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Should students be retained a grade in school for failing a state standardized test? (UserQ)

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/07/12 1:16 pm

Other standards of attendance and grades should also be met, and possibly there should be a mechanism if an otherwise good student to retake a test if there were extenuating circumstances, but a test, for a reasonably good student, should be a pretty simple thing.

04/07/12 1:05 pm

It should effect the grade average (which could have the result of holding the student back); but one test?....No

04/07/12 1:02 pm

Other factors matter too such as grades, attendance, teacher recommendations, etc. I know someone who was ill right before standardized tests and missed the review. They got lucky since the tests were stolen and then cancelled.

04/07/12 12:50 pm

unfortunately, harley96 is correct about many public schools nowadays b/c of that sentiment of "don't discourage the kids". If nobody tells the kid that they aren't measuring up to the rest of the world, they are bound to fail

04/07/12 12:47 pm

@harley96 you are such an ignorant person! I really do feel bad for ou!

Wycliff Huntington Beach, CA
04/07/12 12:44 pm

they shouldn't hold them back because of faulty tests, hold them back based on subject comprehension and ability. I've gotten advanced in every subject every year since 1st grade but I know people in AP classes who fail either because the test is wrong or they don't care. what of them?

getlost New Mexico
04/07/12 12:42 pm

Hey who cares? Pass everybody! No winners or losers. Why not? All the schools are for anyway is to give a few people jobs and babysit the kids!

04/07/12 12:36 pm

I'm in public school and the standardized tests are a joke at all levels.

04/07/12 12:24 pm

Don't just hole them back... put them either further back consistent with their level of understanding of the subject matter.

04/07/12 12:19 pm

If each school goes on grades relating to classes radically different from system to system there can be no assurance that students are equally prepared.

04/07/12 12:16 pm

So if we do away with standardized tests how is performance to be judged? Does every student get a trophy or ribbon for participating?

johnieboy an unmarked explorer
04/07/12 12:09 pm

Standardized testing is a complete waste of time. This coming from a current high school student. From my POV we should be judged on grades alone. Why judge an entire years work on just one test? It makes no sense to me. I love the state of texas, but our education system is just shit worthless.

04/07/12 11:59 am

Today's testing is an abomination and many loudest proponents are making big money off this cottage industry. Start with the Bush family for one striking example. Look up the review software called Ignite. This is just one It's about money not kids and learning.

04/07/12 11:57 am

Just because you all went to school at some point does not qualify you to be an education expert! Its like a plumber trying to fix a problem in the medical field! Standardized testing is not a good way to measure student ability. It does not factor in a students english experience or culture!

04/07/12 11:54 am

Standardized tests are the downfall of public education. They judge a student on one test, on one day. Whatever happened to grades? Until we trust and respect teachers, public education in this country will be crap.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/07/12 11:51 am

There needs to be a way to determine if the student is prepared for the next grade. We learn at different rates, so it stands to reason that some of us will be able to skip a grade now and then, and others will need to repeat. Some standard must be set, and met.

04/07/12 11:50 am

Yes. if. you can't pass the standardized tests, you're an idiot. I don't agree with using them, teachers shouldn't have to teach to that test, but if we're going to use them, might as well actually use them.

bstokosa Connecticut
04/07/12 11:47 am

Some kids just don't test well...even if it seems the schools nowadays are just teaching for taking those tests. A lot more should go into holding a child back a year than those tests. And those tests shouldn't be the only thing effecting financing the schools and holding onto teachers either.

04/07/12 11:46 am

@ veritas
Did you read the article I referenced?

veritas1 Panda
04/07/12 11:44 am

@landoffree. Which one do you disagree with. They are a massive waste of time. That's a fact. They are clearly not indicative of how well a student does in those areas. And they don't rest critical thinking and abstract reasoning.

thebob Medford Oregon
04/07/12 11:21 am

A couple of test does not a person make!

Wes28 CBus
04/07/12 11:19 am

Logos you are what is wrong with this country. The SAT is not "tailored" to anyone.

