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Should VP Joe Biden apologize for his "put y'all back in chains" comment at a campaign rally?

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MasterMatt Oregon
08/19/12 8:38 am

He's a Dem. they should always get a pass, right!!! I says no just because I'm sick of people thinking everyone should always apologize!

GlenJordan Maryland
08/19/12 8:33 am

A metaphor occurred to him on the spot and he didn't think about whether it was really applicable before blurting it out. Maybe he's got ADHD (I do and I say stupid things all the time). I voted yes.

HolyBabble Mississippi
08/19/12 8:27 am

When Rick Santorum made a reference to "chains" nobody said a word.
Santorum said "they will put you in chains called Obamacare".

08/19/12 8:25 am

Freedom of speech is just that. You have the same right to use the word idiot when describing him. No more calls for an apology, people have a right to speak regardless of what it makes them look like afterward.

HolyBabble Mississippi
08/19/12 8:20 am

Joe Biden makes a metaphorical comment about Wall Street and Republicans go crazy. But just two days earlier RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said Obama has "blood on his hands.
And the response from Republicans... crickets.

eradicator JC
08/19/12 8:02 am

He should apologize for bad taste. Fortunately, that's much easier to apologize for than racism.

StNik North Carolina
08/19/12 8:00 am

This is a an example of the MASSIVE double standard the left receives from the press. MASSIVE.

timeout Boston Strong
08/19/12 7:56 am

Absolutely not! He wasn't talking to the black people in that crowd, he was just talking metaphorical about WallStreet. The shackles that Repubs say we but on them. Was it the wrong choose of words yes, But do you really think Joe is a racist? Please. He is not going to change. Joe is Joe.

SnowKatcher The Road To Nowhere
08/19/12 7:51 am

There are way too many party liners who think one side is good and the other is bad. Too many that just spout off party tag lines and just vote party.

People need to think for themselves and stop eating just what the parties feed them.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 7:50 am

I only see scare tactics coming out of the Democrat party this time around.

Can anyone name a group of people Romney has singled out? All I've heard him talking about is the country.

08/19/12 7:45 am

No, because that is what the Republican party wants to do with all middle and lower class people regardless of color. All the GOP cares about is their corporate buddies stepping on the neck of the common man.

DrReid Ever present.
08/19/12 7:44 am

Not until Republicans apologize for swift boating.

DavesNotHere where am I
08/19/12 7:39 am

Apologize for not being politically correct? Get real!

08/19/12 7:37 am

It was under a Democratic administration (President Lyndon B. Johnson) that both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed.

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
08/19/12 7:37 am

No, he should apologize for helping kill countless innocent people overseas and apologize for helping take away our freedom, but Romney/Ryan are just as evil.

SnowKatcher The Road To Nowhere
08/19/12 7:36 am

The negativity and personal attacks and references by both parties are tiring.

It's sad that this is what we will have to put up with for the next four years. Two candidates (parties) and their followers who will say 'anything' if they think it will benefit them.

Both sides are frauds.

08/19/12 7:27 am

I don't care who it was geared towards. When a Republican makes a comment like that, they are pressured and screamed at till they apologize. Fair is fair. I hate double standards ...Can both parties stop with the scare tactics??? I'm not voting for either one of your candidates

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 7:23 am

When were poor people ever in chains? It was an obvious, intentional reference to slavery.

Stop rationalizing.

gademchick Georgia
08/19/12 7:15 am

No. It was obviously directed to being poor not being a slave.

commonsense America isnt racist
08/19/12 7:14 am

Dems are racists. Look at their history.
-created KKK
-voted against civil rights
(all true, read your history)

wiildkat Propertarian
08/19/12 7:10 am

Everyone knows Biden says stupid things. That's old news.

