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Should VP Joe Biden apologize for his "put y'all back in chains" comment at a campaign rally?

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adalla Virginia
08/19/12 2:11 pm

Pali - you really think you're not in "wall street's shabby clutches" any more? How exactly did this administration accomplish that? Wall street still isn't regulated by the fed. No new rules, no new policies. You think you're being duped here? Again?

KoineGeek Arkansas
08/19/12 2:11 pm

I'm really sick of all the feigned outrage. The dems started it and now the repubs are fighting back with same silly nonsense. Let candidates say what they want and let the public make their choice without the media and the opposition trying to whip up the mindless rabble. Common shepple!

08/19/12 1:53 pm

choice a president makes. Some just want a lap dog that bring a certain voting block others bring experience.

08/19/12 1:52 pm

Elbrutus33; yeah thats exactly what I was thinking. Actually I have to laugh when I think about the way democrats treat someone like Sarah Palin. Frankly we are so used to Biden at this point I don't even listen anymore, just when his gaffs make the late night shows. It does say something about the

palindrome California
08/19/12 1:51 pm

There are so many errors. I hate this keyboard- sorry

palindrome California
08/19/12 1:50 pm

black guy.

The comment is- he [Romney] wants to put us all back in chains.

And it's something Biden and many believe. The Romney/Ryan plan will put us right back into Wall St's shabby clutches all over again

palindrome California
08/19/12 1:48 pm

vernacular and style only when around black people. I do the same thing also. Biden has been a long time friend and ally of the black community. He's a brother.

Wolf Blitzer and the lot are a bunch of morons and idiots. THEY'RE the ones trying to cause a hullabaloo about a white guy talking like a

palindrome California
08/19/12 1:45 pm

he said it as Biden often does, with passion and soul. He knew his audience and he wanted to say something from the heart. They want to put y'all back in chains- he wasn't saying that to black people but he was saying it IN FRONT of black people. I have plenty of white friends that pick up on the

palindrome California
08/19/12 1:44 pm

I am a mixed Latin American/black person. All I see on tv are white people complaining about race baiting and how it as inappropriate. It's kind of makes me laugh.
I heard the comment and wasn't offended in the least. I know exactly how Biden meant it. They want I put us all back in chains- except

PartyJustin R.O.C.K. in the R.O.C.
08/19/12 1:35 pm

I wonder how many Repubs are legitimately offended and how many think this was just an offensive thing to say... Those are completely different things, and the distinction is important.

Topgun California
08/19/12 12:26 pm

I'm republican and don't think it was racist at all so I said no, but I'm still gonna keep in mind that is a person like Romney said that, 95% of dems would change their answer to yes.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/19/12 12:25 pm

I didn't even hear the comment, but I presume that if Biden said it, it's apology worthy.

08/19/12 12:19 pm

Dems have been race baiting for years...why would hey admit to it now?

acavemand The Burgh
08/19/12 12:19 pm

@IraqVet03 "Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers?" And exactly what is wrong with supporting a non-violent, anti-terrorist, Muslim group? That's like saying you won't vote for Romney because he supported World Vision. Just because they're Muslim doesn't make them evil.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/19/12 12:01 pm

People have to apologize for too much now.

yoodle Texas
08/19/12 11:54 am

I use this statement way before Joe Biden did.

HolyBabble Mississippi
08/19/12 11:52 am

"Chains" is also racist.

This is why Blacks don't listen to Alice in Chains.

HolyBabble Mississippi
08/19/12 11:50 am

Republicans have added new words to the racist dictionary.
Ya'll - Is now racist. Even though Romney used it while pandering to the South. "Howdy ya'll, I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits".

08/19/12 11:40 am

No because that is exactly what will happen if Romney wins!

08/19/12 11:35 am

You're hypocrites and that's the bottom line.

08/19/12 11:35 am

Alright if he has to apologize for that, you insanely idiotic republicans need to apologize for saying Obama has blood on his hands, asking for his birth certificate (which I guarantee wouldn't have been done had he been white), and allll the other unjustified insults you refuse to apologize for.

08/19/12 11:18 am

@nvr I bet you hate when the liberals are too politically correct, right? So now a Democrat is being politically incorrect and you're all up in arms. All I ask is for some consistency.

08/19/12 11:15 am

dems are so stupid...

