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Show Of Hands November 10th, 2011 12:00am

Do you associate your beliefs with those of the Tea Party movement?

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11/10/11 11:46 pm

What's the fucking point with you morons. You all just blah blah blah. Never trying to hear shit. Fucking idiots.

11/10/11 11:34 pm

Eliminate ALL income taxes, corporate taxes and capital gains taxes and institute a flat National sales tax.

11/10/11 11:34 pm

Poor people don't provide jobs, rich people do. And cutting tax Rae's doesn't lead to more uncertainty, it leads to less uncertainty.

11/10/11 11:33 pm

This graph is in inflation-adjusted dollars (2010). Your statement about goods makes ZERO logical sense! If people have more money, they'll spend more on Chinese if we raise taxes, they'll spend less money, but STILL on Chinese products! How does that spur the economy??

11/10/11 11:30 pm

If increased rates led to increased revenue, the red line and blue (area) line should follow each other. But they don't! The revenue curve follows GDP REGARDLESS of tax rates!

11/10/11 11:29 pm

@32no: Actually, I've done my research on tax rates vs revenue. Take this graph for example:

11/10/11 11:14 pm

While if tax rates are raised, people will be limited to American goods, and as a result the tax revenues grow.

11/10/11 11:12 pm

Unforgivvn, you have to realize that americans spend on goods from china, and that means cutting taxes gives them more money to buy plastic toys from china, they are not going to spend it on an American good. So cutting taxes drains money from the economy, and therefore drains tax revenues.

11/10/11 11:08 pm

Tax revenue, and simple math proves that.

11/10/11 11:07 pm

Unforgivvn, that will not spur the economy, it would put more money in the uncertain, and uncertain means it goes to china. It would drain money. Consumers spend on products that are made in china, giving them lower taxes gives them more money to spend on chinese goods. Tax rates determine

11/10/11 11:04 pm

Funny how those with more money say yes

11/10/11 10:43 pm

I really agree with that very last bit. How do you stop abuse by companies and individuals? Policy-wise we have to take this into account and make more laws. Human-nature doesn't allow for a completely free system. If the government can increase the quality of life of everyone shouldn't it?

RJ1969 SoCal
11/10/11 10:40 pm

independents say it all with this question.

11/10/11 10:37 pm

Less government. Lower taxes. Less abuse by individuals & companies of well-meaning programs. Less government intervention by social engineering. Less interfering with individual people's personal preferences. (I'm a pro-choice, socially moderate, Republican.)

Less name-calling. More maturity.

11/10/11 10:27 pm

Give me some examples. Because I would agree that there is such a thing as too much regulation but I do not believe we have reached it. I prefer my food safe and my car well-built.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/10/11 10:20 pm

@locke: I agree that under regulation is bad, but do you really think that we don't have enough regulation now? I think we have gone rather far the other way and some (not all) regulations need to be repealed.

11/10/11 10:12 pm

You could also look to The Jungle, a book about the early 20th century meat-packing industry. Workers who fell into the stew pots were mixed into the hot dogs sent out to consumers. This should be example enough about why gov regulation is necessary.

11/10/11 10:10 pm

Isn't enough. Rockefeller and Carnegie are great examples of what happens when there is under regulation. The government had to step in and break down monopolies. Consumers are to many and spread. The government allows fair and equal quality control that overall benefits the consumer.

11/10/11 10:08 pm

I will offer an argument against one Tea Party belief. Over regulation. I'm not quite sure how this came to be a part of their beliefs. The only solid argument that could come from this is that the consumer can regulate companies through purchasing power. The problem is that this natural regulation

Wes28 CBus
11/10/11 9:58 pm

OWS=TeaParty. Radicals who are wayyyyyyy too left/right

Wes28 CBus
11/10/11 9:57 pm

No. At first I LOVED it because it was simple- Less government. However, not the Republican Party and their political agenda and over-the-top religious beliefs have infiltrated it is just a branch of the Repub Party

11/10/11 9:40 pm

Their not all crazy, just some of them that have their teabags filled with weed. Occupy Wall street is like the Tea Party, but the people are in Occupy are younger than the Tea Party.

11/10/11 9:27 pm

So raising rates won't generate more revenue, but will discourage economic growth. tax cuts will spur the economy, increasing tax revenues overall.

11/10/11 9:26 pm

@32no: There is ZERO correlation between tax rates and tax revenues. Increased rates don't lead to increased revenues. Revenues follow the economy and GDP, regardless of tax rates.

11/10/11 9:15 pm

@jessie74 Theocracies only work when everyone in the country is of the same religion and willing to follow that religions rules. The only place that happens is in Vatican City. Even the Islamic countries have minority religions. America is not all Christian, even if it was, not all one denomination.

11/10/11 9:14 pm

Both movements started with great intentions but they're being judged by the worst of their followers and that's not fair to their original messages. Which....aren't actually too far apart.

11/10/11 9:13 pm

Tea Party isn't supposed to be "GOP" and OWS isn't supposed to be "Dems."

Tea Party wants smaller gvt. That's what they stood for. This right Wong Christian b.s. is just the hangers on making a bad name for the movement.

OWS is against corporate and fiscal corruption. The hippies have ruined it.

11/10/11 9:00 pm

these Ows and tea party questions should be merged into one. I'm having a hard time following both lines of comments.

11/10/11 8:59 pm

I just realized I answered no completely automatically. Damn you media! Though, in this case, it's definitely a good thing.

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/10/11 8:43 pm

The Tea Party is not religious enough for me.
We need to throw out the Constitution and start running this country by the laws in the Bible.
Theocracies are the best form of government. And that's a proven fact.

Rio76 Wild West
11/10/11 8:40 pm

It was my inner democrat coming out! I lost my mind....

11/10/11 8:35 pm

What DB1984 said but they're too religious for my liking.

DB1984 Pennsylvania
11/10/11 8:28 pm

Yes , I believe in smaller government , low taxes , the Constitution and equal justice under the law .

11/10/11 8:28 pm

way too much religion in the party. I agree reduce gov't regulations but im a social liberal.

Chopper2 Georgia
11/10/11 8:25 pm

No! They tend to be fanatic Christians who justify there beliefs with that religion and try to transform this country in to some kind of Christian utopia with no true care for the far equality of all people

11/10/11 8:19 pm

I don't believe the same things as the tea partiers but I do think they're adorable. you can attend one of their rallies at an old folks home near you.

osouless Whats Next
11/10/11 8:09 pm

Lol no I'm not a crazy roman catholic fanatic that believes that we should protect the rich and only do what they want. Kinda sounds like the Nazis....

cup0pizza .
11/10/11 8:03 pm

"occupiers are arrogant and ignorant lefties" - Sgt308 posting in the occupy poll question. Pot, meet kettle.

11/10/11 8:00 pm

I love how since the republicans have taken office, congressional approval rating has dropped over 40%. Basically, people are mad at the tea party for doing exactly what the tea party said it would do: lower the rich's taxes, kill the middle class, and make the courts lose favor for the little man

11/10/11 7:56 pm

@32no that last comment was pretty funny

Planoneck Guam
11/10/11 7:45 pm

The Tea Party, in its current form, is not what America needs at this point in its history. We need something better than a rehash of ideas that barely worked under Reagan, didn't work under Bush, and won't work under Romney and Friends.

Rio76 Wild West
11/10/11 7:42 pm

32...whats digging the hole is the spending and entitlements, as well as other expensive programs. Increasing taxes wont fill the hole, we have to cut spending dramatically.