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Show Of Hands August 24th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think there is any chance that the 2012 apocalypse predictions might come true?

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08/25/11 1:52 am

@ Vanguard Who are the 1%? and No, I am not concerned about anything other than the drinking and driving associated with the apocalypse parties.

realtalk Oregon
08/25/11 1:19 am

I mean there's always a chance but probably not

08/25/11 1:04 am

Only the breeder class of the planet fall for such nonsense. The truth is 99% of the people on earth do not deserve to live and all they are doing is wasting resources and breeding like rabbits. The fate of the human race is more important than a individuals rights to breed.

08/25/11 1:04 am

No bioshock 3 unfortunately, its bioshock infinite now
But ya, i must haz my vidya gaemz before i die

Uni-cow Ohio
08/25/11 1:01 am

They better not, I'm not going to die before I play bioshock 3.....

nice_atheist Connecticut
08/25/11 12:46 am

Sure, there's a change the world ends in 2012. But it's also the same amount of chance as it ending tomorrow.

tcdlord California
08/25/11 12:39 am

Now the b'ak'tun that 2012 ends in has a pretty nasty prophecy that talks about upheavals, famine, devastation and the likes.. As well as the cataclysm that follows the end. Not to mention that at the end of every mayan age (we are in the 4th or 5th) the population is wiped out and created anew..

08/25/11 12:38 am

I hope they made good money on all of those 2012 books. I'm sure the 1999 y2k people are still partying in Hawaii!

tcdlord California
08/25/11 12:36 am

@smpoint1-actually their calendar has no end, it just resets...yet the Mayan long count is divided up into 13(if I'm correct) sections called a b'ak'tun. Each b'ak'tun ends in a cataclysm to allow for a "rebirth" of sortsEach b'ak'tun has it's own individual prophecy. Cont.

08/25/11 12:27 am

I am certainly not going to worry about it .

08/25/11 12:06 am

It's going to be a change in planetary aligment and more spiritual energy will be about some will feel it that accept the truth others will stay blind

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 11:31 pm

is it just me or does it seem that in these types of questions Wyoming is actually hoping something catastrophic happens?

08/24/11 11:22 pm

There is absolutely NO guarantee that tomorrow or the next day will come. The world could end at any moment! This shouldnt cause fear, instead it should help us all the take each day in our hands and be happy, because tomorrow might not happen! :)

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 11:13 pm

As much as a sudden, catastrophic end of the world offers such dramatic appeal, our end will be slow, gradual, and agonizing...a "wonderful gift" we will leave for our descendants.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 11:12 pm

Aww, atheist, you just got cman on you. (sorry, that just sounds funny!) BTW, the chupacabra is real! Do not doubt the existence or power of the chupacabra or suffer its wrath!

DamageInc California
08/24/11 11:06 pm

Any chance that it could happen; yes. Likelihood that it WILL happen; no. So, I answered yes.

1rhonda9 Iowa
08/24/11 10:58 pm

maybe it will be the beginning of a world at peace

08/24/11 10:53 pm

Atheist, you Are the biggest tool alive

Jzz California
08/24/11 10:46 pm

dr jones. your response is the best

08/24/11 10:42 pm

No, the world won't end, it was the end of their calendar as in it just ended. Like when a calendar packet ends, in 2000 years will they think February marks the end? Really, stupid idea, like Y-12 or whatever it's called

kris55 Alabama
08/24/11 10:38 pm

Actually yune 800 the mayans(or aztecs idk or care which 1 made the calendar)were very advanced...but do yall expect them to make a never ending calendar?they had to stop it somewhere and that somewhere is dec 2012

08/24/11 10:37 pm

James: 1, that's pretty offensive and you need to tone it down, 2 why would aliens signal the end of Christianity?

jswolfeye New Jersey
08/24/11 10:33 pm

Theres a possibility every day, only god knows

angiebrite Gallifrey
08/24/11 10:33 pm

Sure there's a chance, because anything is possible

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/24/11 10:20 pm

You people are way off! It's so obvious the apes are going to retake the planet! As long as they can defeat the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and last but not least the Chupacabra!

@JamesJ - I'm sure we can find something we disagree about. How do you feel about legalizing marijuana?

08/24/11 10:06 pm

nothing is impossible, however it is extremely unlikely anything will happen

08/24/11 10:00 pm

The planets will align this 2012. But guess what? Nothing will happen!

cogrl Colorado
08/24/11 9:48 pm

@jamesjelly: yeah of course, because aliens are SO much more plausible than God.

08/24/11 9:43 pm

Everyday is a blessing

08/24/11 9:30 pm

Yea, Perry getting elected president will be the end of the world.

08/24/11 9:22 pm

I hope they are not cruel, evil, dominating aliens. I hope they are wise and omnipotent and will teach us.

08/24/11 9:20 pm

we will discover aliens. that is the " end of thenworld" the end of the Christian world that is. it will blow your minds away. but some of us won't be surprised...

rmejia9971 Illinois
08/24/11 9:19 pm

Complete bs the people who made the damn calendar don't even think so they say it's just a new beginning

osouless Whats Next
08/24/11 9:15 pm

Come on there's always a CHANCE but I don't believe anything actually WILL happen.

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/24/11 9:14 pm

There's just no substantial scientific evidence to back up the prediction. I'm not going to believe some ancient guys who danced around fires with only a piece of cloth as clothing.

MonAmour Illinois
08/24/11 9:00 pm

I don't necessarily think the work will end that day, but come on, with all of the media hype this is getting, SOMETHING'S gotta go down that day! Whether it be good or bad.

08/24/11 8:54 pm

Ok- now here's a long shot... Who here are AxCx fans?

08/24/11 8:43 pm

atheist. you like tool. carry a gun and don't believe in god. I think I like you...

catey Pennsylvania
08/24/11 8:26 pm

1- Its election year :|
2- Scientists say that they are very close to finding the "God" particle (which makes up everything). They find it by smashing particles together with a hadron collider. They say they will have found it by the end of 2012. You never know, something could go wrong.

08/24/11 8:20 pm

Well, it is election year...

08/24/11 8:18 pm

hah. I knew it wouldn't be long before I found a fellow TOOL fan

NYevo NY
08/24/11 8:12 pm

Something "major" could happen in 2012. Then again maybe it won't. Just as likely this year as any IMO

08/24/11 8:11 pm

@jamesjelly - "Cuz I'm praying for rain
And I'm praying for tidal waves
I wanna see the ground give way.
I wanna watch it all go down.
Mom please flush it all away.
I wanna see it go right in and down.
I wanna watch it go right in.
Watch you flush it all away."

TheKilling New Jersey
08/24/11 8:04 pm

check out Terrence McKenna time wave zero. not necessity end of the world, by a shift in consciousness

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
08/24/11 8:02 pm

If it COULD happen then there is a chance no matter how small. So if u picked no u r stupid.

08/24/11 7:55 pm

Cont it's bound to happen sooner or later unless the race as a whole realizes we need to change our ways

08/24/11 7:54 pm

I personally believe that 2012 will not be the end of all humanity(were stubborn like that) but I believe that something life-changing will happen that will alter our view on life. It may not even be significantly noticeable. But with all the recent wars and famines and whatnot, unless we cont.