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Will the Occupy Wall Street protestors affect any change on the issues they care about? (UserQ)

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Think Lovin Life
10/21/11 7:10 am

Rosebud ... there you go again,spoiling the liberal message with those pesky facts that show the left as hypocrites for wagging their tongues at the Tea Party for the slightest of made up infractions, and now the Occupy crowd is excused even when their own are raped.

Comments North Carolina
10/20/11 10:32 pm

no one is sure what the protesters want exactly, I fluxing the protesters themselves

Llaimber Virginia
10/20/11 12:48 pm

To Median: America was founded by protestors...

10/20/11 3:45 am

Remember seeing the tea party not get permits for their marches, trash the place and cost millions of dollars to taxpayers? Oh wait...
Wrong protest. That's what's happening now.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/19/11 9:44 am

Remember seeing all different races of people at the Tea Klux Klan rallies? That was awesome.

Oh wait a minute, they were 99.999999% white.

OWS .... FTW!!!!

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/19/11 9:40 am

Remember when the Tea Potty movement went global? That was awesome!

Oh wait a minute, that never happened.

OWS .... FTW!!!!

10/19/11 8:32 am

when has speaking out against corruption and injustice in government ever accomplished anything?

10/18/11 12:21 pm

Not really sure what your point is on the box tops. But I do have some clothes made in the US.
All 3 you listed I can get here. Blankets are the easiest. I live a day trip from Amish country. They have basically all I need there, if I so choose. And generally better handiwork too.

10/18/11 4:16 am

Con't. They want me to clip for the convenience of donating .10 ! Gimme a f@cking break! If they had kind hearts they would just donate portions to schools in need without the begging. Kids are some of their biggest consumers, way to give back to your community.

10/18/11 4:13 am

@rosebud, have you looked at any of the products you buy? I'm not talking food, I mean everyday necessities like pencils, pots, blankets, clothing (haven't found clothes made in the US for years). Not just overseas products, take for example Box tops for education. I refuse to clip that crap.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/18/11 2:52 am

Those who sit on their asses and don't pay taxes deserve 00000

10/17/11 11:20 pm

Not to mention, going from the top private school this half of the country and getting good grades to the community college that literally anyone can get into, and having to drop a class because it's too much.
As if it's not said enough.. All you kiddos, wait till after hs and college for babies!

10/17/11 11:17 pm

Veritas- I'm sure most care about what they're protesting. For one, why sit in the cold? Not for no reason that's for sure.
Thank you though. I'm sorry for going off on you. And even though I hate excuses, it's just not a good night...

10/17/11 8:39 pm

They're a disgrace to humanity....

veritas1 Panda
10/17/11 8:12 pm

@rosebud. Are you addressing my pony that the US is a plutocracy or that the protestors actually care about what they are protesting (FYI, same argument can be made against the party: where we're they when bush was president?)
I do not think you are an idiot. You're one of the smartest people on SOH

10/17/11 7:46 pm

Veritas- it's part of why it's now. Not last year, not 6 months ago, ext. Or is it because the media is feeding them what to say? (need to look into that but heard about it today). I know you must think I'm some kind of idiot, but I'm not.

10/17/11 7:45 pm

*Sw- you can buy local food, clothes, and such. Every for your house doesn't come from overseas. If you hate apple, don't get an iPhone. If you hate walmart, don't shop there. If you don't like a banks policy, don't go there. Even use a credit union. No one is FORCED to use the big manufacturers.

veritas1 Panda
10/17/11 7:31 pm

@Krantz. We are that…on paper. Once you really look at it, every aspect of our economy and governmental structure is a plutocracy.
@rosebud. I'm sure that's why they're protesting. Not because if the stagnant economy, government corruption, corporate fraud and greed…but because it is the "it" thing

10/17/11 3:53 pm

@Rosebud - I just learned the term recently myself. Economics and Political Science are both branches of Sociology, so you were right in what you said.

10/17/11 3:52 pm

@Rosebud- Capitalism is a form of political economy too. Basically it just means the system in which economics is carried out. Like America would be considered a Mixed Economy, which is somewhere in-between Capitalism and Utilitarianism.

burnsey89 Louisiana
10/17/11 12:51 pm

Everett, it is supposed to be affect. Affect is used as a verb. Effect is used as a noun. "Will it affect any change" is correct.

10/17/11 11:36 am

@rosebud, you're right! Why not just stop buying from these companies, vote with your pocketbook! You show me a company that doesn't have their goods manufactured in another country in order to make millions and I'll get right on that!

