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Do you associate your beliefs with those of the Tea Party movement?

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11/11/11 1:09 pm

Biden, the landlord, can count on at least 12 more months of rental income from the agency that protects his life.

Federal spending records show the U.S. Secret Service approved a purchase order on Nov. 2 to pay Biden $26,400 for agents to stay at a cottage on lakefront property he owns in DE.

11/11/11 1:05 pm

I see you subscribe to Keynesian economics...demand-side. Why the hell is unemployment at 9% after the trillions of dollars the Democrats have spent?

11/11/11 1:04 pm

...they charge LESS but ultimately earn MORE. And yes, corporation are rich in that they have wealth. And it is that wealth, a function f their profits, that allows for investments including job creation.

11/11/11 1:03 pm

...but higher taxes doesn't mean higher revenues! I'm all for higher revenues, but higher rates won't achieve that goal. Lower rates will. Just like when a company has a sale...

11/11/11 1:02 pm

RJ: The government is winning the class war...doing its best to take from the "have's" and give to...itself. Of course nothing is free. Tell that to the left that wants "free" universal healthcare for all. Tell that to the OWS crowd that wants all debt forgiven for "free"...

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 12:55 pm

so, you think their tax rates should be substantially less than ours? the money we worked for?

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 12:55 pm

...or to thrive, but money they can invest.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 12:54 pm

people can be rich. people can also be wealthy. a reich person might make a million a year. the wealthy make a million a day. are you going to tell me the people who make a million a day work that much harder than you and me? no. they make money with money, money they don't need to survive...

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 12:52 pm

Corporations aren't "rich", they are either profitable or not. growing businesses, including corporations, have the means to employ more people. they'll only do that if the businesses is expanding...a product of increased demand.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 12:51 pm

let's get an answer to my question....who's winning this class warfare thing? who's winning?

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 12:50 pm

High Standard of Living, best country on earth with modest rates...get it through your fat heads, this is cheap you tight asses. it's not for free.

11/11/11 12:30 pm


Get it through your fat heads. That's all it is.

11/11/11 11:34 am

...the maximum revenue is in between and many studies point to 20% to 25%. Just like in business. You can't charge $50 for a can of Pepsi and expect to become a millionaire.

11/11/11 11:32 am

RJ: Obviously revenues are a function of rates. But not a 1-to-1 function. There is a maximum return at a certain point. A tax rate of 0% won't generate any revenue, but neither will 100%...

11/11/11 11:30 am

RJ: They are rich *corporations*. They have the means to provide jobs to people. Poor people do not provide jobs. That is the point.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 11:27 am

I would just like to get a head-count....who's winning in the "class warfare" that's going on right now? who's winning and who's getting their asses kicked?

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 11:25 am

poor people also create jobs by creating and adding to demand. they are as every bit "job creators" as the people who make more money (rich) by selling goods and services to them.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 11:24 am

BTW apple is not owned by a rich person, and neither is Wal-mart. those are publicly owned corporations.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/11/11 11:22 am

tax revenues are a function of tax rates. correlation may or may not exist because of other factors.

11/11/11 10:47 am

32no: As my graph demonstrates, tax revenues do NOT follow tax rates. There is zero correlation between the two lines on the graph...

11/11/11 10:41 am

Small businesses provide a lot of jobs for sure...and a lot of small businesses exist in coordination with and help from big business. Do you honestly believe the rich don't provide jobs here?

11/11/11 10:40 am

32no: You don't know what you are talking about! Rich people ABSOLUTELY provide jobs. Apple has 60,400 full time employees, the vast majority of which are in the USA. ExxonMobile: 83,600. Amazon: 33,700. Walmart: 2.1 million!!!

ORinNY New York
11/11/11 10:36 am

I have a hard time aligning with a group of people on medicare that are constantly shouting for no taxes. I do like the notion of spending less than you bring in though, I'd just take that money out of our overgrown military. I'd much rather have a standing militia like the 2nd amendment suggests.

