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Are you following the Trayvon Martin shooting story?

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04/05/12 4:21 pm

LIKEABOSS3: I just feel so bad for his parents! Thats not the way god meant things to be! They are showing a lot of courage, not sure I could handle it like they have!

04/05/12 4:18 pm

pallindrome how about an apology and retracting your2:38 statement, c'mon man up!

04/05/12 4:06 pm

god bless that boy! the other guy is gonna get attacked by skittles! watch out,

Gelidity Pennsylvania
04/05/12 9:46 am

Not really, but it seems to be following me. It's everywhere.

04/03/12 1:30 am

@palin- maybe it was bc when you report something you're supposed to describe the perp? (moron!)

04/03/12 1:29 am

...wear a hoody & try to intimidate me- I'll shoot you- not for race- just the threat of you in my space.

04/03/12 1:28 am

I'm curious as to why it took the media a month to get the story. Also funny to see the pic the media used- way different than his YouTube thing- I always look good for my interview too. Finally- was the shooting racial or the following investigation? Or was there any race involved? And if you...

palindrome California
04/02/12 12:38 am

Duhh, maybe bc Zimmerman said he was a suspicious looking black guy when on the phone to dispatch?

04/01/12 5:19 pm

if he had a hoodie on and had the hood up, how could this guy even tell he was black? this is retarded ppl needa stop this shit

palindrome California
04/01/12 2:26 pm

Forensic experts have debunked Zimmerman's claim that he was the one screaming for help

04/01/12 7:49 am

SICK of hearing about this story. Race has Zero to do with it and yet once again that's all these mobs of people in Sanford can spew about. Don't these people have jobs to go to?

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/30/12 8:53 pm

Zimmerman was defending himself.

The young thug attacked a man trying to keep his neighborhood safe.

He thought he could beat the out of shape Hispanic to a pulp and then run home.

But instead he took a lead skittle to the chest. GZ = Hero

03/30/12 6:52 pm

so once again pallindrome whats your take on it?

palindrome California
03/30/12 6:17 pm

Mzenike- I'd love to say that's one of the most bigoted things ive seen you say- but I'd be lying.

mzenike North Carolina
03/30/12 1:17 pm

They raided Walgreens because there thugs. Which is why the stand your ground law is necessary. If you belong to a dangerous class. How do you expect to be perceived in society.

03/29/12 11:51 am

I still go back to actions mean more then words, statistics mean more then words. If you really want to know who's killing black Americans look up the FBI stats. Yeah their are still racists in this and every other country but it goes both ways. Protesting is one thing looting a store is another.

03/29/12 5:15 am

pallindrome: pleas tell me why kids protesting young Martin's death that left school had the feeling that looting a Walgreens was part of the protest.

palindrome California
03/29/12 12:22 am

and ask questions later. Especially if you were "beaten" and, as you claim, in a public venue where there were 1)security cameras and 2) an array of witnesses. Nice try

palindrome California
03/29/12 12:21 am

disturbance. Police were probably in every right to take you down. I'm sick of anti-social pricks like you getting away with shit. Good job pd- furthermore, I believe there's more to your story based on the fact that ANY lawyer with a case that could take in millions by suing a p.d would take it

palindrome California
03/29/12 12:19 am

Just because it's in vogue for racists and whites who feel threatened to call minorities racists doesn't make you any less see-through. As far as your story, I'm sure you got what was comin to you. I don't believe your recount of your story bc honestly, you DO seem like a douche that would cause a

palindrome California
03/29/12 12:16 am

Leo, you're an idiot. Your opinion and story was good- till you went and shat on it with that lame-assness. You're an angry, bitter man-boy. What's the matter, minority take your girl? Upset Spanish is spoken by 10% of the population and growing? Upset a black man is in the white house? You mad bro?

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 7:27 pm

u know your about 250lbs sitting home every day breast feeding off of obamas nipple. I haven't been here for months but I see you still have the same agenda. get a job

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 7:25 pm

and once again I will point out as I have in the past that palindrome is a racist. every time she's somewhere commenting, she's saying offensive racially motivated slurs. " be proud your Latina, white women would kill for some of your features" c'mon

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 7:01 pm

wakeup, if ur talking to me I suggest u read down a little bit and read the several stories shared by others. where were u then to tell them to stay on topic? anyway this all is about the same thing.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:49 pm

in instances when the attackers were caught, they weren't charged w "hate crimes" I wonder how this would have played out if groups of white kids were jumping defenseless blacks without reason. hmmmm

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:44 pm

*jumping and beatings. it was a fad and there were stories just about every night on the news of another lone white person getting jumped by different groups of blacks nd our trusty news media refused to say the word hate crime

03/28/12 6:41 pm

wakeup; this is part of the case! What do you think of these high school folks protesting Martin's death by leaving school and looting the Walgreens?

