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Should students be retained a grade in school for failing a state standardized test? (UserQ)

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04/07/12 9:07 am

teachers need to grow some stones in failing students who deserve to in my eyes. in general if a student doesn't know the materials they should fail

04/07/12 9:05 am

The teachers should constantly teach to the tests because the tests contain the information the kids need to know. Know out all the liberal crap and teach.

04/07/12 9:03 am

no because then u get teachers only teaching for standardized tests. however it should have an impact on their grade for the year and be weighted like a mid term

SaraC New York
04/07/12 9:01 am

new York has regents... the problem for teachers is that they are forced to have to teach to the test... students will then memorize the information to pass those tests, therefore they never actually retain the information after the test... teachers are never actually able to teach students to have

04/07/12 8:59 am

Anyone not believing in No Child Left Behind should read this.

04/07/12 8:57 am

They should have opportunity to retake it and opportunity to get extra help b4 moving on

04/07/12 8:56 am

Some people just don't test well, like myself. I consider myself smart, I have a PhD in molecular biology, but when it comes to standardized tests I always do mediocre

MonAmour Illinois
04/07/12 8:53 am

No, but if a perfectly healthy student gets a 10% on a standardized test then yes. Not putting in any effort or simply having difficulty understanding the material to the extent of completely failing a standardized test (>40%)warrants holding back.

TB27 Louisiana
04/07/12 8:53 am

How can you say they shouldn't be? If they can't pass a STANDARDIZED test then they obviously aren't at grade level or ready to move on.

04/07/12 8:50 am

I disagree with you as always.

eddiej Virginia
04/07/12 8:34 am

it should be a combo of their class grade and the standardized test grade

04/07/12 8:30 am

Coming from a Junior in high school, the CAPTs we take are easy. To get a 5/5 on the test, students must answer 60% of the questions correctly. 60% is still failing by public school standards.
100-95:A+, 94-90:A, 89-85:B+, 84-80:B, 79-75:C+, 74-70:C, 69-65:D.
Anything below a 65 is failing.

veritas1 Panda
04/07/12 8:17 am

The best thing I think Obama had done in his presidency is grant waivers from "No Child Left Behind" to ten states. 40 more to go, but it's a start.

veritas1 Panda
04/07/12 8:16 am

@landoffree. We shouldn't test students liken this because a) it's a massive waste of time for students and teachers b) fails to test critical thinking and abstract reasoning c) is completely un-indicative of how much a student knows.

04/07/12 8:13 am

@mush I read a report that suggests the critical thinking / problem solving issue is do to organized play and sports along with video games. Kids have little to no opportunity to be placed in leadership rolls outside of structure.

04/07/12 8:09 am

@ProfDG these tests are the reason kids can't think critically. This is my tenth year teaching middle school and the kids are getting worse at problem solving every year. We multiple guess test it out of them.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 8:02 am

if a machine breaks down you try to fix/repair it. if a person, society wants to throw away, go figure.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 8:01 am

no matter a test that reports a certain number or rating scale.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 8:00 am

@landoffree I recognize difference. I also believe that every person has potential, can and should experience a meaningful day

04/07/12 7:58 am

standardized tests do not reflect how much you know. most of them use tricky wording and purposely try to throw students off. that is not a fair way to judge how much a student knows nor how well a teacher performs

04/07/12 7:57 am

everyone who said that the kids that can't pass these standardized tests are idiots or stupid, you should be ashamed of your selves. learning disorders are very real. there are some kids that are very bright and smart, they just don't have the mental ability to sit through a test that long.

MrWalrus Undergrid
04/07/12 7:50 am

does it matter. government schools are so bad the kids might actually be worse off with one more year.

chrismisen atlanta
04/07/12 7:49 am

agree with sheriboo. standardized tests always seem like they gave you the wrong grade's test, it's so simple. the only time this rule shouldn't apply is with science and social studies, and in high school.

