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Do you associate your beliefs with those of the Tea Party movement?

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11/23/11 4:11 am

I was a big supporter of the tea party movement before it was co-opted by the republican party. The republicans are just as corrupt as the democrats & they all deserve to be thrown out on their big government loving asses

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:51 pm

Also if you didn't know the tea party got permits for their rallies, cleaned after themselves. Also they obviously pay taxes because that was complaint of there's is less taxes. You misinformation is astounding.

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:50 pm

Also I have heard the reports of hundreds of arrests, multiple murders, sexual assaults and rapes. I saw NO proof of this at tea party rallie. Actually 100,00$ was offered for proof and it never showed. Sp pilot ms send a link to a video...please give me some proof

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:49 pm

politiks that's fair if you find proof. It is amusing to me that the tea party was called racist but I have yet to see o e shred of video Proof. Yet I have seen hundreds of videos of antisemitism and filth at OWS.

palindrome California
11/19/11 12:03 pm

The tea-parties insist on calling the occupy protesters lazy, dirty, cop car-crapping hippies bc of a FEW crazies... By their own measuring stick then I'll call them out as being racist, xenophobic homophobes who want to return to an idealized past, pay no taxes and yet protest on public sidewalks

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:45 am

d*** autocorrect. homophobes*. and. misinformed*

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 4:44 am

haha racist homophones. butler you are so wildly misidentified formed. You OBVIOUSLY never went to a tea party rally.

coolguy77 Alabama
11/15/11 9:09 pm

I'm on the fence but leaning toward agree

11/15/11 5:38 pm

I wonder what the tea party would've been without the involvement of Americans for Prosperity(Koch bros pac). My guess is closer to ows. I hope we soon realize the dems & GOP are one in the same, & outside of election season have no incentive to represent our interests over those of paid lobbyists.

butler Maine
11/15/11 12:13 am

Bunch of racists, homophobes, and Christian extremists who want to send us back into the stone age. No thanks.

11/14/11 10:23 am

It took two years, but people wised up.

palindrome California
11/13/11 11:29 pm

Libs- the same statement could be said that America loves the Dems. They gave a landslide victory in 08 that forced the GOP to become even more extreme. I think it's more fair to say America doesn't know what it wants haha

11/13/11 8:39 pm

House of Representatives:

Majority: Republicans (Tea Party)

Minority: Democrats

Democrat seats lost in 2010: 63

America loves the Tea Party.

11/13/11 8:38 pm

Hell yes! No government+no taxes= no problem! Maybe then I could set up a feudal system type thing.

11/13/11 8:32 pm

Exactly, everyone should pay taxes no excuses. A fair share = flat tax

11/13/11 8:29 pm

No matter how worthy the cause, it is robbery, theft, and injustice to confiscate the property of one person and give it to another to whom it does not belong.

11/13/11 8:13 pm

tea partiers are buffoons

bbkkanders Kentucky
11/13/11 3:20 pm

I'm sick of paying as much taxes as I have to pay. funny how the people who pay no tax or even get back more than they pay in, say "everyone should pay their fair share". well I agree those who pay zero tax should also pay their fair share. they live here also.

palindrome California
11/13/11 1:18 pm

So, just saying, to those who demonize "nanny" governments and what not. I wish we had some of that Massachusetts health care though. I'm currently w/o and sick.

palindrome California
11/13/11 1:16 pm

*here.I'm telling you, this state is amazing.There is so much diversity, so many opportunities, so many great programs, there's just so much.We have a collection of great universities, hospitals, etc.We have a TON of problems but I'd much rather be here than in Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia etc.No offense

palindrome California
11/13/11 1:13 pm

the rest of the country. If America were to follow the lead of the agrarian states, where Wal Marts are the biggest employers, we'd be in a much, much different place. Remember, CA used to have the 5th largest economy in the world, not Kentucky, not Texas, not Mississippi and not Alabama. I live ere

palindrome California
11/13/11 1:11 pm

Some of our so-called "nanny" states are the workhorses of all America. Their economies keep the rest of the country afloat. Yeah, their economies are in massive debt right now and the politics are shot to hell, but so is the rest of the country. California, New York, Massachusetts... They power

