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Should VP Joe Biden apologize for his "put y'all back in chains" comment at a campaign rally?

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Think Lovin Life
08/25/12 9:12 am

Adalla ... Don't you just hate it when you and Charlie Wrangel don't agree --especially when you have to admit that he's right???

08/23/12 11:33 pm

Watch the video, it's obviously not racist.

bonemouth lost in the wilderness
08/23/12 1:44 pm

He was only acting like the trained monkey that little d's are. Fear instead of facts is the rule.

08/22/12 5:32 am

Curiosity is not being over sensitive. And just because you said it wasn't racist doesn't mean everyone sees it as you do adalia. The tone of the presidential campaign I did take it is race baiting. Just Ike I said earlier its selective behavior from others that just pisses me off

wacokid Ohio
08/21/12 7:39 pm

No, he can say what what he wants. But he should be embarrassed and know that it just makes him look like an idiot.

08/21/12 7:31 pm

Nope. Y'all just over sensitive, it's not like you or someone you ever met or knew was a slave.

adalla Virginia
08/21/12 8:37 am

Biden wasn't BEING racist, he was overtly accusing the Republican candidate of being racist; of wanting to see black people "back in chains." It's in really poor taste to throw around accusations of racism, especially without any real basis. Deregulating wall st = slavery? What a load of crap.

ProfDG I Want Truth
08/21/12 5:47 am

It's offensive and he should apologize.

08/21/12 3:48 am

I don't agree with the comment but I also don't think he should apologize. That's the way he feels and that's his opinion. Are we not allowed to have an opinion anymore?

Americaddd Texas
08/21/12 2:40 am

Imagine if Ryan said this...the media wouldn't drop till after the election

08/20/12 9:51 pm

What!?! Am I reading this out of context

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/20/12 6:37 pm

I been in a black hole so not sure what the fuss is about. However, it seems odd that Biden would say anything hatefully. He is too laid back and relaxed to get into hate mode. I know that I asked a coworker for a rubber when I first got here. She never did tell me what was wrong. Cultural slant

cowboy Dawns Highway
08/20/12 2:22 pm

Joe Boden should apologize for living. What a stupid human being.

08/20/12 12:55 pm

Accepted by the minorities. People of color are the loudest to point out if they feel someone is being racist unless of course it's someone who may have there "best interest" at heart or it benefits them.

08/20/12 12:52 pm

Palin, it's not what you said but how you said it! Yes, there are posts that have chosen to "ignore" Mr Biden's remark although they would not have done so if it was the Mr Romney or Ryan. Your attitude to me is what is so wrong with this country. The selective attitude depending if they are

Think Lovin Life
08/20/12 12:39 pm

Adalla ... are you trying to spoil a perfectly good sounding argument with the facts?

08/20/12 8:17 am

Can u imagine the media field day if Sarah Palin had said this with the same southern drawl???

KommsWife Indiana
08/20/12 5:16 am

Get your heads out of you collective @$$ (pun intended) and call a spade a spade.

adalla Virginia
08/20/12 5:16 am

Pali - You don't get it. The Fed DOESN'T regulate wall st. The SEC is NOT a govt organization, it's part of an old agreement between wall st and the fed that allows them to regulate themselves. Get it? There is NO federal oversight. Not then, not now.

KommsWife Indiana
08/20/12 5:15 am

Wow dems. You just can't admit when your side messes up. Can you honestly say that is Ryan or Romney or anyone you don't like said that, that you wouldn't be crying racism from the mountain tops? You would want them to resign !!!

08/19/12 11:26 pm

Can't you hear the deafening roar of millions of black people calling Biden a racist and asking him to apologize? No? Listen...


palindrome California
08/19/12 11:06 pm

Hap- apparently i'm not the only person who didn't think it sounded racist. Read the other comments

truspec Texas
08/19/12 10:14 pm

The context he said it in was correct, he should not have to apologize. He was talking about being chained to Wall Street and Romney's policies would "put us back in chains". It was in no way shape or form racist

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 9:29 pm

Recall the question who would make a better president Biden or Ryan. I think it's pretty clear after this.

08/19/12 9:16 pm

Tired of everyone "needing" to apologize for stupid things they say.

08/19/12 8:52 pm

If someone from the Romney/Ryan camp had said something like that they would have been crucified

08/19/12 8:33 pm

Per news reports Hilary turned it down. Doesn't want to be associated with a loser.

elleck SOH Fan Club
08/19/12 8:33 pm

It's sad that everyone took this so out of context

08/19/12 8:32 pm

That this guy is a heartbeat away from the presidency is absolutely frightening.

08/19/12 7:43 pm

Dems need to put a muzzle on Biden until they find a replacement for VP. They probably won't though since Palin suggested Hilary Clinton.

LucentInsanity Seattle
08/19/12 7:27 pm

I'm a Republican. Why should he? It's true. Romney's policies would put us Americans back into chains by Wall Street. Regulation is drastically vital for Wall Street and the big banks.

08/19/12 6:48 pm

What he meant to say was that under a Mitt Romney presidency, the average, hard-working, middle-class American will be put in chains by the corporate plutocrats and their Washington cronies. Uncle Joe just forgot that under Obama the same is true, as will be under Romney.

08/19/12 5:47 pm

Apologize to who? Anybody calling for an apology wouldn't vote for him anyway!

08/19/12 5:34 pm

Palin, You think because of your mixed nationality, you giving Biden a pass because he is a " brother" was asinine. It's amazing if Romney said this all hell would break lose. You sound racist yourself.

08/19/12 5:22 pm

I guess the saying is true: "it's only wrong when republicans do it"

08/19/12 4:21 pm

I get the impression that Joe Biden is trying to steer I to the skid... No apologies.

Joshtheman New York
08/19/12 3:50 pm

Biden is a damn idiot enough said

widdy76 always here
08/19/12 3:27 pm

It was an idiotic comment, but I just think it shows his true self. People need thicker skin. People choose to take offense even if it wasn't an intentionally rude comment. He'd have to apologize every time he opens his mouth.

softball1? Florida
08/19/12 3:26 pm

He's an idiot and anyone who believes him is one also! Seriously the racist person is America doesn't want to put blacks "back in chains".

palindrome California
08/19/12 3:01 pm

And Adalla- that's not what this is about. But yes, I feel the Obama administration did something (although it was hugely lacking) by placing greater regulations on Wall St... Things Romney wants to repeal (once again setting up the conditions for 'Too Big to Fail' and the 2008 market collapse)

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 3:00 pm

The real news flash is that Joe Biden is an idiot that is one step away from being president. And the person who saddled the nation with that terrible burden is MrO.

This is yet another reason why we must have a change. Mr Romney chose as his running mate a guy with sensible ideas, not an idiot.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:00 pm

Making light of our history as a slaveholding nation is not equal to hurt feelings. No one, white black or otherwise should "go there."

bbkkanders Kentucky
08/19/12 2:27 pm

I tend to not be politically correct, most of the time it's just because we've became a nation of cry baby's that get feeling hurt. However I would not even have stooped as low as joe the buffoon.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/19/12 2:20 pm

Republicans and Democrats both want you in chains and don't ever think they want anything else.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/19/12 2:15 pm

He might as well just apologize every time he opens his mouth. He's an idiot.