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Show Of Hands August 24th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think there is any chance that the 2012 apocalypse predictions might come true?

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08/24/11 1:25 pm

science and religious beliefs seem to clash..I am a believer in god however The science predictions were about bad earthquakes and hurricanes and it seems pretty logical. They can't predict when the world will end but I think they can predict catastrophe...which I think is near, but I don't know

cogrl Colorado
08/24/11 1:21 pm

Terraperm: exactly. Even if you aren't religious watch the presentation "The Bethlehem Star" by Stephen McEveety. Very scientific, well presented.

08/24/11 1:19 pm

Omg I knew this would turn into a religion thing. Whoever said there being indicators in the past of events on earth... Yes. God has nothing to do with it. We are not a game of Sims... Dumbest game ever. It may not happen but it could.

superbill Georgia
08/24/11 1:15 pm

They ran out of rocks as my friend says. No end;)

08/24/11 1:14 pm

Wildflower, exactly "any chance". The cycles of our solar system hint at such an occurrence in the past.

mzungu Washington
08/24/11 1:12 pm

The day and the hour is unknown, not even Jesus knows. Only God does.

cogrl Colorado
08/24/11 1:11 pm

I believe in the rapture but not the 2012 hype.

08/24/11 1:09 pm

which one? science related apacolypse?

cogrl Colorado
08/24/11 12:59 pm

No, but the question asked if there was ANY chance. There is always a chance no matter how small.

08/24/11 12:55 pm

No. Everyone said there'd be a rapture, but no.