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Should we send troops into Syria as part of a United Nations effort?

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06/12/12 12:10 pm

Ronpaulgal, I respect ur energy, loyalty and passion, but your statement below...

"911 are directly related to US military action over 50 years ago in Iran" completely FALSE and ignorant. Iran had nothing to do with 911, so please stop spouting such ignorant propaganda!

06/12/12 12:01 pm

It's their revolution, let them fight it. We had to fight our own revolution too.

06/12/12 12:00 pm

We should mind our own friggin business for once and let the rest of the world figure it out for themselves.

"Don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as His divine, messianic force to be some sort of policeman of the whole world." -Martin Luther King Jr.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 11:59 am

@Lmurder, I don't have anything against our military or rangers or killing enemies. I may have been young when the gulf ware was going on but I'm still more educated than you ;-) Exactly what economical principles make you think the dinar will jump 3419.57x? Ain't gonna happen

06/12/12 11:58 am

@Lmurder I hope none of those dead hajis were women, children, or civilians. But they probably were...

06/12/12 11:54 am

For once I agree with RonPaulGal.

06/12/12 11:52 am

@JustSaying Seriously? The events on 911 are directly related to US military actions over 50 years ago in Iran. It was not a first strike, there were many things leading up to it and we started it.

06/12/12 11:51 am

Lmurder- thanks for your service but most people I know wouldn't necessarily go around boasting about that. Most service people I know wish they never had to kill another human being, but do so out of necessity. Take that one up with the man above.

dadstad Texas
06/12/12 11:47 am

When the UN forces go in, the USA goes without choice. We fund 22% o the useless organization and that is part of our defense budget.

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 11:43 am

@hamlesbian ASU, Ranger, and headed to UCLA for grad school ;). Love my life and all the experiences I've had in it to this point.
And just to peeve you, 71 dead haji's because of me :D

glyiker America
06/12/12 11:41 am

Here's a thought,
We could keep the troops here and help people who are our allies. Sometimes, people need to do things themselves.

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 11:40 am

@ lesbianham so sorry my auto correct sucks and I don't have passion for perfect grammar for a stranger.
If I'm not in class, I don't give two shits about my grammar.

06/12/12 11:40 am

Sorry but we are not the world's babysitter. Let other nations learn from their mistakes. Only intervene if these problems start to affect our allies.

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 11:38 am

@lesbianham guessing you were probably just a thought in your fathers sack when the gulf war happened.
When Iraq revalues their money to previous war rates ($3.21 to the american dollar) we will triple that 7 trillion.
Sorry if you can't comprehend that.

06/12/12 11:29 am

Fresh, very good, we are all hypocrites and sinners except Obama or Paul, right?

06/12/12 11:21 am

Mrken but the repubs are hypocrits also

06/12/12 11:19 am

No I was just trying to point out that there is a reasoning behind it since you asked why dems had voted the way they did. Do i agree with it? No. But just wanted to point it out since you asked what it was. Actually being impartial here. Woooo sahhhhh.

06/12/12 11:11 am

Mama, ooh poor u. Well then, rather than justifying the crowd u run with, how about agreeing with me and expose your buddies as the hypocrites they are...or is this one of those party over principle moments

HarmieV Connecticut
06/12/12 11:08 am

The UN hasn't done the US any favors in our recent conflicts, so I say let them do their own dirty work for a change. The UN is ineffectual at best.

06/12/12 11:06 am

Mrken- I actually voted no but since you're so quick to judge, please go right ahead.

06/12/12 11:02 am

Mama, pleeease give me a break! We both know the "excuses" are used on both sides. It's ok though, you're a hypocrite, but it's ok.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 10:58 am

Where did Lmurder go? I want him to come back and tell me where he got his amazing education that still allows him to make gross grammatical errors.

06/12/12 10:56 am

mrken- too much caffeine?? If you read some of the comments, you will see some of the reasoning behind a "yes" answer.

