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Will the Occupy Wall Street protestors affect any change on the issues they care about? (UserQ)

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veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 10:03 pm

@rosebud true. And then there is our form of economic system and governmental organization…totalitarian plutocracy.

Sad…I remember the days when we were a constitutional republic…wait no I don't. We haven't been that for decades.

10/16/11 9:34 pm

Krantz- thank you for the explanation. The gov classes I've taken only seem to deal with our politics... I mean, sociology DOES control the economy of a country. Which is why I see it as a type of economy... Like capitalism.

10/16/11 8:54 pm

@Rosebud- then there are subsets like Minarchy, Autocracy, Aristocracy, Democracy, Republic (Proper), Dictatorship, True Monarchy, etc.

10/16/11 8:48 pm

@Rosebud - The correct term is Political Economy. Socialism is a form of Political Economy, but really there are only two forms of government, and those are Republic or Principality.

10/16/11 6:26 pm

The tea party sure did. Turned congress into children.

10/16/11 6:24 pm

You can have a democracy, monarchy, ect while socialist. It deals with the economy. The government controls the economy, but socialism isn't the form of government. It's a democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, oligarchy...

10/16/11 6:21 pm

Government is a social system. However, that does not mean all social systems are government.

10/16/11 6:19 pm

A theory or social system of social organization... Is government?

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 6:16 pm

…economy. Khackee just posted the definition of socialism. Lol

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 6:15 pm

@Khackee you can copy and paste, too? Now relate that definition to your point. How is accountability on the part of corporations socialism?
@rosebud. They are there (in Zucotti Park) legally. What some protestors do may not be legal but them being there is. Also socialism is not a form of…

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 6:12 pm

@DenverDM. Well he did raise more money than any candidate in history so a correlation may be the result of that…but an article with the specifics would be interesting! You do bring up a good point? Why now? Well…I don't think they are protesting the bailouts exclusively but rather everything.

10/16/11 6:08 pm

If any one of them spent a day in Russia they would come back and kiss bank of America's ass

10/16/11 5:54 pm

OWS has shown their true face of who they really are... Bulchivecks.

10/16/11 5:53 pm

If it takes OWS a month to figure out why they are protesting then the organization must be filled with I'll informed and I'll educated people. especially when they have Michael Moore and Roseanne Bar as their spokes people preaching "bring back the guillotine."

10/16/11 5:52 pm

Oh, and veritas, socialism is economy. Dictatorship is government. A country can be both. They're separate things.

10/16/11 5:51 pm

A few things (if I can remember them all...):
Veritas- they're doing it all legally? What about the couple hundred arrested for trespassing yesterday?
Left- if you want to bring religion in, what about the commandment not to covet?
Micky- what are you talking about?

10/16/11 5:47 pm

@spoiler-a few days really? They have been on wall street since the 17th of September and it is only a few days ago they know why they are protesting?

10/16/11 3:51 pm

Remember "spread the wealth around" and Joe the plumber?

10/16/11 3:49 pm

Stupid auto correct.... Verbatim

10/16/11 3:48 pm

a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

10/16/11 3:45 pm

Spoiler, we do live in a democratic republic.
Veritas, Obama has taken more contributions from Wall Street and your dreaded corporations than any candidate in history - how do you reconcile that?
The bank bailouts, which I did not agree with, are 3 years old - why the drama now?

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 3:27 pm

…can do no wrong and any attempt to hold them accountable for their actions is "socialism." Pick up a dictionary every once in a while.

@spoiler It's a HE. Lol

spoiler Michigan
10/16/11 3:27 pm

Although saying we live in a republic isn't a fair definition either. Corporations (AND unions) have their paws in the pockets of most elected officials.

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 3:26 pm

They are not protesting the companies for making products, they are mad that these big banks screed over the country with deliberate acts that they knew would hurt us the long run and massive amounts of corporate fraud. And the fact that there have been no prosecutions. But of course, corporations…

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 3:24 pm

@Khackee. I can infer plenty about your educational background. N. Korea is not a socially country, it is a dictatorship. You can't go there period. Second, OWS is not an anti-capitalist movement. You using consumer-bought products as an example that they are hypocrites is ridiculous.

spoiler Michigan
10/16/11 3:22 pm

Just playing devils advocate. We are far from socialism

10/16/11 3:17 pm

We still live in a republic. I won't call you a name @ spoiler

spoiler Michigan
10/16/11 3:11 pm

We already live in a democratic socialist society moron

10/16/11 3:01 pm

After spending the last 1/2 hour perusing & the, I am THOROUGHLY convinced the "movement" has its goal in transforming our republic into a democratic socialist society. They don't deny it. I don't agree one iota with their goal.

spoiler Michigan
10/16/11 2:32 pm

@knakee- none of those things have anything to do w the national protests. Do ur research, I guarantee u have a lot more in common w these ppl than u think

10/16/11 2:28 pm

Moronic is subjective.

10/16/11 2:27 pm

@veritas, in addition how did you pay for your "corporate" smartphone? Earnings from an employer? Trust fund? Keep your money in an evil bank? Do you ever dine out @ a greedy corporate McD's ? Drive a big corporation made auto? Or are you Amish ? Make your own clothes from the cotton you grew?

spoiler Michigan
10/16/11 2:24 pm

@knakee- quit making moronic statements then. Veritas is simply exercising HER 1st amendment rights...hypocrite

10/16/11 2:20 pm

I've been round the block a few times, around the world courtesy of the USN. I understand how the world works and don't subscribe to the liberal,progressive agenda. Go spend afew years in N. Korea as a citizen & see if you see socialism the same way. "Conservatives are just liberals who grew up."

10/16/11 2:13 pm

@veritas, calling me a moron was uncalled for and fu€#*+ng rude. You don't know me and are not privy to my educational background. Typical liberal Reaction: resort to personal name calling when another citizen exercises his/her 1st amendment right when it contrasts with the progressive Kool-Aid.

10/16/11 2:04 pm

Ows is a joke, let's see what happens when the weather gets cold. These wannabes will be back at mommy and daddy's house getting their laundry done by mom.

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 1:43 pm

@Khackee. Wow! You are one misinformed moron. You really think that is what they want? Lolol. Some people…

And how dare they be mad at the people who caused our recession and killed millions of jobs? Oh…I'm sorry. Corporations are perfect in every way and can do no wrong. Ha!

veritas1 Panda
10/16/11 1:41 pm

@JesHaynes. What are you taking about? They can and have. Have you been up there lately to ask everyone why they are there? They've even posted specific things they would like to be done.

10/16/11 1:11 pm

And they are not the "99%". They are probably the .0065% that want a pure utopian socialist society. The true 99% pay their bills, VOTE, work hard and take pride in the fruits of their labor, and can see right through this BS OWS group for what they are. We protest @ the voting booth.

10/16/11 1:05 pm

Majority of them are hypocritical socialist'. They complain about corporations whilst they sport smartphones, digital cameras, designer threads, etc, etc. They need to beat the streets for jobs. They are out there (jobs), may not pay 100K to start. Screw em I say! Or pack em off to Communist China.

spoiler Michigan
10/16/11 12:33 pm

@jeshaynes- what do u mean? They're demands have been public knowledge for a few days now

10/16/11 12:06 pm

@verities-if the OWS movement is educated then why can't the majority of them tell you why they are there or what to change to make things better?

10/16/11 12:04 pm

@fairness- the world wide growth that you're talking about. What the 2,000 people in china with a population of over 1.6 billion that is less than 1%. it's the same in all other countries where thuggish behavior is taking place due to these protests. you are < 1%!