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Show Of Hands August 18th, 2012 12:00am

Should VP Joe Biden apologize for his "put y'all back in chains" comment at a campaign rally?

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08/19/12 5:13 am

No, he wouldn't mean it if he said sorry, anyhow. Notice he said "put
Y'all in chains," not "us" so he meant it they way it sounded.

08/19/12 5:11 am

Nothing to see hear folks, move along, keep moving! Just another day in the life of the second most powerful man in the world! Come on, move along, next question.....

nb35819 Atlanta
08/19/12 5:00 am

I don't understand why he's even giving speeches.......he doesn't do shit.

nb35819 Atlanta
08/19/12 4:59 am

I don't understand why he's even giving s

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/19/12 4:45 am

He can apologize all he wants: he's still a race baiting asshat!

08/19/12 4:23 am

If you remember, when they first got elected Biden stepped on his unit quite a few times and then Obama hid him in the closet for the last 3.5 years. He will be back in the closet again! He is a loose cannon that has no class. And as usual, Dems can say what they want with NO consequences!

montie AnCap and proud
08/19/12 4:19 am

Fakesound: blacks are more entitled then whites now so shut up. Stop being racist tword whites.

08/19/12 4:11 am

Really Jliss? He misspoke?? But the context was clearly not racist? You're definitely a liberal if you're defending his statement, because what I heard was a white boy talking like a southern plantation owner in southern slang. Disgusting how you liberals justify crap.

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 3:52 am

FakeSound ... let's ask blacks ... Oh wait, they've already been out condemning Mr Biden, haven't they. I guess Democrat Douglas Wilder, who's been known as the "first black governor of Virginia" is either not black or not a Democrat, right?

What else have you got hiding in mom's basement?

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 3:49 am

Veritas ... Let's see ... Wasn't it a "predominantly black district" in which Joe was speaking?

I guess you're suggesting that the blacks there are all Republicans, right?

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 3:43 am

Veritas ... Just like it was North Carolina in the 20th century, right?

Joe knew what he was saying and to whom. Try as you will, you can't change the facts.

smacc DunningKruger
08/19/12 2:36 am

FakeSound - thanks for the reality check.

FakeSound Arizona
08/19/12 2:21 am

... they fought for legislation to protect this "right." This wasn't a fringe group. This was the norm. I also think of the stereotypes created of blacks used to justify those actions against them (rape, torture, etc.) and how they still exist today.

But chains? No, I don't think of chains.

FakeSound Arizona
08/19/12 2:18 am

What do I think about when I think of slavery if not chains? Whites feeling entitled enough to exploit humans to the point that they would regularly torture and maim and rape an entire race much more often than you want to believe and call doing that to them a fundamental right to the point that...

FakeSound Arizona
08/19/12 2:05 am

Why not ask a black person? No? Then as one, I'll answer anyway.
It's interesting to me how many Republicans (82% white) want an apology for this.
When I think of slavery, the last thing I think of are chains. He wasn't talking to a remotely predominately black crowd, either. Don't politicize this.

smacc DunningKruger
08/19/12 1:33 am

People hear what they want to hear. Wasn't this about Wall street? There it seems to me that he meant all people not just black people. And, the reference to chains did come from the republican side. He just rolled with it.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 1:09 am

Just kidding veritas but honestly re-read your comment. If I were to say what Biden said I would be facing criminal charges. Because his buddy Obama is 1/2 black it gets overlooked.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 1:06 am

@veritas are you considered mentally retarded by that state? By that I mean have you taken a government issued IQ test and scored below 90?

snafu Washington
08/19/12 12:53 am

If he was republican he'd be crucified.

veritas1 Panda
08/19/12 12:44 am

And the fools who haven't even listened to the speech nor sen the audience make up their lies. It was about black people! It was racist! He was talking to black people! None of that is even remotely true, but they will lie away regardless...

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 12:18 am

Joe Biden isn't always the benign fool that he plays so well. He knew PRECISELY what he was doing when he used language that was targeted to a black audience with the intent to insight them to moralize and vote Democrat because otherwise they'd be in chains. SHAME on Mr Biden and complicit MrO.

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 12:10 am

The Northerner using Southern slang isn't racist. But Joey didn't say put us all into change he said two very critical things. First, the gaffe machine said y'all, meaning YOU ALL. Who was in the audience? Answer, overwhelmingly blacks. And if they weren't previously in chains then why "back"?

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 12:07 am

Realistic ... the door is open. And nobody's gonna force you to stay!

08/19/12 12:05 am

LOL! Another Biden gaffe for what's becoming quite the novel.

08/19/12 12:02 am

The fact is, it probably was about slavery. But slavery doesn't mean racism and blacks and hate crimes. Slavery is a word with a definition, not a point in time.

08/19/12 12:00 am

...immediately relating it to racism. As if any mention of anything even remotely related to the subject automatically becomes a direct statement about that subject, no matter what context it is used in. Assume, make an ass out of you and me.

08/18/12 11:58 pm

People take every word someone says and twists it. Democrats and republicans alike. This particular quote is another example of that. Absolutely nothing points to slavery or racism. It is an obvious metaphorical statement. The only racist part was taking "putting y'all back in chains" and...

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/18/12 11:45 pm

CONT. For example, up until the 1960s, the majority of blacks were Republicans and the Republican party fought against slavery.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/18/12 11:45 pm

@brettshel: You may want to poke around the internet. What you will find about race and Republicans (more specifically, Blacks and Republicans) will be very interesting, informative, and perhaps surprising to you. CONT.

08/18/12 11:43 pm

Democrats are hypocrites. Reps meh.

08/18/12 11:42 pm

Idk what he really meant but judging solely on the quote he said sounds racist.

brettshel Bernie Would Have Won
08/18/12 11:21 pm

Hmm... All of the sudden, republicans care about racism issues. Strange, they never have before.

08/18/12 11:15 pm

@durza... Is it really necessary to say something like that?

08/18/12 11:06 pm

Seriously, if a Republican made that statement the media and dems would go haywire. No doubt!

2katz I live in Nebraska
08/18/12 11:01 pm

I'm a conservative, and I say no apology necessary. Just an example of both sides wanting to jump on any trivial thing. He didn't mean it the way people are so eager to use it.

burnsey89 Louisiana
08/18/12 10:53 pm

Funny how he can say that but had Ryan said it he'd be deep fried by the msm.

08/18/12 10:52 pm

Reading between the lines and coming up with your own translation is pointless. Move on.

08/18/12 10:51 pm

The only good democrat is a dead democrat

TheDad Florida
08/18/12 10:49 pm

I like him in there he is like Dan Quail someone so stupid he keeps the president safe because no one wants him as president

08/18/12 10:49 pm

OK I see he was like a bull in a china shop.
I wonder if Obama doesn't have second thoughts about his running mate.
Does anybody think Biden is a good choice?

DamageInc California
08/18/12 10:43 pm

No. Forced apologies are worthless!

commonsense America isnt racist
08/18/12 10:40 pm

It was about race. He was speaking to mostly black folks, and his inflection
Of his last sentence was geared to say "you black folks need to be scared. whitey's comin to get ya".
Everyone knows what he did.