Wes28 CBus
04/07/12 11:18 am

Those tests are SO easy! You can basically guess and pass them...

04/07/12 11:06 am

I knew plenty of kids that failed but continued to get good grades and are now living very successful lives. The idea of holding a child back is a wee bit too extreme. Standardized tests should be done away with.

04/07/12 10:57 am

"testing" in the tradition form misses what it's supposed to do, which is to "assess." all testing does is assess the ability of the student to regurgitate information, instead of assessing the student's ability to construct real knowledge in meaningful ways. There are other ways to see skills.

paco921 Pennsylvania
04/07/12 10:51 am

NCLB is the worst thing that has happened to the education system.

KudosToYou California
04/07/12 10:47 am

Teachers should teach and administrators should keep their grubby little hands off.

04/07/12 10:44 am

All Americans compete in the same job market. To claim that diversity keeps people from demonstrating basic knowledge is to deny them the opportunity to succeed.

FaceMoose Over There
04/07/12 10:44 am

If it is known that a specific child has difficulty with tests then a reasonable and comparable test or means of testing should be administered. These alternatives should be built into the program and be readily available.

FaceMoose Over There
04/07/12 10:42 am

The standardized tests are not overly difficult and there is no reason why an average child with reasonable aids available during the test should not pass it. They contain basic knowledge that children should know at their current level. A passing grade to pass the grade. It makes perfect sense.

Topgun California
04/07/12 10:36 am

You would have to be pretty stupid to fail one of those...

04/07/12 10:35 am

Surprisingly, there are unconscious racial biases on standardized tests. The SATs are tailored to middle and upper class whites. A single standardized test does not fit everyone in this country, because our populace is so diverse.

04/07/12 10:11 am

What really interests me is the boom in red shirting kids. Seems crazy to me that people do this so much!

04/07/12 10:10 am

A few years ago I would have said yes but now I feel differently. I always did well on standardized tests but my husband, who is brilliant, did terrible on them. It's just not an accurate measure for every person. If grades are good then they should pass.

Rosebud Ohio
04/07/12 9:46 am

No, because it's referring to passing a grade. And not all students are good on tests. Unless its an insanely easy one, like the OGT. But I am a huge supporter of pass to graduate.

04/07/12 9:46 am

Yea, the 5 year old outdated article proves so much

04/07/12 9:43 am

It proves more than you do. Teachers gripe about everything... Years ago teachers did more with a few books and a chalk board and no unions.

04/07/12 9:36 am

Now tell me what good is that doing for the students?

04/07/12 9:36 am

I'm talking on experience, I stated earlier that I'm required to put no less than a 60 as a grade, which is passing, regardless of what the student earned

04/07/12 9:35 am

In a perfect world, a student who can't pass the standardized test should also
be performing so poothatch school that he should be held back.
But this isn't a perfect world, so using one measure for success or failure in school doesn't make any sense.

r3VOLution not of this world
04/07/12 9:35 am

Standardized tests are ruining American education

04/07/12 9:35 am

America can no longer afford the quaint tradition of each state defining success differently. There should be one measure for what it means to be proficient in a subject and at a grade level.

04/07/12 9:33 am

I've looked at the article and don't get that at all.

04/07/12 9:30 am

The article doesn't prove anything

04/07/12 9:28 am

Landoffree, just read that article and you quoted the same part I was going to comment on, student achievement goes up because like I posted earlier teachers are required to put a certain grade in so kids pass and don't get left behind

04/07/12 9:25 am

Washington Post Editorial
Has student achievement increased under the No Child Left Behind Act? The answer, according to an objective new report, is a resounding yes. That should give pause to those who seek to derail reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind legislation.

DamageInc California
04/07/12 9:19 am

@landofthefree- teaching to the test doesn't teach students what they need to know, it only teaches them how to pass the test. When they get out in the real world they have no clue how to do anything because life isn't standardized.

04/07/12 9:18 am

401k, my hat's off to you, buddy. My oldest stepson has a PhD in microbiology and molecular genetics, and he may as well be speaking a foreign language when he talks about his work. You guys rock.