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Show Of Hands February 10th, 2012 12:00am

Would Israel be justified in launching a pre-emptive military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities?

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02/10/12 5:33 pm

It's hard to argue with stupid

Chopper2 Georgia
02/10/12 5:32 pm

They are just mad cause the dome of the rock is at there holy site

02/10/12 5:29 pm

Justified to who? It's not our business.
If they have 95% confidence and proof that Iran will attack them, then of course they do.

But the USA sure as hell needs to stop preemptive action and fight half assed wars (with full pain) against unconfirmed threat.
Or Obama

02/10/12 5:25 pm

Iran is full of empty threats.

02/10/12 5:25 pm

Jordan, the country will take an attack on their nuclear facilities as an attack
On their country.

02/10/12 5:24 pm

why do people worry about nukes.? remember MAD! besides u can do just as much damage with conventional weapons.

02/10/12 5:23 pm

Escape: after he gained power by in acting a communist like government and brainwashing the people. And Iran's citizens have no idea what is going on.

02/10/12 5:21 pm

Of course! Iran has been giving threats of attack for years. And they have only gotten stronger. They are
Fully justified in bombing all of I-rans
Nuke facilities as well as kidnapping all
Of I-rans scientists.Defense is always justifiable, when Someone has publicly said they are going to KILL you.

d0m333 Pennsylvania
02/10/12 5:19 pm

If Iran goes nuclear Saudi Arabia won't be far behind. Then Israel will admit they have em. It's a powder keg and Iran just lit a match

02/10/12 5:15 pm

Amadenajad reminds me of Hitler in many ways, then add those crazy ayatollahs and you have a very special mix of whack job stew! Plus don't forget that 72 virgin rule and you got a great recipe for WW 3!

02/10/12 5:14 pm

they're a real threat. no doubt Iran will use a nuke when they get it.

EarlyBird Portland
02/10/12 5:11 pm

Wait, wasn't this question asked not too long ago?

jordan New York
02/10/12 5:06 pm

32no the question said the nuclear facilities, not the whole country.

02/10/12 5:05 pm

32no: Hitler had the backing of a majority of his fellow Germans

02/10/12 5:04 pm

The UN is doing a great job in Darfur Huh? How about one time they have actually had an impact on stopping a war or doing a decent job of protecting citizens against rebels, just one example?

leftocentr Oregon
02/10/12 5:03 pm

Yes. Iran has repeatedly stated that they completely support the destruction of Israel. Iran has no need for nuclear capability except to make weapons. They have HUGE oil reserves.

02/10/12 5:02 pm

Escape, hitler was one person, Iran is a whole country, not everyone in that country is insane, hilter was.

02/10/12 4:59 pm

As far as the UN goes if you need food distributed ok, if you have China and Russia vetoing helping the people in Syria the organization cannot be taken serious. Cuba on a human rights committee, a freaking joke!

Hawkn Texas
02/10/12 4:58 pm

I'm gunna be pissed if there's a WWIII

02/10/12 4:56 pm

32no; really? Like teenagers? Yeah I guess Hitler had one hell of a time getting through his teenaged years. If someone says they want to destroy you and people tried in the past what would your reaction be?

02/10/12 4:50 pm

Like drugs, alcohol, and sex at a young age. Maybe they will set their minds straight like most American teenagers do (I hope).

02/10/12 4:49 pm

Skshultz8, that is what the UN is for. There will be no world war 3. Iran is just going through a phase, like a teenager. We are not going to say that they should shut up as an ignorant country by invading. Let them see the consequences when they actually take action. That is, of they do. It's just

02/10/12 4:46 pm

Mixhead; weird I think I heard that exact statement on MSNBC.

02/10/12 4:43 pm

AirforceAD, true. It depends I geuss.

mixhead Oregon
02/10/12 4:42 pm

Neoconservatives don't trust the gov with domestic policies but somehow treat the war propaganda as the Holy Word of God!

crossfire California
02/10/12 4:41 pm

The conspiracy is religious freaks want Israel to be strong for 2nd coming of dumbassness so nothing they do justified with that backing lol

02/10/12 4:41 pm

If there is a war, God forbid we do a war tax and start a draft. It's the only fair way to do it for everyone.

mixhead Oregon
02/10/12 4:40 pm

The "wiping Israel off the map" quote has so much controversy surrounding how it was interpreted, in which context, and who ran with the interpretation. First off if Iran wants to kill Jews or anyone who rejects Islam, then why don't they kill off the 250,000+ Jews that live peacefully in Iran?!!

02/10/12 4:38 pm

Yeah I hope someone does something!

02/10/12 4:33 pm

@caleb yes the Israelis are badass... Hell our navy seals go over there to LEARN and train with them. However if they go to war... We go to war, and with all this "let's pay the military less" crap going on.... I'd hate to send our men and women over there. It wouldn't be pretty

02/10/12 4:27 pm

Justified? Yes. Irans leadership has said that they want to destroy Israel. Would it start WWIII? Possibly.

02/10/12 4:25 pm

Israel can do what they want. Haha Anyone who messes with Israel had better watch out. Israel Is freakin good. Shit, let the Iranians try to do something.

02/10/12 4:22 pm

My biggest hope is that if Israel decides to do something about Iran it waits until the US has new leadership. They will never get backing from Obama. Thank God the 67 war wasn't fought under his leadership the 5 countries that attacked Israel would have won.

d0m333 Pennsylvania
02/10/12 4:16 pm

It's promises. Russia and china keep their promise to defend Iran. NATO allies + Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, japan, Taiwan, s. Korea vs Russia, china, India, Iran, Syria, Iraq. It would get real ugly. I hope no one attacks

02/10/12 4:14 pm

@phindar, you're right, but you fail to mention that if the US nied all the "extremists" then that would make the US extremists items elves as well!!

02/10/12 4:14 pm

Veritas they let them see the sights they want, are you sure Israel has nukes? I don't think it's ever been proven. Just hard to believe anyone in the USA would side with Iran on any level. Must be anti-American as well.

d0m333 Pennsylvania
02/10/12 4:14 pm

It is interesting this question be the one that is asked. Today we had a debate at my college I was part of. This would be the start of world war 3. Israel attacks Iran. Iran retaliates. U.S. And saudi Arabia back Israel. India backs Iran (per it's promise 2 days ago. Pakistan defend Arabia due to

02/10/12 4:13 pm

@bbkkanders. you want to call others dumb, but have you seen your own spelling?!?

02/10/12 4:09 pm

Let's not worry about a countries mentally challenged leadership. Hopefully Israel will continue to make their scientists disappear and they will lose their capability. Or maybe they can mysteriously blow themselves up. Yeah that sounds better to me! It's half time, yeah........

02/10/12 4:07 pm

Yes they have any right they want to. Screw Iran!

02/10/12 4:05 pm

I don't care if they do, but another drop of American blood better not spill for this bullshit!!!!

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/10/12 4:03 pm

nice jobs dems, at you guys really as dumb as you always tend to vote or do you just try to be annoying?

eddiej Virginia
02/10/12 4:03 pm

looks like women and children say no, while men and mature individuals say yes.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
02/10/12 3:55 pm

We can't be the world police forever.

02/10/12 3:50 pm

There isn't a neutral or blameless government in the middle-east, Israel included.

veritas1 Panda
02/10/12 3:50 pm

Iran lets IAEA inspectors visit their sites. ISRAEL DOES NOT.
Iran has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. ISREAL HAS NOT.
There is no evidence Iran is developing nuclear capabilities. ISRAEL DOES. And they do not disclose how many, as well.

Iran has more of right to attack them.