DanIndepen Ohio
11/13/11 12:31 pm

I wouldn't say everything, but some of them

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
11/13/11 11:00 am

These polls show me that Repubs are more intellectually honest with their answers and acknowledge the similarities they believe in from both movements despite the medias portrayal of "tea Party BAD, OWS GOOD". Repubs agree that standard banking protocol was bad, but blame Wash DC for giving it away.

ken Tulsa,ok
11/13/11 8:45 am

Lu tang if your way so good then why is calif. so screw up

11/13/11 8:04 am

Once people realize they are responsible for themselves and their own future they will try harder. All we do is baby people in this country. "it's ok if u don't want to work, here is a check,, o you had another kid while you can't afford to take care of is more money?!?!

11/13/11 7:59 am

People need an incentive to change their position in life, to work harder. That doesn't happen when we make it so easy to get on and stay on the government tit.

11/13/11 3:12 am

Abolishing the Bush tax cuts will give you more money than making the poor pay $10. They are poor without paying taxes. Having a flat tax is going to put more into welfare and cost tax payers more money as the public file increases. Use your heads and stop listening to crazy lady Bachmann.

11/13/11 3:10 am

People suggesting all people need to pay no matter what are stupid. Take all the poor and add up all their $10 contributions. What does that give you? Not enough to even make a dent. And don't listen to 50% don't pay taxes because there are tons of children who aren't working and retirees in there.

11/13/11 2:57 am

I respect every political party -- democrat, rebublican, whatever -- except the tea party.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/12/11 5:59 pm

no's better to exist in a country of 310,000,000 people that is reminiscent of a bucket of crabs. that's a great strategy! Geeeez, it was so much more clear when we had the Spviets around. at least people could focus on an enemy instead of our own gov as a threat.

11/12/11 5:58 pm

Litany. You are wrong and either misinformed or just plain lying. Get some facts before you make random biased statements.

ken Tulsa,ok
11/12/11 4:57 pm

Your right I am a simple thinking country boy, sorry I don't look to the government to solve my problem

11/12/11 3:29 pm

Right on cue Ken. LOL. Simple thinking and snap judgments.

11/12/11 3:04 pm

I'm at least glad to see there are still a handful of Republicans who don't...

ken Tulsa,ok
11/12/11 2:54 pm

I guess if we follow the liberal way . The rest of the country can be a nanny states like the states that elect liberal governor

11/12/11 2:45 pm

Tea Party folks are generally simple thinkers with snap judgments on complex situations. It's unfortunate so much passion and energy can be so easily manipulated ... and done so under guise of patriotism and "fairness".

ken Tulsa,ok
11/12/11 1:31 pm

Wordshark you live in a states that product no energy that depend on other states . What you going to do if the EPA start shutting down coal fire plant that supply elec. because of this flaux global warming

ken Tulsa,ok
11/12/11 1:23 pm

The government don't allow drilling anywhere in the country to be energy depend . But want to created green job that fail so far

ken Tulsa,ok
11/12/11 1:21 pm

Wordshark I don't think the mega- rich run the EPA that destroy the energy section with over regulator and I don't think there overtax the people to me it look like the government is the problem .

W0rdshark Vermont
11/12/11 12:56 pm

They're right to be angry, but they're misdirecting it. They won't blame the people truly responsible for our problems (the mega-rich) because they can't let go of the fantasy that someday they'll be rich too. Here's hoping everyone wakes up soon.

11/12/11 12:49 pm

Should have planned better when he was working, tough shit

11/12/11 12:05 pm

So what happens when a 70 year old ends up with little money for 20 years of retirement after 50 years of working at a gas station? What is society's responsibility? Clearly you all aren't rich. Statistics show $200,000 savings for 50 year olds. Won't cut it. You're screwed.

11/12/11 11:55 am

Fairness = everyone pays taxes no matter how much you make. Period. Tired of half the country getting a free pass on taxes

11/12/11 11:52 am

Yes, lower taxes more personal responsibility for your life situation.