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Will the Occupy Wall Street protestors affect any change on the issues they care about? (UserQ)

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veritas1 Panda
10/15/11 6:30 pm

@bev. They are there legally. They want to send a message. You think leaving after an hour or two would send a message to wall street and the world?
@Jes. OWS protestors are educated, hard working people as well. What's your point?

10/15/11 5:29 pm

Everyone there is being very stupid
Nothin is gonna change but they are all " fight the power" all I got to say to them is WHY U SO STUPID?!

10/15/11 5:26 pm

Let's check back with the OWS'ers in 10 years... Bet they are embarrassed.

10/15/11 5:24 pm

The right thing to do? Are you nuts? Stand in NYC for 3-4 weeks and bitch about your student loans? Hahahaha

10/15/11 5:07 pm

Those people are an embarrassment

10/15/11 5:06 pm

The occupy movement is a joke. Just a bunch of entitlement minded people. I'm low income and I work my tail off for what I have.

10/15/11 5:01 pm

By the way why aren't they in DC? That's where the problem solvers are supposed to be. What do they think Wall Streets going to do? Come out of their buildings with bags of cash for everyone and apologize?

10/15/11 4:57 pm

fairness: let's see if you can get any of your flea baggers elected to office, then we will know if your in the game.

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
10/15/11 4:52 pm

It's a double standard alright. Ows is growing worldwide. While tea is being poured out. Looks like they want to save face. While ows wants change based not on politics but on what's the right thing to do. I hope it succeeds.

I AM THE 99%!!!!!!

10/15/11 4:34 pm

just not Eric Holder, please

10/15/11 4:26 pm

Reality ucks and no you can't have sex in public or crap on the policeman's car! There does need to be a full investigation of Wall Street and DC by a special prosecutor!

10/15/11 4:23 pm

From what I've seen on the TV these people look like the kids whose parents told them they were wonderful, the smartest, best looking and there's no need to compete because no matter what your a winner! Now they are in the real world and find out the truth!

10/15/11 4:18 pm

I love the narrative of the Right: poor people are poor because they are dumb and lazy while the rich are smart and industrious. Except when one smart and industrious person makes a crap ton of money and their heirs inherit it. A lot of these trust fund kids are as lazy & drug addled as the OWS.

10/15/11 3:48 pm

No ValerieJo the poor are already receiving enough entitlements from the rich and from the federal government. If my kids are without food on the table it's because of poor choices I have made, not the rich.

10/15/11 3:43 pm

Verities the Tea Partiers are educated hard working individuals who, unlike OWS, know exactly what they are protesting. If OWS is so against corporate bailouts, why did they demonize the Tea Party for protesting the same thing? Hypocrites!

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:42 pm

I think you would be willing to take to if it meant your kids could eat. That's not being greedy that's making sure your family survives.

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:39 pm

Obviously you are if you think that poor people should have to give money to the gov't when they can't even feed their families.

10/15/11 3:37 pm

ValerieJo the rich already give. they pay the most in taxes even when they get tax breaks from donations. The poor don't pay taxes they only take. So who is more greedy?

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:36 pm

They are holding onto the money as if they were still struggling and had not just been given bailouts.

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:34 pm

* of using it * to help the economy by granting loans etc.

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:33 pm

I'm not against bailouts. But the bailouts were intended to keep the economy healthy by keeping the banks healthy. But the big greedy businessmen chose instead to hold onto the bailout money instead if using to help the

10/15/11 3:28 pm

And if you are against bailouts then protest the politicians.

10/15/11 3:27 pm

Do some real research Val. You sound like Rachel Maddow.

10/15/11 3:22 pm

Nothing ever changes. Especially greed, which falls into the category of human nature.

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:22 pm

Did was distribute the money between themselves! They aren't giving loans and they aren't putting it into the economy. That is what is greedy and childish.

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:21 pm

If they hold on to all their money and don't put some back into to the economy, times are only going to get harder. They are holding onto piles and piles of money, not using it, and that is why the economy is so bad in the first place. Banks were given huge bailouts with my tax money and all they..

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:18 pm

Bev, because I'm one of the milions who gave it to them and made them as rich as they are.

10/15/11 3:18 pm

Hey Val, have you checked all their charitable contributions. Quit worrying about rich people and take care of yourself . Childish

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:17 pm

it go down the drain because of their own greed.

