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Show Of Hands August 10th, 2012 12:00am

Which are more important to you: social issues (gay marriage, abortion, etc.) or economic issues (jobs, taxes, etc.)?

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ishady 86451132020
08/11/12 2:57 am

New York state legalized gay marriage and took in millions in revenue. How can you say there's no"economic advantage" and intolerance and bigotry are a GOP mainstay. That's a fact. You can ride the fence on a high horse and your vote will be pissed away.

08/11/12 2:52 am

Red ... Name one economic difference that you would receive with marriage were recognized for gays. We all know you already have the economic recognition you sought. Forcing the issue of Gay marriage provides no new economic value. Stop the lie!

08/11/12 2:47 am

Open-minded independents don't vote for the fascism of the Democrat party. The intolerance and bigotry of Democrats was soundly silenced when the fair-minded people who don't even like greasy chicken open their wallets to support free speech and denounce heterophobia!

ishady 86451132020
08/11/12 1:38 am

Wittlebaby that grammar is awful. Use a period once in a while.

redebbm 91709
08/11/12 1:05 am

Well as a gay man. Gay marriage does become an economic issue. It makes a huge difference for my future family and how our taxes and finances will work.

08/11/12 1:02 am

I wish there was one super candidate that can have the economic views of a conservative and the social views of a liberal. But unfortunately that won't be happening for a long time.

emsies Seattle
08/11/12 12:28 am

I'm surprised by these results. I have very strong beliefs about social issues but I don't know much about the economic issues.
Gay marriage is my big thing. I will go to my grave protecting gay rights.

pretorian Florida
08/10/12 10:28 pm

Since I'm fiscally conservative but socially liberal I suggest a bipartisan pact that lets the reps handle economy and the dems social issues. To each his own.

arborfamilia on top of the hill
08/10/12 9:15 pm

Andres2100 - I've worked for state government and several large public corporations. Everybody spends this year so they won't lose their budget next year. It's universal.... It's not smart, but it's also not uniquely a sign of government waste.

08/10/12 8:42 pm

Wittlebaby, take some grammar and spelling classes.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/10/12 8:33 pm

Who's exciting about the airing of "The New Normal" airing in Sept? The new normal family...the gay one?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/10/12 7:59 pm

Independents don't vote GIP because of their wacko stances on social issues.

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/10/12 7:59 pm

Without the economy, we will have some much more potent social issues

RJ1969 SoCal
08/10/12 7:59 pm

oh yuck yuck yuck. another knee slapper.

derst Raxacoricofallapatorius
08/10/12 7:56 pm

Of course democrats vote for social issues! With the way they treat the economy like crap and all, no wonder social issues are more important.

FakeSound Arizona
08/10/12 7:44 pm

You're more interested in furthering the interests of your demographic and community, because even when "everyone" does well, you still receive the brunt end of that surplus unless you make something change on a social level—social issues are tied to the economy for minorities, i.e. Socioeconomics.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/10/12 7:43 pm

yeah, moonshot is right on the money.

FakeSound Arizona
08/10/12 7:40 pm

When the unemployment rate for whites is lower during a recession than it was for blacks during the "good years" and you yourself are black, you REALLY don't care too much about economic issues as a whole.

08/10/12 7:35 pm

@moonshot. You nailed it!

08/10/12 7:01 pm

So Dems, are you saying you are perfectly happy to wallow in economic plunder as long as you can abort your unborn child! Of course it would be an abortion paid for by the government!

pretorian Florida
08/10/12 6:42 pm

Choosing between those two its social issues but not always the hottest topics - abolishment of victimless offenses is one of my favorite ones includes grass smoking and gambling eg. Overall, supporting science is most important for me which is neither.

08/10/12 6:41 pm

These are not the political filters I was expecting.

08/10/12 6:29 pm

Both, like for example if slavery was legal, then it would be more important than the economy for a moment. Like abortion kills many people. Economy is important but need to stop killing also

08/10/12 6:12 pm

i think they're interrelated. it's hard to pick one over the other since they are both so important.

08/10/12 5:27 pm

@d3vil republican and democrat meant different things. None of your examples are valid.

08/10/12 4:56 pm

Fixing social issues fixes economic issues. Damn rich stealing everything.

08/10/12 4:42 pm

I care a great deal about both but the focus right now MUST be on getting people back to work & controlling that deficit

08/10/12 4:37 pm

Abortion is an economic issue, too. Unwanted babies equal tons of tax cuts for parents, and greater likelihood of a person using the social safety net, combined with increased crime and poverty.

sohuser California
08/10/12 4:25 pm

year we would get less next year.

sohuser California
08/10/12 4:25 pm

Their both important issues but I find it difficult to to focus on social issues when our government is so wasteful.
An example is when I worked for the county everybody in my building had a $250 chair and an $80 dollar lamp on their desk. The reason was because if we didn't spend the money this

moonshot More often I know nothing
08/10/12 4:13 pm

If he republicans would drop most or really even all of their ridiculous social platform, they would get more broad support from the independents.

ishady 86451132020
08/10/12 4:09 pm

One in three ppl are on welfare? Things must be worse than I thought.

08/10/12 3:23 pm

Explains why dems can justify relenting obama

tidford My little piece of heaven
08/10/12 3:04 pm

Germany was a socially progressive nation and intellectual leader in the 1920's. Then their economy failed and the world got Hitler.

Social advancement follows economic. When the economy fails nasty things happen. We are closing in on that very quickly.

08/10/12 2:44 pm

While the nation still debates a 40 year old topic (abortion) and discusses new ones like gay marriage, China continues to eat our lunch. How about getting this country back on track economically first, then once we're on solid footing, taking up social issues at that time.

Vincere Seattle
08/10/12 2:33 pm

@josh310, you're either an idiot or you get your facts from a very unreliable source. Possibly both.

08/10/12 2:28 pm

Josh310- that is completely false

08/10/12 2:26 pm

In the current economy economic issues are slightly more important.

Comet? Tennessee
08/10/12 1:59 pm

Maine is the most bore social in the US.

ladestra Urban Conservative
08/10/12 1:50 pm

And this is why we must get rid of Mr. O
***ALERT ****
New Record: just over 100 Million Americans now have to receive government assistance (welfare) just to get by. Not ONE new job added to our economy since Jan. 20, 2009 (Obama's 1st day in office)

Terrence Utah
08/10/12 1:46 pm

Though economic issues are what we should be focusing on.

Terrence Utah
08/10/12 1:45 pm

They both are important and can go hand in hand.

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
08/10/12 1:42 pm

Economic first. With a stable economy it's easy to discuss social issues.

pe1031 San Marcos, TX
08/10/12 1:36 pm

If you don't care about the economic issues but care about social issues instead. Move to costa rica. They are ahead of us socially but their economy sucks. If you don't have a job then how would the social issues matter?

08/10/12 1:34 pm

Yes, you all continue arguing about whether "liberals" or "conservatives" are stupider. Or whether the democrats or republicans are worse. Meanwhile, America will just continue to go further down the toilet.

08/10/12 1:34 pm

I am right, everyone else is wrong.

08/10/12 1:28 pm

D3vil, liberals never let a little thing like the facts get in the way of a good argument!
Semper Fi!!