn't pass the standardised test. so just because someone can't take test but can do the work they should repeat the grade? you are am idiot.

04/08/12 8:10 pm

piepiecake what schools are you attending I graduated in 2010 I am in college now but when I was in school the state tests counted for 50% of your final total grade.

SouthernG Man Cave
04/08/12 6:42 pm

a second test should be done before you take a year of that kids life away over ONE test

04/08/12 6:04 pm

Think about this. A student has an A+ in a particular class but fails the standardized test, they will fail that grade... Ok now, a student that doesnt do any homework or give any effort but he passes the test with a perfect score, does he deserve to pass over the hard working student? Just asking

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/08/12 5:38 pm

...regardless, this question specifically asks about state tests. Either a kid has learned and can regurgitate required material, or he/she can't. I don't see the big debate.

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/08/12 5:35 pm

...I mean, the first SAT's were done in the 1920's. How else does one gain a metric for measurement between the effectiveness of State education systems. It doesn't mean it has to be Federally controlled. I assure you, Gallup and a number of other private entities would bid for the opportunity

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/08/12 5:30 pm

Bhtim: uhhhhhhhh...standardized tests have been around for a looooooong time.

because South Dakota
04/08/12 5:14 pm

scary. because the feds would be the ones to create a standardized test. and then it would just turn into a clusterfck

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/08/12 4:03 pm

Absolutely. Teachers are expected to impart certain concepts and information to their students...that's what these tests are designed to measure.

04/08/12 3:14 pm

I'm a student so yes because I bet some people don't try since it didn't affect your grades

04/08/12 1:50 pm

Not necessarily. You are looking at 40-50 questions given in a 4 hour time period. It can't be a full representation of what a child learned during the year. The state test could be a factor but not the only one.

Nerdz Texas
04/08/12 12:51 pm

yes because that means that they did not learn enough that year to pass

04/08/12 11:22 am

well the world needs ditch diggers too.

04/08/12 11:12 am

Some people are not good test-takers and if that is the case then another judge of their academic talent and accomplishments should be made before they advance to the next grade. A bad test should not be the only reason to hold a student back.

04/08/12 11:02 am

@WireNerd: Test-taking anxiety is very real, but it is also an excuse/crutch. "I don't do well on tests" is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Master the subject and believe in yourself. Otherwise, a prospective employer is going to have to limit your role in their organization.

04/08/12 9:52 am

While there are certainly issues with the method in which standardized testing is handled right now, it's pretty clear that there needs to be some kind of enforceable standard, and if those standards aren't met, the student should be held back. The goal of school is to educate, after all.

04/08/12 9:05 am

If you go to today's Houston Chronicle Outlook page and read the article called...All that testing is perverting school will get a succinct statement of the problems with the current situation. By today I refer to Easter Sunday.

applestar Florida
04/08/12 5:34 am

testing has destroyed our schools. kids have to take pre tests fir pre tests now. little time is left to actually teach

wirenerd Somersworth
04/08/12 5:05 am

If a student fails State Standardized Testing, they should not be elf back a grade. Although, in my eyes, f a student fails a State Test more than once, the school should talk to the student's parents about possible holding them back a grade. It is up to the parent, personally.

wirenerd Somersworth
04/08/12 5:02 am

@Classified: I have test anxiety, so I don't do well on tests, but have a 3.0GPA. Almost all of my teachers think it would be higher if I didn't have test anxiety.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/08/12 4:45 am

You'll be tested for much of your life, in school, on the job, to drive, or operate a boat, or fly, or even fill out magazine surveys. Learning how to take tests, beyond what is being tested, is an important lesson. Being a good test taker is a skill that can be taught and learned.

Jzz California
04/08/12 12:14 am

kiani water what are the credentials required for homeschooling I don't know thank you

Jzz California
04/08/12 12:12 am

candlelighter or the credentials required for homeschooling I don't know just asking thank you

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
04/07/12 10:31 pm

Home school and this wouldn't be a problem!

KudosToYou California
04/07/12 10:22 pm

You will care when their failure brings you down. We are a society.

JamesMadison La Palma
04/07/12 9:53 pm

If they don't care about their education let them fail in life idgaf