04/07/12 7:48 am

So it's not the teacher, parents, governments fault. And we can't test the students because that's not fair...

04/07/12 7:48 am

NCLB is horrible, I'm not allowed to put a grade lower than 60 in the grade book, regardless of how bad the student does! So year after year these kids "pass"

04/07/12 7:45 am

im 13, homeschooled, and scored higher than average on everything on SAT's last year. I dont feel that it really reflects how much i know.

04/07/12 7:43 am

Any standardized test I have had to take in school has been so freaking simple. If you cannot pass one, you're an idiot.

04/07/12 7:43 am

standardized test are ****. the teachers only give them so that they look good, and the grade does not tell you much if anything about the student.

teaparty Cleveland
04/07/12 7:42 am

Yes they should be held back, they are only going to hold back their students in the next grade.

04/07/12 7:38 am

VAteach, I agree, No Child Left Behind is BS.

04/07/12 7:37 am

No child left behind is a messed up waste of money. School districts get money based on standardized test scores, and the schools are the ones who make the tests, so if you fail an easy test (the school wants money, makes an easy test) you should be ashamed.

04/07/12 7:27 am

Potential and education are two different things.

04/07/12 7:24 am

I teach 5th grade but have students reading on a 2nd grade level because they have been pushed through the system year after year, thank you NCLB

scottstots Georgia
04/07/12 7:15 am

Norway is considered the best by many standards and they don't administer standardized tests

scottstots Georgia
04/07/12 7:14 am

People have mentioned falling behind European and Asian countries in test scores, but many of these countries don't test all their kids. By the time they get to middle school, the kids that aren't college prep type are funneled into trade tracks.

04/07/12 7:12 am

Standardized tests do not truly show a true kids potential. If the kid fails then send them to summer school to remediate the material.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 7:11 am

our jails are full of them yet we do not remediate learning even though we have a captive audience.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 7:10 am

kids in third grade begin to think about dropping out. Gaps get wider they begin to internalize, act out and hide as self defense mechanism.

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 7:03 am

@party-free Alternative assessment processes ARE allowed for special Ed students. IMHO we have many students not being identified with learning challenges AND we have identified students not receiving adequate services.

04/07/12 6:58 am

I taught at a secondary trade school and the people coming out of high school have no reading, math or critical thinking skills. How can you get through real life without basic skills?

ProfDG I Want Truth
04/07/12 6:50 am

Passing students along is bad policy. I get these people when they come to the university. They have poor communication skills and cannot think critically. How does passing them along benefit them or society?

Priceless Kentucky
04/07/12 6:50 am

@ibanezik. YES the school can help u with your learning challenge, please talk to family, teacher, guidance or principal about it on Monday!

04/07/12 6:46 am

I also think that instead of focusing solely on one test, why not focus on making sure each child has an excellent education? (quality teachers, class supplies, books, etc) THAT is how kids learn. The tests just enhance memorization skills.

04/07/12 6:37 am

We must stop allowing uneducated children to simply pass through the system. If they cannot demonstrate they learned the coursework (which is a prerequisite for the next grade) they should remain at the current level. Anything else is a disservice to the future of our children and nation.

04/07/12 6:35 am

sad responses to this poll. No wonder the US is so far behind dozens of European and Asian countries in math and science now. If you FAIL a standard test of knowledge for your peer set and you keep moving forward with the rest of the kids you fall further behind.

04/07/12 6:22 am

I was always a great test taker (99% on all my standardized tests) but I say do away with them. My oldest son is very bright but has a sensory condition which I know would impact negatively on his test scores in the future. I just don't think they accurately measure knowledge.

04/07/12 6:13 am

I voted no, but it depends on the circumstances. I, for example, am a horrible test taker, but I understand the material taught to me. If a student is failing both tests and a majority of class work by the end of the year, then I think that it would be appropriate to hold them back.

04/07/12 6:12 am

Is that fair if the test retained my grade for my reading problems?