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Should students be retained a grade in school for failing a state standardized test? (UserQ)

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04/07/12 6:35 pm

Standardized tests do not always reflect on a students academic ability

04/07/12 7:45 am

im 13, homeschooled, and scored higher than average on everything on SAT's last year. I dont feel that it really reflects how much i know.

04/08/12 9:10 pm

I think high school is a poor excuse for a place of learning at least in America 50% percent of what your learning is not useful whatsoever! like history, history for my school is a requirement I'm I the only one who sees how flawed of a system

04/08/12 9:10 pm

I think high school is a poor excuse for a place of learning at least in America 50% percent of what your learning is not useful whatsoever! like history, history for my school is a requirement I'm I the only one who sees how flawed of a system

04/09/12 8:04 pm

@Priceless what I was saying was that I have reading problems that cannot actually be helped. I have taken reading programs and school courses that just wasted money and time. It's actually impossible to fix my reading problems.

04/07/12 12:16 pm

So if we do away with standardized tests how is performance to be judged? Does every student get a trophy or ribbon for participating?

04/07/12 12:19 pm

If each school goes on grades relating to classes radically different from system to system there can be no assurance that students are equally prepared.

04/07/12 7:48 am

NCLB is horrible, I'm not allowed to put a grade lower than 60 in the grade book, regardless of how bad the student does! So year after year these kids "pass"

04/07/12 12:24 pm

Don't just hole them back... put them either further back consistent with their level of understanding of the subject matter.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
04/07/12 2:13 am

Yes, absolutely. But, on the other hand, as some have pointed out, a standardized test isn't always the best measure of someone's abilities.

04/07/12 7:48 am

So it's not the teacher, parents, governments fault. And we can't test the students because that's not fair...

KudosToYou California
04/07/12 6:46 pm

Having state standardized tests just means teachers will teach the students how to pass the test.

04/07/12 2:20 am

standardized tests are not a true measure of a students academic potential. it only shows what they remember during those few hours it takes to administer the test. those of you who think otherwise obviously don't have kids!

chrismisen atlanta
04/07/12 7:49 am

agree with sheriboo. standardized tests always seem like they gave you the wrong grade's test, it's so simple. the only time this rule shouldn't apply is with science and social studies, and in high school.

04/07/12 12:36 pm

I'm in public school and the standardized tests are a joke at all levels.

MrWalrus Undergrid
04/07/12 7:50 am

does it matter. government schools are so bad the kids might actually be worse off with one more year.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/08/12 4:45 am

You'll be tested for much of your life, in school, on the job, to drive, or operate a boat, or fly, or even fill out magazine surveys. Learning how to take tests, beyond what is being tested, is an important lesson. Being a good test taker is a skill that can be taught and learned.

04/09/12 6:24 am

get the federal government out of education.All education of children in K-12 should be handled by the appropriate city or county authority.

getlost New Mexico
04/07/12 12:42 pm

Hey who cares? Pass everybody! No winners or losers. Why not? All the schools are for anyway is to give a few people jobs and babysit the kids!

Wycliff Huntington Beach, CA
04/07/12 12:44 pm

they shouldn't hold them back because of faulty tests, hold them back based on subject comprehension and ability. I've gotten advanced in every subject every year since 1st grade but I know people in AP classes who fail either because the test is wrong or they don't care. what of them?

04/08/12 6:04 pm

Think about this. A student has an A+ in a particular class but fails the standardized test, they will fail that grade... Ok now, a student that doesnt do any homework or give any effort but he passes the test with a perfect score, does he deserve to pass over the hard working student? Just asking

04/07/12 3:29 am

I have kids and I want them prepared for life and in life you have to get used to pressure to perform and pass fail situations.

04/07/12 12:47 pm

@harley96 you are such an ignorant person! I really do feel bad for ou!

04/07/12 12:50 pm

unfortunately, harley96 is correct about many public schools nowadays b/c of that sentiment of "don't discourage the kids". If nobody tells the kid that they aren't measuring up to the rest of the world, they are bound to fail

donna0987 Indiana
04/07/12 3:33 am

No way, they go to school year round here judge them by the entire school year. How would you like for your boss to rate your performance on just one day... They choose.... No thank you.

04/07/12 7:57 am

everyone who said that the kids that can't pass these standardized tests are idiots or stupid, you should be ashamed of your selves. learning disorders are very real. there are some kids that are very bright and smart, they just don't have the mental ability to sit through a test that long.

wirenerd Somersworth
04/08/12 5:02 am

@Classified: I have test anxiety, so I don't do well on tests, but have a 3.0GPA. Almost all of my teachers think it would be higher if I didn't have test anxiety.

spoiler Michigan
04/07/12 3:34 am

Of course they should retain a grade. The question, I think, is should standardized tests be the only method for preparing students and educating students.

wirenerd Somersworth
04/08/12 5:05 am

If a student fails State Standardized Testing, they should not be elf back a grade. Although, in my eyes, f a student fails a State Test more than once, the school should talk to the student's parents about possible holding them back a grade. It is up to the parent, personally.

04/07/12 7:58 am

standardized tests do not reflect how much you know. most of them use tricky wording and purposely try to throw students off. that is not a fair way to judge how much a student knows nor how well a teacher performs

04/07/12 1:02 pm

Other factors matter too such as grades, attendance, teacher recommendations, etc. I know someone who was ill right before standardized tests and missed the review. They got lucky since the tests were stolen and then cancelled.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 8:00 am

@landoffree I recognize difference. I also believe that every person has potential, can and should experience a meaningful day

04/07/12 1:05 pm

It should effect the grade average (which could have the result of holding the student back); but one test?....No

Nerdz Texas
04/08/12 12:51 pm

yes because that means that they did not learn enough that year to pass

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 8:01 am

no matter a test that reports a certain number or rating scale.

04/06/12 10:33 pm

Lots of people are not test takers. Therefore they should not be judge only on test scores.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 8:02 am

if a machine breaks down you try to fix/repair it. if a person, society wants to throw away, go figure.

JamesMadison La Palma
04/07/12 9:53 pm

If they don't care about their education let them fail in life idgaf

BadBadger Georgia
04/07/12 3:59 am

No more than they should advance for passing one. One standardized test isn't the whole picture.

applestar Florida
04/08/12 5:34 am

testing has destroyed our schools. kids have to take pre tests fir pre tests now. little time is left to actually teach

illbilly Texas
04/06/12 10:39 pm

it would put pressure on kids to not just float through school and actually learn something.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/07/12 1:16 pm

Other standards of attendance and grades should also be met, and possibly there should be a mechanism if an otherwise good student to retake a test if there were extenuating circumstances, but a test, for a reasonably good student, should be a pretty simple thing.

04/07/12 7:18 pm

my wife is a teacher who is against standardized testing. teachers should be able to teach the subject material, not how to pass the test.

04/09/12 9:25 pm

the test isn't a test though. it's a mind game. you can know the subjects up and down and still fail. they word questions in a way designed to confuse kids and make them second guess themselves. it's not as straight forward as 2+2

04/07/12 4:09 am

some people, like myself, are terrible with those kinds of tests and would still b in 1stgrade

04/07/12 8:09 am

@ProfDG these tests are the reason kids can't think critically. This is my tenth year teaching middle school and the kids are getting worse at problem solving every year. We multiple guess test it out of them.

valeriejo ramble on
04/06/12 10:46 pm

Nooo way - They should be judged on their over all performance on schoolwork and exams throughout the semester not on one single test