06/12/12 10:46 am

I'll say it again, you DEMS are such hypocrites!! The only principle u have is opposition!! Look at this map, now Vermont wants to go to war. HYPOCRITES!!

rtsguy California
06/12/12 10:40 am

As long as the burden of major combat operations against the regime is carried by other participating nations equally I say yes, but If our troops are asked to carry this on their shoulders alone then no absolutely not, how dare we ask our troops to sacrifice more after a decade of war and death.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 10:39 am

@lmurder you should stick to being a PFC if my "piedmont university education" is outdoing you.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 10:37 am

@Lmurder hahaha, given the exchange rate 7 trillion Iraqi dinar is ~6 billion US dollars. Exactly what were you going to pay off with that? Not the war, not the deficit, not the national debt.

06/12/12 10:23 am

I think we should round up the politicians and rebels from both Syria AND the U.S and put them in a room and let them fight it out and let us live our lives in peace (singing Imagine) ok I just made myself barf..but seriously let the leaders fight it out..

06/12/12 10:16 am

Nvr2l8: my sarcasm about the oil I think was lost by many. Would be interesting to see if we were self sufficient by getting the oil we already have if these things would matter as much.

06/12/12 10:16 am

I swear democrats are the biggest hypocrites ever!!!!!

06/12/12 10:14 am

Rwanda genocide, Somalia demise, Bosnia genocide, Iran hostage crisis...this is what happens with weak leadership!

America should either go in and clean house like a mother f-er, or stay OUT. This whole didly dadly in between two options is pathetic, but is the hallmark of democratic presidents!

ryno Flyover Country
06/12/12 10:14 am

Sorry, but contrary to popular belief we aren't world police.

06/12/12 10:05 am

Are we really willing to sacrifice our American sons and daughters to go fight someone else's fight? If so, then America is truly no longer upholding the ideals of what America should have been.

commonsenc District of Columbia
06/12/12 10:02 am

No combat or major commitment less than 5,000 troops

06/12/12 10:01 am

Weird how repubs say no dems say yes.

But Romney say yes Obama says no

commonsenc District of Columbia
06/12/12 10:01 am

We can send trooped a part of a international peace keeping army.

06/12/12 9:57 am

It's not our fight. Let them figure it out. We can't afford to waste our money on something that doesn't even concern us. **cough cough** Iraq. **cough cough**

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 9:56 am

our government will pay off both wars and our national debt with some cash to spare.
So yes we gained a lot from Iraq. That's why we invaded it.
I'm guessing your a piedmont community college student.

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 9:54 am

@lesbianham I'm a vet and pro military. But our government won't join unless there is something we can gain from it.
Why do you think we helped kick Ghaddafi out?
And yes we walked out of Iraq with gas benefits and 7 trillion Iraqi dinar.
Like the first gulf war it will be revalued and the

06/12/12 9:50 am

@pcfz, did you forget about Iraq or something?

06/12/12 9:48 am


When was last time any nation, that is not the US, invaded a country without any direct provocation or invasion?

06/12/12 9:47 am

@racedogg, this is a wonderful moment. I completely agree with something you have said.

06/12/12 9:47 am

9/11 was a first strike on everyone on those planes & towers!

06/12/12 9:46 am

In Iraq we gave the oil companies special privileges that were previously not available when Saddam ran the country. Plus I would like to add that we have made the same mistake we did with afghanistan. We have abandoned Libya and Egypt. It would seem that we don't care about the people but oil.

Rosebud Ohio
06/12/12 9:43 am

Bchst- yet we usually do. And stay and help long after other counties are gone.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 9:33 am

@Lmurder. Where did we go and take oil? Iraq? We didn't take a damn thing from them and we should have taken it all!

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 9:29 am

Yes, but we won't since they have no oil or anything we can gain from it.
So our government will let their government commit genocide and fight their own one sided war.