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Are you following the Trayvon Martin shooting story?

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03/22/12 6:44 pm

mrken,can you fathom the difference between gangbanger drive by, and a supposedly law abiding neighborhood watch captain?

03/22/12 6:44 pm

Why is that palin? do u or ithers care less about the little girl or care more about race stories

03/22/12 6:41 pm

Palin, I'm upset at all, one of the 49 homicides I referred to was an 8 yo girl shot by a stray bullet from a drive by, which is a normal thing in places like south Chicago or east LA. Their all sad, but people have obvious "interest" when race is involved and I find that sick

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 6:35 pm

Will someone tell @LogicNotH8 that my last post was right before he accidentally blocked me and that he'll need to contact Tony to get a proper fix? Otherwise he will have to re-download SoH on a different Apple ID and use a different screenname to see me again. Thanks!

catey Pennsylvania
03/22/12 6:24 pm

I'm interested to see how it develops, but I'm not exactly FOLLOWING following it.

03/22/12 6:24 pm

elsewhere, but this case is getting national attention because the man walked away without even being detained. THAT'S what sets this apart.

03/22/12 6:23 pm

People's interpretation of this case is strange. It gained media attention because it was a man who admitted to the shooting being let go without even being detained- that's what made the news. The fact the shooting was motivated by racial profiling threw fuel on the fire. Yes, murders happen

03/22/12 6:19 pm

Have to disagree Fiji. A six year old was shot and killed in Chicago last weekend. Barely a blurb on the news. Maybe that's why Al Sharpton didn't climb out from under his rock and show up in Chicago.

Fiji New York
03/22/12 6:15 pm

Even before 24 hour media, America takes notice when a teenage kid is murdered in cold blood especially in the deep South. There has not always been a lot of justice in that South of ours. Emmet Louis Till anyone?

palindrome California
03/22/12 6:08 pm

Mrken, you seem upset the media dared report about a grown man murdering a kid for walking through the neighborhood and the police not even detaining the man.... Yep, bc that stuff happens everyday

palindrome California
03/22/12 6:03 pm

ADOG- you're right. He would get the death penalty and that'd be it.

03/22/12 6:03 pm

Oh this was just south Chicago!!

03/22/12 6:02 pm

It's was reported yesterday that 49 people were murdered by gun violence (mostly drive-by) in just the 3 previous days, but the media said nearly nothing. It's only when they can make it some race charge debacle, do the give a damn. Go ahead and divide America if that's what u want!!!

03/22/12 5:55 pm

listen, the American people are like dogs, they follow whatever the media puts out there for ya. face it this would not be an issue if the boy was white and the guard was black, face it, get over it.

03/22/12 5:54 pm

why is the DOJ getting involved with what is clearly a state issue? does this mean the fed's will get involved every time a kid gets shot? let the state sort out the case, send the Feds back to DC.

03/22/12 5:33 pm

No probable cause in Trayvon Martin murder? If a dead unarmed teen and an angry racist with a smoking gun is too subtle a clue, what isn't?

adalla Virginia
03/22/12 4:33 pm

@Palindrome - you are absolutely right, and it's been upheld in several courts. You cannot place yourself in jeopardy and then claim self defense. A cop was convicted of murder not long ago for shooting a man after running in front of his car. Will try to find the case...

adalla Virginia
03/22/12 4:28 pm

What will happen is Zimmerman will be charged and convicted, the local police chief will resign in disgrace, and the family will get a large settlement in a wrongful death suit against everyone involved. Count on it

adalla Virginia
03/22/12 4:23 pm

I'm pleased with all the discussion I've heard on talk radio on this topic. Lot of people really seem to understand appropriate use of force. Race issues involved have largely been discussed civilly, except by a certain congresswoman. Strange thing for people to unite over but it seems like they are

palindrome California
03/22/12 4:19 pm

We should also note that it was a Hispanic man, but skin-color wise he was white.... Racism is automatically conjured in the brain as "white" on "black" but ethnically it exists everywhere. But that's just a sidebar, race isn't the question. I don't think it was a "hate crime". But it was racially

03/22/12 4:11 pm

Sounds like Wiseburger has up close personal info, part of a club that does that sort of thing? Maybe jealous? I always heard it takes one to know one!

03/22/12 4:10 pm

The death of Trayvon Martin is a truly terrible thing. Let's not stir up hate between races on top of it.

03/22/12 4:07 pm

This may or may not be racially motivated, but Al Sharpton is involved just to drum up money. His whole existence depends on stirring up trouble. has Sharpton ever showed up to support a Caucasian?

03/22/12 4:06 pm

Zimmerman reminds me of Eric Cartman, I have the authoritay.

03/22/12 4:03 pm

The guy who shot him is a loser and needs to be locked up for life.

Nerdz Texas
03/22/12 3:56 pm

nope and. had never heard of it until now

03/22/12 3:53 pm

but why was he carrying a gun and why did he use it..the kid went out for a bag of skittles

yepnope Maryland
03/22/12 3:44 pm

Mannnn what time was the last fiat post please? I think I accidentally blocked him. Any idea how to unblock?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 3:34 pm

Whew. I was hoping I hadn't smashed something in here…

03/22/12 3:26 pm

He's talking to wizeburger Fiat.

03/22/12 3:25 pm

@fiat, I was commenting on Wizeburger

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 3:23 pm

@praetorian that is technically impossible. Did you know that it is possible for any part of one's body to kill the entirety of another person's body?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 3:21 pm

@gramps are you talking to me or samy?

03/22/12 3:20 pm

Not that I'm against the right to bear arms but security guards, neighborhood watchmen etc. should only be armed with nonlethal weapons.

yepnope Maryland
03/22/12 3:17 pm

Um ok... Whatever makes you feel all tingly inside wizeburger. Do you have Tourette's or something?

03/22/12 3:17 pm

that really pertains to this poll question. aren't you really dumbburger?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 3:16 pm

I'm aware of. I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens. Note to anyone who sees suspicious activity and reports it to 911—follow the dispatchers advice!!! And was the guy walking behind him, or driving his truck behind him?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 3:15 pm

the problem is ascertaining that it was actually self defense. He saw something suspicious (a stranger walking through the area), but then again, it's spring, I've been seeing at least 10 strangers a day through my front window. Have we had criminal problems here? Not recently that…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 3:15 pm

I should add that as a result of his background check, you find a guy who was really into the criminal justice world. He called 911 many times, stopped a robbery, reported things out of wack, and now he just killed a kid! I can honestly understand the self defense claim against an unarmed kid, but…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/22/12 2:58 pm

@palindrome his background has been checked. That just adds to the perplexity of this story.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
03/22/12 2:49 pm

Yes and it is a real shame. We don't know the complete story but sounds like an innocent young man was senselessly gunned down by a vigilante for no apparent reason. I hope this doesn't turn into a racial issue. It's about getting justice for a young man regardless of his color.

03/22/12 2:18 pm

I wouldn't base my reaction to anything that comes out of the media. Let the state of Florida pursue legal action and the family can fight for justice. Here we go again America, time for the non stop coverage.

03/22/12 2:09 pm

@ old lady, I live in a racially mixed middle class neighborhood. I don't think Sammy would like it. he would probably hook his house up to his pickup and drive farther South.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
03/22/12 2:05 pm

Yeah till they turn off the heat. Lol.