10/17/11 11:33 am

@rosebud, using social networking is just a sign of the times! It's available so use it! They had their bullhorns taken away in an effort to hush them. They've had to resort to other means to get their message across.

10/17/11 11:03 am

Ahoy Matey! So should we abolish the Obama Regime? or how's about the Jerry Brown Movement to Reduce Fecal Load in California? Shiver me timbers.

10/17/11 10:25 am

Those who "hate" the protesters, don't believe in, the values that this country was founded on. Jefferson, "when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government"

10/17/11 10:02 am

Sw77- they're sure using a lot of social networking to get their point across.
And I agree with Peckerwood. I'm the 1%. More effective than sitting outside hq for a few weeks? NOT BUYING from the companies! Don't like them? Don't do business with them. They aren't monopolies.

spoiler Michigan
10/17/11 9:39 am

Change is capable of being Affected

Everett Indiana
10/17/11 8:54 am

EFFECT. Change is not 'affected.'

10/17/11 7:24 am

Wieners, spoiler, wieners!

10/17/11 7:21 am

Spoiler: 1%... re-read my post.

10/17/11 7:19 am

They're hooligans damn it! Hooligans! I want to see the cops tazing them and pepper spraying them, and unleashing police dogs on them. But let me set my DVR, cause hot damn, I don't wanna miss any of it!

spoiler Michigan
10/17/11 7:18 am

@peckerwood- your part of the 1%? interesting, somehow I highly doubt that.

spoiler Michigan
10/17/11 7:16 am

@peckerwood- so sorry ur being "inconvenienced" down there in Texas. Wait, who are you calling whiners?

spoiler Michigan
10/17/11 7:12 am

@peckerwood- that's not what the protests are about. They have very specific goals. Do your research I bet u will agree w most of it and realize u are the 99%. calling protesters "hooligans" is ridiculous. NOT getting involved in our system and/or protesting in this country is un-American!!

10/17/11 7:01 am

They are the 99% who: shop at Wal-Mart, buy iPhones, take out student loans, own credit cards, use ATM's, go out to restaurants, purchase cars, buy clothes, buy tents from big box stores, own laptops, buy digital cameras, own TV's, etc, etc, etc... Without the 99%, there would be no greed on Wall St

burnsey89 Louisiana
10/17/11 6:26 am

These people whine because life is hard. Because they have school debt. Yet in their signs they speak if being on food stamps. Govt healthcare. And they have their mac computers and smartphones. How poor could they be? Don't they realize that life isn't easy?

10/17/11 4:05 am

The longer they disrupt the flow of normalcy by inconveniencing people, the more people will grow tired, lose their patience, and rebel against them. It's fun in the beginning, but people get tired of it real quick. Call in the National Guard and round up these hooligans and let's get on with it.

10/17/11 3:57 am

sw77: you're tired of the hypocrisy?

10/17/11 2:26 am

Omg, here we go with the hypocrisy thing again...

10/17/11 2:25 am

How could standing up for what you believe in and exercising your 1st amendment right be on a schedule? Is there a right place right time for protesting a particular issue? I don't see the movement as being an "it" thing. We're not talking social networking, we're talking livelyhoods.

10/17/11 2:24 am

I am part of the 1% who think these 99% hypocrites should stop utilizing the services banks provide (credit cards for example) and stop buying the products produced by these evil corporations (iPhones, laptops, computers, which they use to spread their message) BEFORE taking to the streets.

10/17/11 12:56 am

I do feel a little like it started now of all times because mass protesting is the "it" thing to do right now.
I know it's stupid to say, but look at how many countries have protests going on right now?

10/16/11 11:38 pm

Non of them have jobs and they are to young to know what hard work and success feel like. When you give freely the community bound and are invested in one another. when you are forced to give it builds wall between the poor and the middle class. Trust your brother for he will help you when needed.

10/16/11 11:23 pm

interesting to see the only blue state for this question right now is N. Dakota.

10/16/11 10:49 pm

Competition and Free Enterprise is what our country was built on, and we have been very successful because of it. Do you honestly believe that someone who works hard their whole lives to better themselves is not entitled to his own success? Why should he share it if he chooses not to?

10/16/11 10:45 pm

The Occupy movement is supported by a co-founder of the Tea Party, and since that movement took off, this will too. Not to mention that people are protesting all across the country and a little something called the INTERNATIONAL community. Woah, new vocab for GOPers?

mzenike North Carolina
10/16/11 10:42 pm

There just useless Obama voters. No, no one cares.