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Are you following the Trayvon Martin shooting story?

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palindrome California
03/26/12 7:36 pm

They come IN to the garage and ask us "what we're doing"? I was livid! What the fuck business of theirs was it anyway? We were on private property! But they come in, tell us about "suspicious activity" (anyone black or of color knows this term very very well) and proceed to ask us to submit to a

03/26/12 7:34 pm

Trust me I have never trusted the media!

palindrome California
03/26/12 7:33 pm

"suspicious activity". Real crime: living while black. What makes it worse is that he lives in that neighborhood!

Another time my friends and I we're hanging out, with the garage open standing IN the garage, talking an sipping some beers.... For NO reason, 2 cop cars show up and they hassle us.

palindrome California
03/26/12 7:31 pm

Thank God I live in CA... My friend was locked out of his car a few months back and sat on the curb waiting for his uncle to bring him the spares. All he did was sit there, in broad daylight in a old white neighborhood and next thing you know 4 cop cars and 6 cops show up and hassle him about

03/26/12 7:30 pm

...the media attention. But similarly you can say when a little blonde girl for missing it's all over the news. Rarely does that happen for a black or latina girl. So it varies on what gets reported and that's why you shouldn't trust the media ;)

03/26/12 7:29 pm

Jopat- If you want stats on minority arrests and incarceration, a good book to read is Criminal Injustice. Author is Rosenblatt. Read it when I was in college taking a course on prison issues. Definitely made me open my eyes to race within the justice system. And you're right not every crime gets...

palindrome California
03/26/12 7:28 pm

Mama- it's simple: if the black guy had been Zimmerman and Martin had been white, you wouldn't have heard about it, it's true. They wouldve sent him to death row after a 3 day trial or shot Zimmerman upon arrival. I mean, that's seriously the reality. They woulda called him a black animal... Right?

countrytboy Georgia
03/26/12 7:26 pm

Idk either. Theres alot of crazy people out there who do somethin stupid and make the laws stricter for the rest of us. I just hope they dont change the ga self defense law cause i dont wanna have to go to prizon for shooting someone holding a gun at me or my family because it wasnt 'legal'

countrytboy Georgia
03/26/12 7:22 pm

This is part of why the systems screwed up. Lawyers looks at the way a laws written instead of what it really means. When that happens, people get off for major crimes because they have enough money to hire a good lawyer while another 'poorer' person gets 20 years in prizon for the same thing

03/26/12 7:22 pm

BTW I don't have a theory I just used government stats as a way to see if there was a lot of this going on.

03/26/12 7:20 pm

For the life of me I don't understand whats driving all this hate at this time in our country.

countrytboy Georgia
03/26/12 7:18 pm

First punch, which is going to be one of the deciding factors, along with race. The self defense laws are not mexnt to be for guys that do things like this. The 'spirit' of the law is for people whos lives are in danger, not ones that provoke somethin and shoot a unarmed kid.

03/26/12 7:17 pm

that involved three black kids that threw gas on a white kid and lit him on fire. Very little press and no description for a while of color being a factor until the injured kid told investigators they said burn whitey!

03/26/12 7:15 pm

You still don't get it! I haven't said anyone is guilty or innocent. I am waiting for all the information to be made public and see who conducted the investigation. The only reason I liioked up the stats inthe first place was the way this case has been handled in the press and a local case here

countrytboy Georgia
03/26/12 7:15 pm

The kid wasnt armed, the guy was muttering racial slurs over the phone, he disobeyed the operators instructions and followed the kid. He is arguing self defense yet he seems to be the one that went after an unarmed kid, with a gun. Even though his nose got broken, im bettin thekid didnt throw up the

03/26/12 7:09 pm

And I could go on but I'm just disheartened at how people can be so close minded based on race. Thought we were passed that in this day and age. Apparently not.

03/26/12 7:08 pm

...stats, those are stats for people convicted. Not really who commits crimes. It's statistically proven whites get acquitted more often and are also not arrested as often for similar crimes compared to blacks, so if you want stats, the stats are pretty saying our system is biased.

03/26/12 7:06 pm

Oh Jopat...there's so much to say that 200+ characters won't even begin. Based on your argument, Trayvon is guilty based on stats and not what happened. Not every black person is a criminal you know? I live NYC and have yet to be the victim of a crime (by any race) so your theory is bogus. As for...

03/26/12 6:56 pm

It goes both ways! Check the FBI data files and you will find that Blacks are 13% of the total population, yet they committ 51% of all murders. A white person is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black. Those are the facts I didn't make them up just curious as to why?

03/26/12 6:49 pm

Wow. Whoever said racism was dead clearly never downloaded this app. Disgusting.

03/26/12 6:48 pm

...for not following directions that eventually led to Trayvon's death. A jury should be able to decide guilt or innocence.

03/26/12 6:47 pm

Jopat: and the people that committed those crimes should be prosecuted. But blacks aren't the only ones committing crimes. People of all races commit them and those people need to be prosecuted. I'm not saying Zimmerman is guilty. I'm saying there's more to it than he is saying and he's to blame...

