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01/27/13 9:20 am

Define nerd.
Some say you're a nerd when you're into Starcraft, star wars, video games etc. in that sense I'm not a nerd. But I am a nerd in the academic sense. I love math and science. I enjoy playing and listening classical music and reading classic novels. So yes, I do consider myself a nerd.

01/27/13 7:45 am

If u consider a 3.6 and 3.7 gpa a nerd, then yes i am.

01/26/13 2:18 pm

The doctors haven't been able to figure out what I am O_o

01/24/13 6:09 pm

Oh, and 135 IQ and 2120 SAT score. ;) Nbd, ya'll.

Skarface Banned
01/24/13 6:18 am

I'm an actual nerd and to me nothing is worse than when people slap on a pair of glasses and then post 300 pictures on Facebook that are all captioned "lulz im such a nerd." It's so annoying that being a nerd is popular now.

ragu Bay Area
01/23/13 11:08 pm

More of a dork but I think I fit the category fairly well.

donyewest Georgia
01/23/13 10:46 pm

I've been called a nerd since it was derogatory. The people who called me a nerd now want to call themselves one as well...they are not nerds.

caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/22/13 10:57 pm

I get good grades but I hate reading I refuse to read but I am quite the nerd lol not really but I call myself a nerd

01/22/13 9:11 am

It's not half the general population, it's half the population of users of a pretty nerdy app. I mean, the main attractions here are stats and charts.

Lulzy New Jersey
01/21/13 10:20 pm

The word has deprecated just like a bunch of other labels. I think it's a mistake to label oneself. Most people probably aren't nerds. No, they are hipsters. They think they are nerds because it is the new novelty.

01/21/13 7:58 pm

I'm republican. I'm not a jock

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 7:54 pm

No, and when did it become ok to be ugly? Slap some makeup on ladies.

01/21/13 2:57 pm

imarepublican is a jock. Everyone act surprised.

EnginE3r Texas
01/21/13 9:03 am

Talk nerdy to me.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
01/21/13 3:53 am

My family and some of my friends say I am but I've never thought of myself as one. At least not the stereotypical nerd. I graduated top of my class in high school but I spent my weekends partying and not studying that much. I did it last minute.

Br@ndon Your Soul
01/20/13 9:23 pm

Not smart but nerdy.

mherclif Ann Arbor, MI
01/20/13 9:20 pm

I think I'm more of a geek. Nerds to me are the book-smart people. Geeks are the techies, anime-lovers, and possibly slight gamers.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
01/20/13 8:13 pm

No, I identify much more as a geek than as a nerd.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
01/20/13 7:31 pm

Yes. My favorites by far had been Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Tsuritama.

jrc242 Lakewood Washington
01/20/13 7:25 pm

My husband has over 1000 series of Anime ( well it seems like that many ) and he reads a lot of Manga. Although I'm not into it as much as he is, I like Anime.

jrc242 Lakewood Washington
01/20/13 7:24 pm

It seems like being a nerd doesn't hold the bad rap that it did when I was younger. I'm not sure if its because I'm older or perhaps it's just more trendy... as funny as that seems.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
01/20/13 6:03 pm

I was at a Half Price Books and they had an actual in-Japanese Pokemon book, and I was like

But since I can't read it I'm gonna give it to my Japanese friend

readhp1008 Hogwarts
01/20/13 6:02 pm

It's kinda amusing. The democrat and republican votes are opposite of what I thought they would be.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
01/20/13 6:00 pm



IceWoman New York
01/20/13 3:31 pm

I love that the votes are so close on this!! I chose no but could go either way really since I have been called a dork a time ot two in my life! Haha:)

grammarpolice wonders...
01/20/13 2:35 pm

I love correcting the grammatical mistakes of others!

susanr Colorado
01/20/13 2:17 pm

If you fail all those, does it mean you *are* a nerd? Because I fail all but hopefully #4. I'd like to think my friends & family look forward to seeing me. Otherwise, I might as well not get on that plane in 11 days but just stay home & play Angry Birds.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
01/20/13 1:21 pm

*chooses yes as I sit here alone on a sunday playing Pokemon*

wears Tennessee
01/20/13 12:59 pm

actually they are older than teens! I have old fashioned values which they think is "cute"....:)

FaceMoose Over There
01/20/13 12:02 pm

Nerd realms I am part of: computers, books, anime, videogames, and various fandoms including the big overlapping a ones: Superwholock-Potter-Rings. lol

FaceMoose Over There
01/20/13 11:59 am

Most definitely! I'm a nerd and a geek. Fangirls represent!!!

toughmudder99 Texas
01/20/13 11:10 am

I'm athletic w/ moderate social skills....But I quote Lord of the Rings in what is that 40% nerd?

malibog 12309
01/20/13 10:04 am

90 is thorium - try again on

EarlyBird Portland
01/20/13 9:29 am

JD - what I do from time to time, is go back to the oldest polls and tally up the number of votes. I usually check about 3.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/20/13 9:20 am

I see most of those as likely symptoms rather than the defining factors. The defining factor would be the person in question places a very high priority on understanding some non-social subject to the point that all (or some of) the social stuff doesn't quite work for them.

Itabliss Hello
01/20/13 9:14 am

I think everyone is a nerd, a little bit. And if you aren't, you are probably very uninteresting and a pain to be around.

EarlyBird Portland
01/20/13 9:08 am

What is not a nerd:
1) someone with social skills
2) someone with athletic ability
3) someone with a nice tan
4) someone you look forward to seeing
5) someone who is fashionable

01/20/13 8:30 am

I have a pair. They're cool. Lol

01/20/13 7:27 am

Power Rangers nerd reporting in. Former Star Wars nerd.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/20/13 6:15 am

The world needs all of us to make things happen.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
01/20/13 5:37 am

Not any more. Pocket protectors served two functions. First, it guarded your pocket from accidental ink spills. Second, it provided sufficient rigidity to your pocket to support multiple pens. Now nerds just need a belt holster for their smartphone with Evernote.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
01/20/13 5:20 am

Hehe, does anybody else find humor in the word 'woodpecker'?

Thanks, Beavis!