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Show Of Hands June 12th, 2012 12:00am

Should we send troops into Syria as part of a United Nations effort?

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06/12/12 10:05 am

Are we really willing to sacrifice our American sons and daughters to go fight someone else's fight? If so, then America is truly no longer upholding the ideals of what America should have been.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 6:32 pm

Seriously, you think Syria hasn't anything to us? Didn't get much history, huh? Remember when we lost American troops stationed in Lebanon when the drove bombs on to areas where they were there to help the Lebanese people?

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 6:33 pm

Didn't read up on the Israeli need to bomb their uranium enrichment plant a few years ago when their efforts to make a A-bomb was exposed?

ryno Flyover Country
06/12/12 10:14 am

Sorry, but contrary to popular belief we aren't world police.

06/12/12 10:14 am

Rwanda genocide, Somalia demise, Bosnia genocide, Iran hostage crisis...this is what happens with weak leadership!

America should either go in and clean house like a mother f-er, or stay OUT. This whole didly dadly in between two options is pathetic, but is the hallmark of democratic presidents!

06/12/12 10:16 am

I swear democrats are the biggest hypocrites ever!!!!!

06/12/12 6:38 pm

Innocent people are dying everyday in Syria and the media flaunts the oppressive regime. Don't get me wrong, millions have perished in other parts of the world in the last couple of decades, but this would be entirely a rescue mission. Perhaps we could refurbish our country's world image?

06/12/12 6:50 am

We dont need to send troops anywhere right now!

06/12/12 10:16 am

Nvr2l8: my sarcasm about the oil I think was lost by many. Would be interesting to see if we were self sufficient by getting the oil we already have if these things would matter as much.

06/12/12 6:39 pm

The Israelis lied about a threat to them in Syria. And you are disgusting. Wouldn't feel the same way if China wanted to nuke America, would you?

06/12/12 6:40 pm

"Focus on areas with lots of children first"? Can't tell if trolling, or genuinely bloodthirsty and insane.

FakeSound Arizona
06/16/12 8:30 pm

The U.S. spends more than any other country on the planet on defense. In fact, we spend MORE than the next 10 countries after us COMBINED. Trust me, we're far from "sticks and stones." We could cut our military spending in 1/4 and still easily be on top (which = LESS TAXES).

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 6:42 pm

Ever hear of people who use sarcasm? Because we totally need more geniuses like you.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/12/12 6:43 pm

But please....I'd love to hear more on the perspectives from someone who thinks Ron Paul could ever be president of the united states.

06/12/12 6:53 am

I hate the United Nations with the power of a thousand angry suns.

06/12/12 10:23 am

I think we should round up the politicians and rebels from both Syria AND the U.S and put them in a room and let them fight it out and let us live our lives in peace (singing Imagine) ok I just made myself barf..but seriously let the leaders fight it out..

lmurder MDK
06/12/12 1:34 pm

@chenzo when I killed barn cats on our ranch and when I made my first kill in Afghanistan.
As for the causes, I believe in...helping the homeless here, gay marriage, less government, big military, stricter laws against illegals and stricter border patrols just to name a few.

06/12/12 6:58 am

Oh yeah, let's go kill more innocents with drones and put our troops in the middle of the horror. Great idea! Who cares about the debt we young people are going to have to pay off someday, Benny Bernanke will just print more FRNs to pay and devalue our dollar even more!

06/12/12 1:36 pm

its not our battle, and we are nowhere near syria. cant another big country come in to help, thats closer to syria?

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/12/12 1:36 pm

What - we have hawks in Vermont now? How can it be?

codycody82 Arizona
06/12/12 11:42 pm

If you think we should go to syria because its the right thing to do, find your local recruiter and enlist.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/12/12 1:38 pm

@lmurder Shame on you for killing innocent cats! And proud of it, too, I see. WTF?

06/12/12 1:39 pm

@Lmurder, I knew it had to start before you went to Afghanistan. Also, you do realize that less govt and big military are conflicting right? You can't have less govt while having a big military.

kaybird007 earth
06/14/12 12:24 pm

US needs to take a step back, there all up in everyones buisness!

06/13/12 1:29 pm

Children are being single out to be tortured and murdered. Yes, children are the first choice for Assad's forces. In light of that, the United States must send forces whether it be automated or manned, to assist in the removal of Assad. It's a shame Syria doesn't have oil...

06/12/12 1:41 pm

Killing innocent animals...isn't that one of the signs of a psychopath and/or serial killer?

ncbuc Get Over It
06/13/12 8:59 pm

Jd. I can agree to that. I think at one time as well as at its inception. It was a well meaning and basically good thing. But as is with most things it has become a joke of an organization with no clear purpose than to promote good feelings in their uninformed citizens.

And lmfao at RJ.To bed I go.

truth1 Florida
06/13/12 1:30 pm

Haydenjp- does this mean you're enlisting? Hypocrite douche

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 10:37 am

@Lmurder hahaha, given the exchange rate 7 trillion Iraqi dinar is ~6 billion US dollars. Exactly what were you going to pay off with that? Not the war, not the deficit, not the national debt.

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 1:47 pm

Big gov is independent of the military.

lmurder MDK
06/13/12 1:31 pm

Just check out liveleak. Plenty of videos to show the massacre/genocide of innocent taxpayers.
Bloody dictatorship is never good. Someone has to stop him or no one will.
The people there are asking for help ad we just sit by and report the deaths.

06/15/12 2:28 pm

yes send troops as a single guy who prefers married women it makes it easier because I live near a military base

06/12/12 1:50 pm

@Kommandant last time I checked, the military was part of the government. So bigger military is more govt. Govt funds the military, so bigger military means more govt (taxpayer) funding. Drones up in US skies are more military and that isn't small govt. It's big brother watching over us

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 7:02 pm

Seriously, what would be the purpose of it?

Rosebud Ohio
06/12/12 7:19 am

No. Do we really need to send our kids over there to die? We do it every time a conflict breaks out. Let some other countries in the UN pick up the slack. Considering most do bull to help others.

spindrift take the red pill
06/12/12 10:39 am

@lmurder you should stick to being a PFC if my "piedmont university education" is outdoing you.

rtsguy California
06/12/12 10:40 am

As long as the burden of major combat operations against the regime is carried by other participating nations equally I say yes, but If our troops are asked to carry this on their shoulders alone then no absolutely not, how dare we ask our troops to sacrifice more after a decade of war and death.

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 1:53 pm

I agree with your point. How everywhere commonly attributed areas define as big government are social programs, nanny state, domestic survailence, huge beauocracies and such. Granted military spending is higher them what is needed but it is a seperate branch and is one of the few things the fed...

Kommandant Indiana
06/12/12 1:54 pm actually supposed to be doing.

06/12/12 7:08 pm

I think we should learn to mind our own business in general, and we really need to disentangle ourselves from Israel! That country has become an expert when it comes to manipulating our foreign policy to their own benefit! They piss their neighbors off then come crying to the U.S. to fix it.