10/15/11 3:16 pm

Valerie Jo, who are you to tell anyone what they should do with THEIR money?

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:16 pm

While others in their country are starving. They will never even notice the difference anyway, even if %75 percent of their income was taxed they would STILL have more money than anyone could possibly use in a lifetime. They obviously don't care about their country if they're willing to watch..

10/15/11 3:15 pm

Gee Veritas, maybe it's because the teaparty announced a rally, got permits, held a rally, cleaned up their mess, and WENT HOME.... Just sayin

valeriejo ramble on
10/15/11 3:13 pm

Why should only the top 400 richest people in America control over half of the money in the country? It's ridiculous, they need to give a little back to the people that made them as filthy rich as they are today. I am absolutely for redistribution of wealth. These people are do disgustingly rich..

jjplol North Carolina
10/15/11 2:58 pm

Occupy movement won't get anything done... Unless it turns violent.

10/15/11 2:53 pm

the OWS ought to a company of their own as consultants to non-union workers around the world. That would be so ironically cool

veritas1 Panda
10/15/11 2:49 pm

I love how the Tea partiers are hailed as bold revolutionaries who want better for America. But the Occupy protesters are evil, lazy, welfare-receiving, anti-capitalist, America-hating scum…double standard much?

10/15/11 2:49 pm

unfortunately in this economic environment, it is an employers' advantage. Until new companies sprout and take away workers, employers can have their choice of skill and pay

10/15/11 2:44 pm

Tea baggers are just crazy fringe "people"

Ratpublicans $&@$!!!

10/15/11 2:32 pm

Being unemployed. Because there is always a more desperate sucker that will take their place. It is obvious the whole system is based on one-sided need and power.

10/15/11 2:32 pm

@DenverDM I'm glad you are a good boss but perpetuating the supposed victimless practice of "take it or leave it" when it comes to workers because that's how it is concerns me. It just proves that employers have all the power and the worker is just supposed to shut up & work. Or protest by ....

10/15/11 2:15 pm

I've never seen any proof that tea party goers were violent. Although one of Obamas lackeys has actually offered a $1million reward for proof of violence, nbody seems to be able to take him up on it. The tea party people don't trash the streets. They leave the place cleaner than they found it

10/15/11 2:13 pm

I see this in a much different way then everyone else sees this. I've read the Communist Manifesto 3 times. What I see in the CM is actually a ploy by the rich to gain control. Socialism is another form of Aristocracy. The rich are unaffected, as the working class gets poor. Like Greece.

10/15/11 2:13 pm

Looking through these comments I see aloe of people comparing this hippie movement to the tea party. This is simply ridiculous! Do you see the tea party shitting on cop cars or running naked through the streets? Has the tea party ever shown any violence? (and be honest, it hasn't happened)

10/15/11 1:36 pm

I had to live by those rules as an employee myself, and I'm a *hell* of a lot nicer employer than I ever had as an employee! Wasn't trying to be indignant, just saying what I've found to be an obvious fact.

10/15/11 1:34 pm

I doubt it. Local news covered the protests here and every single person they interviewed gave a different reason why they were picketing. People on the street don't even know why they're protesting meaning they have no message to convey to the government.

O13 Alabama
10/15/11 1:33 pm

You also have a choice in which home to buy and which hospital to use. Don't buy an overpriced house that you can't afford and don't use a hospital that amputates the wrong foot...

O13 Alabama
10/15/11 1:31 pm

Liberalism does not expect that anyone/thing will "do the right thing". They expect everyone to have the same thing. Maybe in your world it means that, but in reality the zealots and ideologues are the voice of the lib's.

household6 Boo.
10/15/11 1:29 pm

All the "occupy" people are now just a bunch of kids that volunteered to be homeless and are begging for food since all they do all day is sit on their asses and whine about the "system." Go to your fucking jobs and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Laying around won't get you anything if you want change.

palindrome California
10/15/11 1:12 pm

(cont) keeps getting lower and lower in a profit-driven society, leaving the public screwed tighter and tighter. Capitalism isn't working, these businesses will ruin our economies with their fixation on sucking every last dollar they can and then bouncing on the check

palindrome California
10/15/11 1:10 pm

Capitalism is out of control. Liberalism expects that if the economy is left to it's own devices, it will do the right thing. Well, we've never even come close to pure capitalism anywhere bc we see that capitalism can't be trusted. Skyrocketing home prices, off the chart medical bills and quality