08/19/12 11:08 am

God, people need to get a life! Who cares what Joe Biden said. People in this country are too wimpy and need to chill out. Sure, it was an over-the-top thing to say, but I'm not cry. We are witnessing just another case of PC gone mad. PC goes both ways, left and right.

chrismisen atlanta
08/19/12 11:05 am

who cares? even as a repub. it doesnt matter, we already know he's an idiot and that he should leave public speaking to his buddy.

dudley northern Virginia woods
08/19/12 10:55 am

Why bother? He would be apologizing for everything he says.

StNik North Carolina
08/19/12 10:41 am

Holy Babble- saying you got blood on your hands is said by people from both sides on a regular basis.

Saying someone will be put in chains is pure race bating, plain and simple. Biden is trying to scare minorities even if he is talking about Wall Street.

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 10:41 am

Unholy Babble ... Are you suggesting that MrO doesn't have blood on his hands? If so, you've been hiding in a cave for four years! Many innocents have been caught up as collateral losses as MrO has hunted terrorist on his kill list.

I'd suggest not only blood, but innocent blood.

08/19/12 10:39 am

Proven once again that it just depends on who says it. As if all democrats know the intent of their fellow democrats. So an apology is not needed because we all know down deep Joe has a great heart, he is just not too bright. He is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you're gonna get!

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 10:38 am

UnholyBabble ... Did Rick Santorum -- a northern white guy -- break into a fake southern drawl? Was MrS talking to a black crowd? Did he say that the audience would be put BACK into chains?

Democrats always resort to equivalence because you've got no leg to stand on! Mr Biden was wrong. Deal!!!

onendone On a Beach
08/19/12 10:34 am

Walking gaffe machine. Perfect compliment for the completely incompetent president. Anyone paying attention knows these two idiots are the worst to hold office in the last 100 years.

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 10:33 am

dflem ... You are so clueless! There is simply no moral equivalence between "unshackled Wall Street" and "put y'all back in chains".

Sorry for you and your lame attempt to show equivalence, but it just isn't there!

dflem Arizona
08/19/12 10:27 am

If Biden has to apologize Romney should have to too for using the same type of analogy in his speech. Get off the race war people

IraqVet03 North Carolina
08/19/12 9:53 am

Biden's comments were derisive and divisive. I think the man says foolish things but we don't need thought police in America. If he wants to spew forth ignorance through imagery then by all means let him. I know who I'm voting for this November and it's not the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers.

08/19/12 9:52 am

If Romney or Ryan would have said it, the Obama campaign and the mainstream media would have demanded that they drop out if the race and Ryan resign his office. Biden is a moron and should at least have enough sense to apologize for his comment being taken the wrong way.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/19/12 9:45 am

There's nothing to apologize for. If Romney actually took offense at the comment it could only be because it's a little too close to home. More likely, he'd rather talk about this than the rest of that speech, i.e. "...Romney has a tendency to either be vague or change his position a lot."

atxmusic Texas
08/19/12 9:41 am

no, because it was not intended to be racist. I don't think Biden is that stupid to think that Romney and Ryan want to go back to slavery

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
08/19/12 9:30 am

I put no he shouldn't apologize by the way! Let ppl talk how they wanna talk! I completely disagree with joe but hey I'm a conservative and we believe in true free speech..just sayin if it was a conservative speaking we'd get called everything in the book...very biased country we live in right now

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
08/19/12 9:27 am

Lol the majority of dems say no but you know damn well if it was a conservative saying it we'd get called racists. I love how he put us conservatives down yet we believe in a small government! They're the ones wanting to put America in chains..Obama already did with certain things. Funny world...

08/19/12 9:24 am

Taxation is slavery by degree. And he's not apologizing for that. He's just spearheaded a huge bill that will infringe on people's freedom, and he's the 2nd ranking bureaucrat of the country that has more of its citizens than any on Earth. He should apologize for that.

nango13 Texas
08/19/12 9:20 am

That's politics for you. Someone says something stupid and everyone pretends to be offended.

08/19/12 9:18 am

I don't even understand how this is so offensive...

Bekka Just relaxing...
08/19/12 8:54 am

I'm tired of people apologizing for free speech-even if I don't agree with their speech. I don't think that was a slip of the tongue.

Hawkn Texas
08/19/12 8:52 am

I don't care! Someone just fix the economy!

Attikai Oregon
08/19/12 8:51 am

Apologize to who? White Republicans? They are the only people offended.

08/19/12 8:45 am

He's always been a jerk! Says this kind of crap all the time.

not_even Boston, MA
08/19/12 8:43 am

I think people should lighten up.