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Would Israel be justified in launching a pre-emptive military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities?

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02/10/12 5:21 pm

Of course! Iran has been giving threats of attack for years. And they have only gotten stronger. They are
Fully justified in bombing all of I-rans
Nuke facilities as well as kidnapping all
Of I-rans scientists.Defense is always justifiable, when Someone has publicly said they are going to KILL you.

ORinNY New York
02/10/12 8:45 pm

@Rj1969, Iran never invaded the US Embassy, a group of civilians did as a protest because the US was harboring the Shah at a time when the people wanted to bring him to justice for crimes against his own people. preemptive strikes were the single worst military precedent we have set thus far.

02/11/12 7:27 am

You just keep defending him and defending him. This guy is awful and supports terrorists. You clearly dislike peace mixhead

02/10/12 8:46 pm

If it is imminent, yes. A nuclear armed Iran gives them virtually unlimited leverage to arm proxies against not just Israel but the entire region. It's not the usage of nukes that is scary its what they could do without using them simply because nukes exist.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
02/11/12 7:31 am

Iran believes that any non-Muslim regime is corrupt

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:32 am

Like I said, I'm not defending Ahmadinejad but laying down the other argument. In my eyes he's just as corrupt as any politician in the US but I refuse to throw accusations on him that may be false. If you are wrong but go to war, many innocent people will die.

02/10/12 5:23 pm

Escape: after he gained power by in acting a communist like government and brainwashing the people. And Iran's citizens have no idea what is going on.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:34 am

Russia and China are non-muslim nations... Why are they on better terms?

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
02/12/12 4:01 pm

Screw Israel and their Apartheid state and their and the USA's war-mongering!!! Peace exists when Israel and the US start it

02/10/12 8:54 pm

Has America ever done anything right? Thank god Barack Hussein Obama is here to save us from our pitiful selves! He has been working on building a relationship with the clerics. I'm sure all he has to do is call them and all will be well! Amadenajahd Is just another pretty face.

02/10/12 5:24 pm

why do people worry about nukes.? remember MAD! besides u can do just as much damage with conventional weapons.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
02/11/12 8:20 pm

The intent is still the same, no matter the translation.

02/10/12 5:25 pm

Jordan, the country will take an attack on their nuclear facilities as an attack
On their country.

02/10/12 9:02 pm

Soooo to prevent ww3 we should start ww3?

02/11/12 7:36 am

No i think its a good idea to wait for Iran to blow up Tel Aviv and New York. It is unfortunate that innocent people will die but they will anyway, and more will if we wait. And to say that Achmedinejad is less corrupt than say Mitt Romney or Obama? Wtf is wrong with you?

02/10/12 5:25 pm

Iran is full of empty threats.

02/11/12 7:37 am

Russia and China are concerned about not getting oil from Iran. They could give a shit about Israel and thats why theyve done nothing.

02/11/12 7:38 am

hermancain, why are you even bothering to angry with Mix? you are not going to change his mind.

02/10/12 5:29 pm

Justified to who? It's not our business.
If they have 95% confidence and proof that Iran will attack them, then of course they do.

But the USA sure as hell needs to stop preemptive action and fight half assed wars (with full pain) against unconfirmed threat.
Or Obama

RJ1969 SoCal
02/10/12 9:13 pm

the question is Israel....not the U.S.!

02/11/12 7:39 am

Youre right. Its pointless. He denies facts and defends a horrible leader but I want to voice my opinion and prove him wrong to other people.

02/11/12 7:39 am

being realistic is "this country's" problem just look what's going on in our own country! sad state of affairs

02/11/12 8:41 pm

Engineer- yes, that is a well known "mistranslation."

But the essential intention of the statement is clear- Iranian leadership seeks an elimination of the Israeli "occupation" of that land.
It demonstrates typical Iranian rhetoric- make a clear threat and then back off of it when called to task.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:40 am

I dont believe in peace? What a joke! That's not a very mature statement. Sounds like you're bringing some emotion to the debate that's starting to manifest in personal attacks and false judgements. Calm yourself.

Chopper2 Georgia
02/10/12 5:32 pm

They are just mad cause the dome of the rock is at there holy site

02/10/12 5:33 pm

It's hard to argue with stupid

ilikepi Somewhere near Japan
02/10/12 5:34 pm

@fresh1 that's like saying I'm a Christian! Unless god doesn't exist then I'm a satanist

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
02/10/12 9:18 pm


You are as uninformed as you are naive.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/10/12 5:34 pm

If the military deems it to be a good idea then it will happen. If not, it won't. As for right now, I wage war against the evil forces, but no physical violence will currently emanate from me.


pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/11/12 7:41 am

Absolutely. But only if they have incontrovertible proof of an impending attack. More importantly, if they choose to do so, it's none of our business unless our assistance or involvement is explicitly requested. And even then we should be cautious about how we proceed.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/10/12 5:35 pm

Clarification. Evil forces of the devil. Spiritual. Not physical.


02/11/12 7:41 am

So we should just not worry about the rest of the world? Is that what you are saying?

02/11/12 8:55 pm

"I want to wipe Obama and his advisors off of this Earth."
"I wish Obama's administration wouldn't be around anymore.
How is that the same intent?

02/10/12 5:36 pm

Wow. Perfect splitting in the demographic filters.

cowboy Dawns Highway
02/10/12 9:19 pm

Does anyone seriously think that Iran's intentions are pure? The Ayatollahs are insane. I'd trust Israel's judgement before the whack job Ayatollahs. Let alone their puppet Ahmadinejad. The Jews know a little bit about survival.

nance6 Arlington VA
02/10/12 5:40 pm

that would be seriously bad news for the U.S.

02/10/12 9:20 pm

The question is Israel, not America. Israel would be completely justified because they are a sovereign nation and have a right to proactively defend themselves against threats like Iran.

LovBuffalo New York
02/10/12 5:43 pm

What? People actually voted yes?!? Because the US pre-emptive strike in the middle east was so exemplary of success and good behavior... sheesh. Imagine a world without religion. Oh wait, that leads to peace and good will; we wouldn't want that!

chrismisen atlanta
02/10/12 5:56 pm

not quite. iran had all but declared their intentions, but israel should wait just a little longer.

d0m333 Pennsylvania
02/10/12 5:56 pm

Snapper it only works if neither side wants to be destroyed. Iran has no such qualms about Israel. It would not work. There is no off switch to nuclear escalation

02/10/12 9:23 pm

I think Israel could slug it out in a ground war with Iran. They probably wouldn't need our help

02/10/12 5:57 pm

I have a feeling if they did, There'd be nothing there and if nothing, how'd that fare for Israel then? We'd have to drop our support. It'd be a bad set of circumstances for the US

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
02/11/12 9:18 pm

Because your analogy is incorrect.
Apples and oranges, based on your mindset not iran's.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
02/10/12 5:58 pm

I cannot believe people voted no.
If you neighbors continually threaten to kill you and your family and the police (UN) just ignore them. How many weapons are you going to let them stockpile before you take action

pollmd Maryland
02/10/12 9:24 pm

???? Don't listen to the IAEA and US intelligence who both say Iran is not building a bomb. And maybe you should look into the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict to understand why Iran, and the UN, might call for the end to Israel's apartheid.

mixhead Oregon
02/11/12 7:46 am

I never said he was "less" corrupt than Mitt or any US politician. I mentioned I still believe him to be "as" corrupt as some US politicians.. Heck if not more. Obviously, like many, you have never cared to hear out the other side of the story or you would be more respectful/open to understand.

Quinnipiac Here
02/10/12 6:00 pm

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