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Will the Occupy Wall Street protestors affect any change on the issues they care about? (UserQ)

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10/15/11 9:00 am

If they could get their message together I think they'd have a shot at change. Like this? Probably not. Government will probably never side against big business (the ones who line politicians pockets) anyhow. I feel like this system is broken beyond repair anymore, we gotta start new or at least try

flyberg Northern Kentucky
10/15/11 8:59 am

Even if you don't agree with their politics in general, no one is going to get anything they want (like small govt) so long as politicians are in the pockets of big corps and banks. Fix things so we're all arguing with each other with purpose, instead of entertaining the ones pulling the strings.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
10/15/11 8:57 am

Protest is at the heart of America. Give it time. Someone will rise. (Even if it has to be me. Laugh, but I have a plan... Working two jobs makes it hard for me to show up, though. Can't lead if I can't eat.)

flyberg Northern Kentucky
10/15/11 8:54 am

Pre-OWS: "There are no jobs! Our Government SUCKS!"

Not that long ago we had all sorts of politicians trying to utilise the Wall St. versus Main St. angle to get into office. Now suddenly everyone pointing fingers at Wall St. is just throwing blame?

godcyanide Probably gone for good
10/15/11 8:54 am

Tea Party started out like this, too, where people had their own ideas. They had big money guys and politicians line them up. If similar people rise through the OWS crowd, I think they can be more potent than TP politically. Without one to lead them, they will fail. Energy must have direction!!!

10/15/11 8:52 am

They are ridiculous they have no focus , no specific desires just general frustration, just a bunch of wannabes looking for some public attention

10/15/11 8:41 am

Biz and gov't ARE in bed with eachother, but OSW is a fragmented group with zero plan. Many are involved but don't even know what they are there for. They are disruptive to the folks trying to work and costing me tax$$$!!

10/15/11 8:21 am

it's like election time...there will be ll this hype and all these promises, and nothing materializes

10/15/11 8:11 am

I may even go straight for you. ????

10/15/11 8:10 am

Peckerwood- I think I love you!

10/15/11 8:10 am

Louxny-no one is deriding the actual protesting, we're "deriding" the nonsense they r spewing. I believe it was Voltaire that said "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

10/15/11 8:07 am

I thought it said "wall street prostitutes"...

spoiler Michigan
10/15/11 8:03 am

I don't understand why so many of u are hating on these protesters. They represent and are protesting everything that has been and is wrong w this country.

10/15/11 8:00 am

It was fun sittin back in my chair with a beer watching them tards getting arrested on the news. It's as exciting as a good car chase.

Lulzy New Jersey
10/15/11 7:55 am

Are the wallstreet people those foolish Anonymous people who tried to DDoS NYSE and facebook?

Don't worry, they will have to stop camping in tents at wallstreet so they can get back to their botnets. I hope the FBI is wiretapping those protesters.

10/15/11 7:55 am

@O'13 I'm pretty sure they have a central theme that business and government in bed with each other doesn't benefit the ordinary citizen. They obviously don't have a viable solution but I didn't think the Tea Party did either.

O13 Alabama
10/15/11 7:47 am

The problem is that no two people out there agree on what they are protesting. Ask 10 of 'em what their problem is and you get 9 different answers. At least the tea party ppl know why they are pissed.

cato Santa Barbara, California
10/15/11 7:38 am

These dope smoking fools are protesting the wrong location. They should be in DC. The politicians are the crooks.

10/15/11 7:29 am

@DenverDM Class warfare is part of the seedier side of US history and will continue to be prominent as the middle class is pressured & marginalized. The number of working poor is increasing & companies are holding people hostage with the threat of losing their jobs. Work more hours for less or else.

10/15/11 7:25 am

Finally I bet a lot of you were cheering the tea party demonstrations even though they too brought out some people on the fringe and at times advocated violence.

10/15/11 7:23 am

These wall street companies were handing out huge bonuses even after they led their companies to what should have been bankruptcy, had it not been for the bailouts. As for the bailouts, its funny business wants government intervention when it benefits them.

10/15/11 7:20 am

I don't think there will be change because the system is too good to those that truly matter. But I'm disgusted that people are deriding them for the use of their 1st Amendment rights- even if I don't agree with everything they say, they can say it. As for those who earned their money. Cont.

10/15/11 7:12 am

Bturney- I believe that is absolutely true! They are clueless about the details of the system they are protesting, but it's cool to join together and rise up against "the man."

10/15/11 7:08 am

I don't think that most of them honestly know what they are protesting... I think they are just out there because it seems like the "in" thing to do...

ghjkl Oklahoma
10/15/11 6:16 am

I've been wondering how they been able to be out there all this time. Guess they don't have jobs/aren't in school...

10/15/11 5:55 am

This will just increase the divisiveness that is reaching a fever pitch. Class warfare - 'Us' versus 'Them' - etc... IMO they think they're protesting greed yet they're being greedy themselves by wanting some of the rewards that others have earned. Ah, youth (chronological or otherwise).

10/15/11 5:54 am

Maybe some higher voter turnout. If you're willing to camp in a park for 3 weeks, then you're probably going to make time to be sure you get to the polls on election day.

10/15/11 5:35 am

They are indeed anti-capitalism. The very fact that they want the government to get their fingers into bank regulations is anti-capitalism. It makes no sense to be protesting Wall Street, they need to protest the white house if they want "change"!

10/15/11 5:21 am

If the huge anti war protests didn't stop Bush then these won't work either.

10/15/11 4:42 am

They're not anti corporate or anti capitalism. They're against greed and seeing the rich keep getting richer while the middle class gets pushed down. They want banking regulations that don't allow people to get ripped off.

10/15/11 4:16 am

But then again Obama and the democrats will create a better plan than Cain's but were still waiting for that...

10/15/11 4:15 am

Plus this occupy thing is giving a bad rep for Obama and the democrats. Let alone the mayor of NY is a democrat. FYI I have no political affiliations.But if you want something new and something right to be done, then YES WE CAIN! 9-9-9 plan seems too good to be true even Obama IS like :o YES WE CAIN

10/15/11 4:09 am

There wont be change until Cain steps into office. YES WE CAIN! he will put an end to class instability with his 9-9-9 plan. All classes wont have to bitch about paying for taxes anymore. YES WE CAIN!

evo Tampa
10/15/11 3:31 am

I agree with their intentions and recognize the greed of wall street...but I also realize that you don't shit where you sleep. To think that politicians are going to do anything to undermine their largest investors and donators is naive...occupy will only matter if our government changes.

10/15/11 3:30 am

Pecker- I love when people picket, but don't think it through enough to boycott... Buying is supporting!!

10/15/11 3:22 am

They have no gameplan. They appear to be anti-corporate, but they're out there with their Apple laptops, iPhones, digital cameras, HD digital camcorders... they contradict themselves. They are young and dumb and pretty soon they're gonna be removed whether they like it or not. Plus they smell.

10/15/11 3:19 am

just a matter of time before they scamper away like rats. they're like the London rioters sans balls.