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Show Of Hands September 22nd, 2011 12:00am

Have you ever changed your political party affiliation? (UserQ)

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09/21/11 4:22 pm

I've given up on parties. I'll vote for whatever individual sucks less than the person they're running against. Or I won't vote (which is how 2012 is shaping up).

09/21/11 4:20 pm

started dem but then grew up, about to turn rep but got smart, now indy

09/21/11 4:09 pm

grew up republican. then I actually started paying attention the the world. and went democrat

09/21/11 3:59 pm

I've been republican since I was born! (lol)

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
09/21/11 3:58 pm

No but I've been contemplating it!!