11/11/11 10:36 am I ask again how taking money AWAY from Americans helps the economy???

11/11/11 10:35 am what makes you think it is biased? Those are straight up numbers! Let's say you are correct about less money = less spending on foreign products. It certainly doesn't mean more spending on domestic products!...

11/11/11 10:33 am

32no: That graph on the website is MINE. I made it in Excel. The data comes directly from Government numbers, NOT Fox News, Rush, The Heritage Foundation, or any other place. I spent a lot of time researching the numbers...

David01127 Ohio
11/11/11 9:39 am

I don't understand the three percent of Democrats. The Tea party is the polar opposite of the Democratic party

SirRevan Tennessee
11/11/11 9:29 am

Also, what's so controversial about their main belief that you should spend less than you take in?

SirRevan Tennessee
11/11/11 9:29 am

Why is everyone so hateful of the tea party? They have a couple crazy people, but, unlike the OWSers, they at least have a clear viewpoint and communicate it without getting violent and high. Talk about a double standard!

ken Tulsa,ok
11/11/11 9:13 am

It shame what you people said about the tea party . It could be your mom , dad and your grandparent who are worry about this country and it out of control government.

JDoe Its a gift
11/11/11 8:46 am

I replied yes to this question and to the OWS poll as well. I think there are things both groups honestly want to do that would improve the system but they both come off as extreme, uncompromising, judgmental, and (to be honest) wacko.

11/11/11 8:28 am

acamus, not very funny, but extremely true

11/11/11 7:38 am

A tea partier, a multi-millionaire and a poor person are sitting at a table with a plate of cookies. The millionaire takes all but one of the cookies. He then nudges the tea partier and says, "Watch out. That other guy wants your cookie."

11/11/11 7:34 am

a bunch of semi-retarded chickens running around with their heads cut off? no

11/11/11 7:30 am

Tax revenues follow the tax rates combined with the GDP. I never said it doesn't follow the GDP, I said it follows the tax rates to.

14573 Scary Numbers
11/11/11 7:27 am

I heard they give out great refreshments

11/11/11 7:26 am

Rich people don't create jobs! Why does everybody say that, rich people hire in China, and that means china gets jobs, not America. Small business hire in America.

11/11/11 7:24 am

Unforgivvn, give me a valid source then I will think about it. This is a biassed website for sure, it's a .com too.

11/11/11 7:22 am

Unforgivvn, think, what do we buy from china the most? That's right, cheap plastic toys, clothes, accessories! Now, when you have less money to spend, would you cut spending on food or buy the not as nice sweater, or not buy toys at all. Toys, clothes and etc. Can all be cut to smaller expenditures.

one80 California
11/11/11 6:59 am

You have to invest in your society if you want to sustain it. I agreed. with some of the pre-corporate-sponsored Tea Party ideas, but now they seem shortsighted and destructive.

dotnetdev Georgia
11/11/11 6:43 am

Most working people are getting 3-5% pay cuts while medicare and medicaid are getting increases or payouts EVERY year.Cost of housing is down(in my area bc of rentals), so they are effectively getting a raise! whats wrong with cutting medicare a little just like the rest of us are getting cut?

dotnetdev Georgia
11/11/11 6:37 am

proble is nearly half of the people pay No TAXES... NONE! So, its easy for them to say, HELL NO, I dont agree with smaller govt and lower taxes because they want the govt to be bigger for their benefit and they want others to pay higher taxes so they can get a raise.

11/11/11 6:09 am

I did before it was over run by neo cons.

Peaceful Minnesota
11/11/11 12:36 am

Banana~I think Jessie was being facetious :)
& I agree w/ LuTang on this

burnsey89 Louisiana
11/11/11 12:29 am

32no, that's doesn't even make sense. Higher taxes means less money in your pocket which means you buy less and buy cheaper. American products are not always cheaper, so saying raising taxes makes us have more revenue because we buy American...doubtful.