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:40 pm

I will say this too, I find it typical how fast this story was magnified into a racial issue, yet the my pings and beating of innocent white ppl in center city Philly by big groups of black kids was not.

wakeup South Dakota
03/28/12 6:39 pm

Stick to the subject or question.
Yes I am following the case best I can.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:37 pm

I didn't hear about the kids protesting nd looting but younger ppl need to wake up too. they are all being brainwashed by their favorite singers songwriters nd celebrities. they know more about that than they do anything that really matters.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:27 pm

nd let the facts get gathered before just assuming that this white Hispanic or wtf ever he is did and why. nd how unpresidential and divisive is Obama for commenting before all the facts are gathered. nd saying if he had a son it would look like trevon. c'mon, get real.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:20 pm

when are they going to be held accountable for the information they pass along nd how they pass it. ppl watch the news nd believe everything they hear from these politically correct pussies. every station every white person so eager to prove that they are not prejudice. everyone needs to relax

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:14 pm

something similar. it's a shame the kid had to lose his life, but the spin the media did, w the photoshopped pic, the football pic when he was like 12 yrs old, nd not reporting the full story or having all the facts before creating a whole race thing is disgusting

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:11 pm

he flat out told me if I was a minority he would take the case! but bcuz I'm white I don't have a case? now tell me what's wrong w this country nd how bad blacks have it. I'm tired of hearing the complaints, it's sickening. I talked to another attorney who said

03/28/12 6:11 pm

Leo88; I'm curios how you feel about the high school kids protesting then looting a store?

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:09 pm

I am a white male. I contacted an attorney who flat out told me if I tried to sue for my injuries, broken nose, bruised ribs, hurt neck, -it would not hold up in court.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:06 pm

then 2jumped on me from behind tackling me kicking me in the ribs and putting their knees into the back of my head. my face hurried in the concrete was bleeding everywhere. I was arrested nd charged w inciting a riot!

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:04 pm

I tried to explain that I was driving nd had to work in the morning. his screamin caught the attention of a few other officers who wound up behind me. a little irritated I said I was leaving. keep in mind I was not under arrest. before I knew it a cop behind me shoved me into one in front of me.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 6:01 pm

or let go bcuz I wanted to leave. the cop was all pumped up for some reason, got in my face yelling nd screaming saying we arent leaving til they were done asking him questions.

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 5:58 pm

ran over nd the cops broke it up. they let the other guys go nd had my friend surrounded nd questioning him. I was driving nd waited patiently for 45 minutes in the club parking lot it was freezing out that night. finally I asked 1 of the officers there if he was going to b arrested

Leo88 New Jersey
03/28/12 5:54 pm

since there are blacks on here sharing their stories of how the law discriminates I'll share 1 of my own. I was leaving a club nd a friend of mine had words w a group of guys who were Spanish. when me nd a cple other friends

03/28/12 5:15 pm

What I find ridicules are students protesting by leaving school only to go loot a Walgreens! Dr. King would be appalled! Total distraction and shines a very bad light on these folks. Wonder why some are profiled?

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/28/12 8:36 am

When Zimmerman saw the young thug acting suspicious, he was probably casing out his new neighborhood for future homes to rob.
The young thug wasn't walking out in the rain just because he had a sugar craving.

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/28/12 8:33 am

It's now being reported that Trayvon was found with women's jewelry and burglary tools when school security went through his backpack after they caught him vandalizing school property.

Think Lovin Life
03/27/12 9:39 pm

As for the NY Times SHAMELESSNESS ... do we now have to refer to MrO as a white black man? When will the Racism from the left end? The rest of us are ready to move on.

Think Lovin Life
03/27/12 9:38 pm

Your judgement may be clouded by racial bias. If the races we reversed, a black man accused of killing a "white" Hispanic, you'd want the same for them, right?