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Show Of Hands November 10th, 2011 12:00am

Do you associate your beliefs with those of the Tea Party movement?

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11/10/11 7:40 pm

Sgt308 you blind imbecile! What makes you think that you, a little inexperienced commenter, say such a thing? Pay closer attention, don't be such a bigot, and think before you speak, name-calling is a stereotypical attribute of the conservative.

11/10/11 7:37 pm

Zello is right, but I have to say, the tea party has no understanding of the economy, we are spending 750 billion more than we collect. If we cut taxes, we would make that gap even bigger, that's right keep digging that hole!

Rio76 Wild West
11/10/11 7:36 pm

Ever notice how the democrats use name calling in place of making a rational point.

cato Santa Barbara, California
11/10/11 7:34 pm

I am with jamesjelly. Yes until the religious wackos entered the picture. As a classical liberal I agree with with the fundamental premise of the movement. If the OWS crowd would put down the pipe and compare notes they would see more similarities with the tea party than differences.

11/10/11 7:21 pm

wow. very well said zello

11/10/11 7:21 pm

yes until the crazy ass religious zealots got involved. then they became absolute whack jobs.

11/10/11 7:12 pm

The origin of the Tea Party was in honest libertarianism- until the crazies got involved.

11/10/11 7:09 pm

I'd hate the tea partiers but it's impossible. they are just too damn cute with their little walkers and their oversized sunhats with the tiny American flags waving in their wrinkly balled up fists

11/10/11 7:06 pm

Lol, Tea Party Democrats. wtf?

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/10/11 7:04 pm

Blah blah blah "Obama bad" blah blah blah "born in Kenya" blah blah blah "Muslim" blah blah blah "birth certificate" blah blah blah "take our country back" blah blah blah

cup0pizza .
11/10/11 7:01 pm

But Jessie, their cool hats made out of teabags are dope, huh?

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/10/11 6:57 pm

I'm not really sure what they're beliefs are, I don't think most of them do either... just a bunch of "useless idiots".

cup0pizza .
11/10/11 6:49 pm

Oh hell no. Tea party freaks are losers and scumbags. Idiots for even calling themselves "teabaggers" - great self-pwnage.

zello Pennsylvania
11/10/11 6:44 pm

Samuel give me a reason to beleive u!

zello Pennsylvania
11/10/11 6:43 pm

Ohh boy. y do we associate by party? I'm me! I believe my beliefs and I dont listen to party I go with my gut. there are some good liberals, leftists, rightists, republicans, independents, teaparty, and centrists,the thing is ppl associate bad ppl of a party with the party.Then everyone is disliked

KudosToYou California
11/10/11 6:42 pm

The Tea Party is just the scum of the Earth. They're all vile, stupid human beings intent on spreading fear and hate.

erw331 New York
11/10/11 6:34 pm

@Kenzie That is your problem, being a Republican. Try thinking independently.

BadBadger Georgia
11/10/11 6:34 pm

Good luck coming up with something better, nater. But if you do, you could make millions! Oh wait!

erw331 New York
11/10/11 6:25 pm

@Sgt - well said. @left - got anything intelligent to say?

11/10/11 6:25 pm

Oh god, I'm a little scared at how many people said yes. The Tea Party gives all republicans a bad name..

11/10/11 6:25 pm

I think capitalism isn't enough. I want something better. capitalism breeds greed. a capitalist with enough money and power ends up becoming a dictator.

Rio76 Wild West
11/10/11 6:20 pm

I agree with the tea party that we need to drastically reduce the size, overregulation, and spending of the government, and we have too go back to the principles that made our country great ...capitalism, freedom from over regulation, helping those who CANT work, not those who WONT work, etc.

leftocentr Oregon
11/10/11 6:14 pm

How could I agree with a bunch of morons??? Wait, that actually gives morons a bad name.

11/10/11 6:12 pm

government is bloated and too much corruption. the more power politicians have the worse it will get. absolute power corrupts absolutely. look at the fall of roem