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Would Israel be justified in launching a pre-emptive military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities?

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02/11/12 9:51 am

...the best defense is a good offense. As far as it concerns us, Israel is our ONLY reliable ally in the region. they have to do what is needed to protect themselves.

waaazzaap Arizona
02/11/12 9:49 am

I am saddened to see many fellow citizens having a very 'biased' opinion on worldly issues and specially the issues in the middleast , why do want to provoke another war in the region? Aren't we supposedly the ones that want a stable Middleast?

02/11/12 9:49 am

yes they would be...without question. intel suggests the Iranians are enriching uranium beyond what is needed for power generation, which means only one thing...a nuclear weapons program. add to that, the Iranians have publicly stated an intention to "purge the world of the zionists"

02/11/12 9:38 am

praetorian: lets give all psychotic maniacs all the weapons of mass destruction they want so we can just get the carnage over with. You do understand the Iranian leadership is about as nuts as they come! Imagine Hitler with nukes.....thats why its the worlds business.

02/11/12 9:25 am

Well ok, America is world police - because they can! France can build nukes, Germany could if it wanted - because they can!
Who are we to bully another country into submission? Iran wants nuclear power - let them have it - it's an internal affair we shouldn't mess with.

02/11/12 9:22 am

Iran's leaders are on record that they are developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.
They are also on record denying that they are developing nuclear weapons, but that they will destroy Israel anyway.

Iranian Muslims are liars. It is part of their culture and religion.
Israel is justified.

02/11/12 8:59 am

yummy gum gum guns .heheheheh.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 8:33 am

I'm bringing up experts who would disagree with you like CIA analyst Ray McGovern
CIA terrorism expert Phil Geraldi
Robert Pape PhD suicide terrorist expert.
..oh and did i mention the CIA officer head of Bin Laden expert Michael Scheuer? ...shouldn't those "clear facts" be clear to them?

Rosebud Ohio
02/11/12 8:16 am

No country should have nuclear weapons. Especially not one that hostile or unstable.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 8:16 am

How is it CIA agents such as Michael Schuer and a handful of others would disagree with you?

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 8:15 am

Clearly true? Then how is it COA agents Michael Schuer

02/11/12 8:13 am

Youre right. Thats why these facts are checked and are clearly true. I trust video footage and unanimous opinions by experts. Im telling you, if we get involved now, hundreds of thousands less will die than if we wait.

02/11/12 8:12 am

what's that I smell? oh. it's WWIII

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 8:10 am

If those so-called "facts" lead to starting a war that will kill and impoverish thousands of innocent people as well as US troops WHO ARE people, not pawns, then I think those facts deserve to be fact-checked and debated multiple of times/as much as possible. This is no chess game!

02/11/12 8:07 am

Im sorry you have a problem with me voicing my opinion.

02/11/12 8:02 am

Hermancain, why do you feel the need to be" right"? there are things that Mix is right about. this is an example of why our country's government are getting anything done. Men vs Men whose right, we women are emotional disgusting...

02/11/12 8:01 am

Mixhead im not jut agreeing with facts. Im agreeing with video footage and clear evidence. This isnt The Keystone Pipeline were talking here its a threat to peaceful society.

02/11/12 7:57 am

And its not just Iran. If Iran gets nuclear capabilities they will give them to Hamas, other terrorists, Jordan, Lebanon and other people that would love to destroy Israel.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:57 am

There are SO many variables leading up to this conflict. Years of history! It's not as black and white as you think it is. Im aware of the so-called "facts" you think I'm ignorant of but all I'm doing is questioning them. People are gullible these days when we need more fact-checking than ever!

02/11/12 7:54 am

I disagree. By 2014, we will be involved in no wars. I disagree with our decision to invade Iraq. But with a country that is a huge posing threat to peaceful society, yes i strongly believe we should intervene.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:52 am

That's not what I'm saying. I think we should be careful. I think we should examine how we are involved and the consequences. Real people die everyday and we've become so loose in choosing wars.

02/11/12 7:51 am

As our country's politians. Just listen to yourself.

02/11/12 7:50 am

Im sorry im not concerned about the defense or as you call it "other side of the story" for such a man who is clearly mentally ill and a threat to peace and justice. You on the other hand, can keep defending him and proving yourself as an ignorant person who believes Achmedinejad is as corrupt....

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
02/11/12 7:48 am

I don't think most people understand how interconnected the world is. We don't live in a vacuum anymore.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:47 am

We should be more concerned for the truth rather than our emotions geared by possible false generated fears.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:46 am

I never said he was "less" corrupt than Mitt or any US politician. I mentioned I still believe him to be "as" corrupt as some US politicians.. Heck if not more. Obviously, like many, you have never cared to hear out the other side of the story or you would be more respectful/open to understand.

02/11/12 7:41 am

So we should just not worry about the rest of the world? Is that what you are saying?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/11/12 7:41 am

Absolutely. But only if they have incontrovertible proof of an impending attack. More importantly, if they choose to do so, it's none of our business unless our assistance or involvement is explicitly requested. And even then we should be cautious about how we proceed.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:40 am

I dont believe in peace? What a joke! That's not a very mature statement. Sounds like you're bringing some emotion to the debate that's starting to manifest in personal attacks and false judgements. Calm yourself.

02/11/12 7:39 am

being realistic is "this country's" problem just look what's going on in our own country! sad state of affairs

02/11/12 7:39 am

Youre right. Its pointless. He denies facts and defends a horrible leader but I want to voice my opinion and prove him wrong to other people.

02/11/12 7:38 am

hermancain, why are you even bothering to angry with Mix? you are not going to change his mind.

02/11/12 7:37 am

Russia and China are concerned about not getting oil from Iran. They could give a shit about Israel and thats why theyve done nothing.

02/11/12 7:36 am

No i think its a good idea to wait for Iran to blow up Tel Aviv and New York. It is unfortunate that innocent people will die but they will anyway, and more will if we wait. And to say that Achmedinejad is less corrupt than say Mitt Romney or Obama? Wtf is wrong with you?

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:34 am

Russia and China are non-muslim nations... Why are they on better terms?

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:32 am

Like I said, I'm not defending Ahmadinejad but laying down the other argument. In my eyes he's just as corrupt as any politician in the US but I refuse to throw accusations on him that may be false. If you are wrong but go to war, many innocent people will die.

Malekithe Resist
02/11/12 7:31 am

Iran believes that any non-Muslim regime is corrupt

02/11/12 7:27 am

You just keep defending him and defending him. This guy is awful and supports terrorists. You clearly dislike peace mixhead

02/11/12 7:25 am

He is one of the worst modern day dictators and you are defending him over a peaceful and democratic nation! Are you against peace?

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:25 am

My Internet is clearly not as fast as everyone else :)

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:25 am

that the amount of Palestinian people killed in western wars are not given the same respect. The favor over the genocide over the Jews compared to all the genocides that have and are taken place. Those are the type of things he speaks about in his speeches.

02/11/12 7:24 am

Mixhead it is unbelievable to me that you are defending Achmedinejad. It disgusts me completely. You are denying clear facts.

Justus Pensacola, FL
02/11/12 7:23 am

Also Israel is not occupying any land illegally. They won the land in the war in 1948. The UN had divided the land and Israel accepted the terms, but the Palestinians wanted more so it was fought out with Palestine losing.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:22 am

Some say Iran was speaking about the end to the corrupt regime of Israel who they see as oppressive. I've read many foreign articles on how he didn't completely deny the Holocaust but denied the numbers of Jews killed. He believes it was exaggerated and...

02/11/12 7:20 am

Why should we wait until there is nothing we can do to stop them?