08/19/12 7:05 am

Joe just doesn't know any better- like all dems, he just can't help but see black people as former slaves in need of government help.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 6:54 am

Even if that wasn't their intention. They do think welfare is all about minority's when the statistics disprove that. That among other policy is why they aren't forgiven.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 6:52 am

I thought you were against everyone being so " pc". Nvr2l8? Ppl who believe in policies of racial equality will get a pass when they are perceived as being racist. The radical right has a lot more work to prove they aren't. Their voter suppression policies show their bias towards whites.

yepnope Maryland
08/19/12 6:46 am

I agree smt. This will blow over because it is not a real issue. We are a nation caught up in bs sensationalism when it comes to politics because of our garbage news here. You people act like you don't feel the same as me when the opposite party says dumb things. Use that golden rule everyone.

zanoeg Union County, NC
08/19/12 6:46 am

I thought the GOP was the party of hate.

08/19/12 6:33 am

I find it hard to accept the defense that states that he meant to say or that's not what he meant to say. How could you possibly know what he meant to say? He's an adult, he can say what he means. It's a defense used when people can't be objective.

08/19/12 6:32 am

Heck for all I know Romney may just try and put me back in chains. *shrug*

08/19/12 6:30 am

Oh? Now the white man is standing up for the black man and calling out racism?? Funny it happens SOLELY when it benefits the white man's agenda. I'm black, it wasn't a racist comment, and he doesn't need to apologize. Try again Romney supporters, try much much harder. Smh

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 6:28 am

More of the Dems campaign of fear. Republicans are gonna take health care and abortion away from women; take Medicare away from seniors, and according to Biden put black people back into slavery. Why do we set the ability bar so low for this guy? He shouldn't apologize, he should resign.

dadstad Texas
08/19/12 6:26 am

I think he meant exactly what he said. He should be relieved of his office. Hopefully that happens in November.

r3VOLution not of this world
08/19/12 6:22 am

If the shoe were on the other foot dems would be screaming in fact it would have been career ending (Trent Lott). American politics is stupid that way

08/19/12 6:16 am

Biden doesn't have a filter. Everybody knows that.

08/19/12 6:07 am

More uneducated democrats watching too much MSNBC news and not understanding how comments made in context are exactly what he meant.

Its no wonder our country is having trouble with so many mindless sheeple who can't accept the fact that words have meaning.

08/19/12 5:59 am

Zmans: uhhhhh....out of context? Might wanna pull that clip up again there buddy.

08/19/12 5:58 am

Who would he apologize to? I guess I don't get it

08/19/12 5:57 am

I say "no". It doesn't change what he said and aside from him being an idiot for saying it, it just makes he and Obama look that much dumber in this campaign. Stand by your most recent racist remark there joe...stand by it all the way through'll all be over soon...

08/19/12 5:54 am

It is all about what his intention was. If it was to say " we as Americans are going to be controlled again by the stock market" then he is just a bad public speaker. If it was intended to reference slavery of over 150 years ago, then he is stupid (see commit below)

08/19/12 5:53 am

The comment was clearly not meant to be offensive. I think people on both sides are too touchy. This will blow over like many of romneys comments for the same reasons: their not the real issues.

08/19/12 5:48 am

Des don't act like y'all wouldn't be playing the race card as fast as possible if this was Romney or Ryan. Typical Democrat hypocrisy at work. Btw I'm an Indep. PS just cuz someone disagrees with Dems doesnt men they're a Fox News watching hater, just that they realize the Donks are morons.

08/19/12 5:34 am

@zmansman you Dems have got to stop with the Fox news crapola, you only show your own ignorance that your party feeds you and stereotype people. And it wasn't taken out of context, it was said in a southern drawl with a y'all thrown in for good measure. Watch the freakin clip!

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
08/19/12 5:28 am

The southern, black accent is what he should be apologizing for. The man is an idiot.

08/19/12 5:21 am

Yes, because the only way Romney would put African Americans "back in chains" is by reducing welfare-which is 37.2% black. (Yes, I know it's 38% white, that's what makes this "back in chains" comment ridiculous)

zmansman17 Ohio
08/19/12 5:17 am

More poorly educated Republicans watching too much fox news and taking comments out of context.

It's no wonder our country is having trouble with so many mindless sheep who don't even review context.