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Should we send troops into Syria as part of a United Nations effort?

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ncbuc Get Over It
06/13/12 7:01 pm

Oh...sorry if it wasn't clear. BchStUsa. And yes ignorant.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/13/12 6:50 pm

At some point you have to cut the cord...

ncbuc Get Over It
06/13/12 6:50 pm

Reason the us is king is because we would not stand for such atrocities. Regardless of what you think of our government. It would never get to that point. But...we can not solve everyone elses problems.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/13/12 6:42 pm

It's an organization based on telling the united states what we should be doing with your money to help their countries since they don't seem to have the wherewithal to help

ncbuc Get Over It
06/13/12 6:39 pm

Yes look up the parties that make up the UN. And the history of those parties. I used to think as you did that it was an upstanding and well serving organization. It is a joke. It's for posturing and that's about it.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 6:39 pm

@betchinus I love to show your comments to my coworkers. We get a good kick out of your theories. Keep it the good work hahaha.
And yes the UN is obsolete. Do your homework then you can come sit at the grown ups table ;)

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/13/12 4:23 pm

@truth1: Ignorance? Please, enlighten me on NATO And the UN. I think the UN is a good idea, therefore I'm ignorant? I think NATO is still useful, therefore I'm ignorant?

06/13/12 2:40 pm

What about Bahrain? The situation there is outrageous, but we're siding with the dictator. Meanwhile, Pakistan cut off our supply routes, and Afghanistan's prez is a jerk. I'd rather have the Guard doing stuff like rebuilding after Katrina. Besides, we're broke. We're giving China the moon, FFS.

truth1 Florida
06/13/12 2:05 pm

Bchstusa- lol at your ignorance of UN and NATO! And I'm not even a conservative. You are an embarrassment

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/13/12 1:52 pm

Why would one want to get rid of the UN? Typical lazy people (usually conservative folk) wantin' to repeal something instead of improving on things. Let's go backwards, instead of moving forward with another option! You want an option? Fuse NATO with the UN. Then send NATO to Syria.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 1:48 pm

@1truth name calling makes anything you say unvalidated. Learn to have a debate without name calling or belittling and then you can sit at the grown ups table.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 1:31 pm

Just check out liveleak. Plenty of videos to show the massacre/genocide of innocent taxpayers.
Bloody dictatorship is never good. Someone has to stop him or no one will.
The people there are asking for help ad we just sit by and report the deaths.

truth1 Florida
06/13/12 1:30 pm

Haydenjp- does this mean you're enlisting? Hypocrite douche

06/13/12 1:29 pm

Children are being single out to be tortured and murdered. Yes, children are the first choice for Assad's forces. In light of that, the United States must send forces whether it be automated or manned, to assist in the removal of Assad. It's a shame Syria doesn't have oil...

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 12:42 pm

And please elaborate on the chickenhawk? Is that an indiana thig where you fuck chickens to white supremacists?

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 12:41 pm

This coming from a guy in Indiana aka the buthole of America...

truth1 Florida
06/13/12 11:56 am

The government thinks its landlord of the world and they think the military is its handyman.

06/13/12 11:56 am

"Let's throw troops at him." That's how I know you're a chickenhawk.

truth1 Florida
06/13/12 11:51 am

You idiots who voted yes, read the constitution.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 11:43 am

And I'm guessing no one cares about genocide and innocent civilians getting killed off by their government.
Let's throw troops at him and then send SF after Assad's ass.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 11:41 am

Idk if anyone knows this but the UN is obsolete now and should be dismantled.
If I remember correctly the UN gives both sides UN cards.
Once an opposition fighter showed his UN card drove into the base and killed 8 NATO soldiers. UN sucks and gets in the way.

MadJefrson West Virginia
06/13/12 11:02 am

We are not the world's police force. Let someone else foot the bill and take the casualties for a change. If Syria wants freedom let them pay for it in blood like our forefathers. Otherwise they will not value it.

06/13/12 9:33 am

We'd have less war if we made Congress do their job. The Constitution gives them the power to declare war, but they haven't used it since Pearl Harbor. We're doing it wrong.

adalla Virginia
06/13/12 6:00 am

Sure, let's make another bad decision to replace one anti- American govt with another and create another client state of Iran... Just like we did in Iraq. If we're lucky we can stay there a decade or so without an exit strategy, just wasting money and losing guys. Brilliant.

06/13/12 5:53 am

Weird that more Dems want to go. Thought they were doves. Maybe I should rethink party position?

06/13/12 5:51 am

"Avoid foreign entanglements." George Washington, during his farewell speech.

06/13/12 5:31 am

"We should show solidarity" if the UN decides to "assist" Syria??
That's ridiculous.
If we haven't learned by now that they don't make decisions based on our best interests, our past will return to bite us in the... "bleep".
"Us" being the citizens.

06/13/12 5:19 am

We're too broke to be sending troops anywhere...

06/13/12 4:46 am

We should not be getting involved with their problems or we will have another iraq.

06/13/12 4:35 am

Ill too bet that Syria has resources we'd like to commandeer. We wouldn't be discussing "helping" them if they didn't.

06/13/12 4:30 am

Syria doesn't need us and I'll bet if you ask any of them, they'll tell you this... as would others we've "helped".
I totally agree, it's not our affair. Syrian's need to coalesce and fight their oppressive powers on their own.
We should let them.

trailready Maryland
06/13/12 4:16 am

The country in need should fight its own battle, this is another excuse to spend billions, make billions and more on another war that doesn't need us. Another example of imperialistic America. I bet Syria has oil, like Uganda. New World Order is approaching, open your eyes and think for yourself

06/13/12 3:59 am

A lot of countries are in need of humanitarian help with injustice, starvation, and murder every day. Where do you draw the line? If they are a threat to USA, then we should get involved.
I have very little confidence in the UN. Their track record is very poor.

codycody82 Arizona
06/12/12 11:42 pm

If you think we should go to syria because its the right thing to do, find your local recruiter and enlist.

06/12/12 10:02 pm

People are definitely war weary in this country, but if the UN is backing it, we should show solidarity.

06/12/12 9:51 pm

Mixed UN troops might be more respected in places where the majority hate the US.
But often any attempt to solve another countries' problem ends in chaos.
Just look at Somalia - we didn't bring stability but gave rise to rampant piracy.

commonsense America isnt racist
06/12/12 9:47 pm

Nope. We should do it alone. The un is useless. We should do it because it's the right thing to do.

Caulfield Utah
06/12/12 9:32 pm

I think people are disregarding the fact that Syria is in a much different shape then Afghanistan was, speaking in terms of a more educated populace, and wider political stability. Also, the members of the Free Syrian Army are also moderate Islamists. All they want is to enjoy freedom and security

06/12/12 9:26 pm

It's not okay to murder innocent children. Protect them by removing Assad.

06/12/12 9:23 pm

Then we will have another power vacuum to fill by helping new leaders - but this will be again a long term obligation since ruthless warlords usually try to seize power.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/12 9:10 pm

A handful of people seem to support sending troops into Syria and removing Assad. Since nobody has volunteered to answer the question that seems most obvious, I'll ask: Then what?

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 9:03 pm

As I mentioned earlier, Syria is one of our biggest thorns in our side. They are every bit as bad as Iran, just without the constant news stories. Take out the Assad gov and we're in much better shape.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 9:01 pm

Yes, they have one tree and it's on their flag.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/12/12 9:00 pm

Lmao! well then. That's quite the dilemma. Because those trees are living better than the people right? Do they have trees in Syria. Actually the better question is why should we care?

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 8:57 pm

What if they are Syrian trees?