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Show Of Hands June 12th, 2012 12:00am

Should we send troops into Syria as part of a United Nations effort?

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ncbuc Get Over It
06/12/12 5:21 pm

Tired of being every nations hero. Plenty of kids and citizens need our this country. Not to mention vets who have served this country. These countries only care about us when they need help. Screw em.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 5:19 pm

@nvlr2 Its not like those kids were cool, or knew any tricks.

06/12/12 5:18 pm

I do think the U.N. does a great job getting food delivered to starving people but that's about it.

06/12/12 5:17 pm

Assad and his thugs are killing children, Russia's sending Syria their best attack helicopters and our lives go on. Sleep well!

swjboucher Just Run
06/12/12 4:57 pm

Democrats want to send troops more so than Republicans now that's a funny twist.

06/12/12 4:54 pm

I hate the United Nations with the power of a thousand angry suns.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/12/12 4:50 pm

When there are conflicts between countries we may intervene to protect our assets or to honor our commitments. When there is a building civil war within a country, we loose no matter which side we support. Historically, we're especially bad at picking the "right" side in the mideast. Stay out!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/12/12 4:39 pm

@phokion: exactly my point. They need a, or a bigger, peaceMAKING section of the UN. The Peacekeepers are ineffective at best. Instead of complaining about the UN, people should invest in it; it should be the future.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/12/12 4:36 pm

@barbearnj: My guess is that Vermont is blue because it involves people (intervening does). It doesn't include a disruption to oil supplies, an intervention would actually be humanitarian instead of something that benefits us. Same idea with Rwanda.

06/12/12 4:35 pm

I understand the humanitarian issues but we are looking another recession dead in the face. We need to decrease all efforts outside of our country. Bring our troops home. Their suicide rate is at a record high. Can we give them a break?!?

06/12/12 4:31 pm

I seriously hope this isn't under consideration. This is that last thing this nation needs, another reason for a country to declare war on us.

justwant2win Conroe, TX
06/12/12 4:12 pm

It will not mean as much to them if someone else helps them out, Let the rise up on their own. Then maybe the result will be a stable government of the surviving faction. We have enough to worry about here and they hate us even more since were a christian nation anyway.

06/12/12 3:56 pm

Haven't we had enough??!! As a 22 yr vet we seriously need to take care of what we've already bitten off!

06/12/12 3:45 pm

We need to get out of the UN.

06/12/12 3:45 pm

The Arab League needs to step in and take care of the problem. The U.S. has been shipping military weaponry to the middle east for years.

The U.S. is not the world's sheriff. The last thing we need is another foreign war.

06/12/12 3:21 pm

I find it funny that Democrats are so against any/all war unless a Democrat president is in office.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
06/12/12 3:19 pm

Team America World Police or World Dictator

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/12/12 2:56 pm

Enough said. Understand what motivates different groups and levels. It is all natural human behavior. It just does not look human when you step back and take an objective look. If we all could step back and stay connected with our fellow sojourners.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/12/12 2:50 pm

There are many deeper levels of negotiations and planning that we have no comprehension of. The debt used as a weapon is an example. Undermining of food supply or interdependence is another. There are calculations and risks we have no idea about. I have worked with senate type government levels.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/12/12 2:43 pm

Working with other nations in smaller collaborative efforts is good for building trust and sharing in each others burdens. Large domineering force wastes our resources and risks building resentment. It can only benefit covert operations that are usually not welcomed.

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/12/12 2:42 pm

Doesn't matter...let's not beat around the bush. We are the freakin UN, so even if our troops aren't going in, we're still paying for it. The UN is a joke, and we should have just left them 20 years ago. It is an utterly worthless entity.

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 2:34 pm

Lol agreed. He is weak against other nations and tries to be a little dictator domestically

06/12/12 2:31 pm

What happened to the good old days when the UN wad our biatch. Oh that's right, we voted in a weak president!

06/12/12 2:15 pm

Lol chenzo I'll take any agreement I can get on this app!

06/12/12 2:11 pm

This is a faulty question. The UN doesn't engage in military operations. The UN is already in Syria. NATO intervened in Yugoslavia, NATO intervened in Libya. The blue helmeted dutchmen are only good for standing by while massacres are committed, they don't ever stop them from happening.

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 2:06 pm

If it is likely with the types of folks in Washington is another story altogether. And admittedly it doesn't look promising.

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 2:05 pm

Ok, right on foreign stuff to. My main point is that I believe it is possible for a smaller gov to exist without any sacrifice in military power

06/12/12 2:01 pm

@Kommandant yes but we have our own form of social programs and nanny state internationally through forms of foreign aid, overseas military bases, etc. That is big govt. Big govt isn't just domestic it's foreign as well. My point was just that you can't say big govt is independent of military

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 1:54 pm actually supposed to be doing.

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 1:53 pm

I agree with your point. How everywhere commonly attributed areas define as big government are social programs, nanny state, domestic survailence, huge beauocracies and such. Granted military spending is higher them what is needed but it is a seperate branch and is one of the few things the fed...

06/12/12 1:50 pm

@Kommandant last time I checked, the military was part of the government. So bigger military is more govt. Govt funds the military, so bigger military means more govt (taxpayer) funding. Drones up in US skies are more military and that isn't small govt. It's big brother watching over us

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 1:47 pm

Big gov is independent of the military.

06/12/12 1:41 pm

Killing innocent animals...isn't that one of the signs of a psychopath and/or serial killer?

06/12/12 1:39 pm

@Lmurder, I knew it had to start before you went to Afghanistan. Also, you do realize that less govt and big military are conflicting right? You can't have less govt while having a big military.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/12/12 1:38 pm

@lmurder Shame on you for killing innocent cats! And proud of it, too, I see. WTF?

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/12/12 1:36 pm

What - we have hawks in Vermont now? How can it be?

06/12/12 1:36 pm

its not our battle, and we are nowhere near syria. cant another big country come in to help, thats closer to syria?

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 1:34 pm

@chenzo when I killed barn cats on our ranch and when I made my first kill in Afghanistan.
As for the causes, I believe in...helping the homeless here, gay marriage, less government, big military, stricter laws against illegals and stricter border patrols just to name a few.

KommsWife Indiana
06/12/12 1:21 pm

No one said that Gods tithes of 10% had to go in to the church coffers. I practice the belief 10% going to "good causes" not for my own benifit. Be it giving money to a charity, giving a ride, giving a meal, giving a hug. What ever is needed that I have the extra to give

JamesMadison La Palma
06/12/12 1:20 pm

As long as it doesnt effect us, let's not get involved

06/12/12 1:20 pm

@Lmurder, when did you first realize you are a psychopath?

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 1:19 pm

I'd like to see the causes Lmurder supports. His ego gets supported the most I'm sure

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 1:17 pm

@betchusa religion is for suckers who like to give their money away to a fake cause. Keep eating the communion!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/12/12 1:16 pm

I don't like hateful atheists, seems like you might need religion @lmurder.

NATO should be fused with the UN, give them a backbone to actually carry out resolutions, and bring in people wanted by the ICC. Then I would support them going to Syria, but no, not us or a singular country again.

KommsWife Indiana
06/12/12 1:13 pm

Lol so much for George bush the warmonger. Looks like dems are wanting a turn at bat

DeathSheep Michigan
06/12/12 1:10 pm

No, because we will end up being the last ones with troops there again. Just like every other place

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 1:08 pm

@lesbianham we burned saddams old money and created a new one in its place. So there goes your theory...