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/26/12 6:08 pm

The coloreds are looking for a reason to riot and loot. I see a replay of the LA riots coming soon, but this time it won't be isolated to LA, it will be in cities across the country.

pissoff Minnesota
03/26/12 6:01 pm

It's sad but no more than black thugs killings whites but as soon as the victim is black than its all over the news all over the country over and over Enough already

03/26/12 5:58 pm

Where is the Rev for their parents? Ever check murder rates on who is really doing all the killing? Educate yourself before going all liberal on everyone!

03/26/12 5:56 pm

mama3: get real! you already been to the hardware store and bought a rope! Calmer heads need to prevail and you aren't in that category. We just had three black kids dump gas on a white kid here and lite the kid on fire, there was a case in Memphis last wkend two blacks killed a white guy!

03/26/12 3:58 pm

And really a thug? So would the rich white preppy 17 yr old kids doing lines of coke in at parties in Hollister hoodies be considered thugs who deserve a bullet to the chest, too?

03/26/12 3:58 pm

pallindrone; you really need to try to read everything you can find on this case, as passionate as you are about it. Just goggle Trayvon's name there are many different newspaper articles to check out.

03/26/12 3:56 pm

Oh but he was black and wearing a hoodie and fought back so CLEARLY he must of deserved it. SMH.

03/26/12 3:54 pm

Because you are all witnesses who were there right? I just find it sick that anyone would think the killing of an unarmed 17 yr old was justified. If it was your child, you'd be out for blood. Killing, esp a child, is never justified. But then you protest abortion. I'll say it again...hypocrites.

03/26/12 3:23 pm

And now his Mother wants to cash in on his name? I just find that about as strange as this entire case! Oh yeah, mama3 educate us dummies,please!

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/26/12 3:14 pm

According to the Orlando Sentinel : Florida police say Trayvon knocked Zimmerman down with a single punch, then slammed his head several times into the sidewalk.

Like I said before, the young thug got what he deserved.

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/26/12 3:08 pm

A family member said he was suspended from school for possession of an empty marijuana baggie.

It figures he was a druggy.

03/26/12 2:32 pm

So what do you make of a parent that wants to trademark her dead sons name?

03/26/12 1:42 pm

God I'm glad some of you didn't go into law enforcement. Your common sense sucks.

samy12386 Illinois
03/26/12 12:53 pm

@palodonir or whatever ur name is. The police report is available online. Along with photos of the kid (recent not childhood ones from CNN) media bias? Nah never....

palindrome California
03/26/12 12:40 pm

Zimmerman was pummeled by Martin?
Where'd you hear that?

03/26/12 11:47 am

@exile, I was commenting on all the people who were saying Zimmerman was Hispanic,not white. Also I prefer the term mulatto to half breed.

03/26/12 10:52 am

The media's reaction, coverage, and taking sides have angered me more than the story itself. They will create a shitstorm, and point fingers at the wrong people when it happens. when they should point the fingers at themselves. Let the evidence come out before you make your judgement....

03/26/12 10:46 am

I am getting conflicting reports about this and I've gone on FOX, MSNBC, Huffington, and NY Times..I'm looking at bothsides here..

Think Lovin Life
03/26/12 8:10 am

JoPat ... I agree with your outrage. Violence doesn't have to shaded by color. Violence must be condemned. it's too bad tat Trayvon's parents couldn't see the racism prostitutes (Sharpten, et al) for what they really are ... has been's, looking for relevance.

Think Lovin Life
03/26/12 8:04 am

Gramps .. who (besides you), among the adoring MrO fan base, call our president a half-breed? It seems that MrO may be ashamed of his whiteness.

Think Lovin Life
03/26/12 8:02 am

Gramps ... why does Zimmerman's race matter? Seems you may have an answer looking for a question!

Think Lovin Life
03/26/12 8:00 am

Palindrome ... where you there? You talk as if you have the facts, which have not been made public.

samy12386 Illinois
03/26/12 7:58 am

There are pictures surfacing of this kid throwing up gang signs. Zimmerman was beaten when police arrived. Not such an innocent little kid anymore huh?

03/26/12 6:00 am

Ariella thats the old story, he's going for pure self defense. The screams everyone heard on the tapes is Zimmerman being pummeled by Martin. It's way early to be passing judgement......

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/25/12 10:22 pm

Zimmerman is wrong for pursuing Trayvon! He killed Trayvon, not the other way around. Zimmerman needs to go to jail! Screw the stand your ground bull crap. An innocent life was lost because a wanna be rent a cop shot him. Zimmerman needs to go to jail!

PetePuma Oregon
03/25/12 9:56 pm

You know, the best way to not be shot by a citizen, or not be shot by the government, is don't put yourself into that position of possibility. Very few people are killed or seriously injured by "doing nothing". When you engage in crime, you make a gamble that you will come out on top.

03/25/12 6:36 pm

he is not mainly Hispanic.