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Have you ever changed your political party affiliation? (UserQ)

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BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 10:16 pm

Sorry, eradicator, you might like to believe that, but ... sorry.

eradicator JC
09/21/11 10:15 pm

The center if the public shifted right in the past few decades.

BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 10:14 pm

I've never changed party. I'm a conservative, but have never been a Republican.

BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 10:13 pm

Interesting idea, veritas. It does seem that the parties are more polarized than I can remember them ever being.

veritas… Texas
09/21/11 9:53 pm

So here's what's happening:

People used to affiliate with one of the two parties, but extremist ends of them came to dominate the parties' ideology, so supporters left their party to become independent, ashamed of what their party had become…

Am I right?

09/21/11 9:38 pm

overt in nc I am now an independent. The modern republican part has become a caricature of it's former self with nonsense economic policies. lobbyists have the party hostage. personally I would love to see huntsman get the nod although that won't happen. He is the only centrist on the slate.

burnsey89 Louisiana
09/21/11 9:37 pm

I call myself a conservative. I'm listed as a republican, but I do not agree with everything the republican party does.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/21/11 9:37 pm

I used to be a Republican. I am now an independent who is more likely to vote for a Republican than a Democrat.


BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 9:34 pm

He always seemed to like people, even if not their beliefs.

BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 9:32 pm

I think Reagan's greatest strength came from embracing not as much Democrat or Republican values, but American values. Naturally Republicans loved him and still do. But it seems today's Democrats dislike him more than the Democrats of his day.

FAHayek Iowa
09/21/11 9:24 pm

I wouldn't say changed affiliation but fine tuned my beliefs. I was a Republican before college and came out a Libertarian. Don't Tread On Me!

09/21/11 9:24 pm

However, I try not to let my political views blind me to other opinions. I'm more open minded and less arrogant than you may picture a Republican to be.

09/21/11 9:21 pm

I still consider myself Republican, but I've been leaning closer to the middle of the spectrum. So yes.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/21/11 9:15 pm

Hate Clinton. Voted for Obama in our primary

RJ1969 SoCal
09/21/11 9:15 pm

we need more than two pathetic options.

09/21/11 8:59 pm

I grew up fairly liberal until I gained common sense and tasted reality.

09/21/11 8:56 pm

I have switched frequently. I sign up for whichever party is holding the most contentious caucus that year. I will be switching to republican before the Iowa Caucus. Although I learn dem, I want to be a part of choosing the best nominee for either party.

09/21/11 8:37 pm

wouldn't commit to either party. politicians have only been out for power the last century.

Wert A picture of my sack
09/21/11 8:29 pm

Not a dumb comment if it's true. Reagan was originally a Dem, you know? He was also governor of the state I lived in at the time. Trust me. He's not the kind of conservative he's made out to be, today. Craziest case of revisionism I've ever seen.

Lulzy New Jersey
09/21/11 8:22 pm

I don't agree with any party. Utopia citizen reporting in

09/21/11 8:21 pm

weryyio: and dumbest comment goes to.......

Wert A picture of my sack
09/21/11 8:19 pm

I was more conservative when I was younger and tended to vote Republican. Now, the current Republicans and conservatives aren't the same. Now I'm liberal and Democrat and happy for it. Personally, I think Reagan would switch back to Democrat if he saw today's GOP.

09/21/11 8:04 pm

grew up with democratic parents in a very red state. today a republican in a very blue state. apparently I have problems in the majority. :)

09/21/11 7:57 pm

Still don't really agree with republicans but switched from dem to rep after the California budget cuts made me lose my job. At least reps are up front about planning to cut education. I'm sure the republican party thanks you for the extra vote Gov. Brown.

09/21/11 7:57 pm

I was a democrat in college, then I got a job working with child social services. After a few years dealing with govt funded social programs I became a republican. A few years later I left social services to become a stay at home dad and now I'm a Voluntaryist.

09/21/11 7:49 pm

@topgun: LMAO; I went Republican to independent, Dem's are too soft, Repub's failed me for too long

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
09/21/11 7:40 pm

Never changed but to be fair I'm 23.

09/21/11 6:31 pm

johnf: Who are you going to turn to now?

09/21/11 6:04 pm

I was a die hard republican until the neo conservatives in congress and GWB disgraced the party's proud legacy by running up record deficits between 2000 and 2008 and turned their back on rationality on foreign and environmental policies.

Topgun California
09/21/11 5:53 pm

I used to be a democrat... Then my balls dropped.

Nerdz Texas
09/21/11 5:43 pm

nope and I think that is a reasonable answer for me because of the fact that I am only 12 years old

ORinNY New York
09/21/11 5:43 pm

Dogmatic thinking is always dangerous, in any circumstance.. I've come close to joining the green party, but mostly because I'd like for there to be a plethora of options if we are to have a party system at all. The world is not so black and white as some believe.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/21/11 5:41 pm

I can tell you one thing, I will never ever ever ever be a republican
Ever ever ever

09/21/11 5:37 pm

I vote for whoever I think is better for the time, which typically is the better if two evils. I refuse to vote strictly on party because it depends on the person and the circumstances surrounding the election. I also research their campaign contributions to see through the jingoism.

09/21/11 5:00 pm

Don't identify with either, both are mad. I'm for what's best for the whole in the long term as opposed to short term personal gains... Guess that would make me a socialist freak?

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
09/21/11 4:57 pm

I'm always suprised so many people choose one party or another. It's seriously unlikely that you agree with everything one party stands for, so why not be independent?

zoisite In the Sailor Moon world
09/21/11 4:47 pm

I got annoyed with the rinos (republicans in name only) so I became independent. But I'm still conservative. :)

09/21/11 4:45 pm

Yes. Grew up republican, but I don't like the party system. Neither group fits me well, although I do lean closer to republican.

DamageInc California
09/21/11 4:43 pm

@paco - your memory must only be long term as the short term memory seems to be failing you.

DamageInc California
09/21/11 4:42 pm

Was republican but went to independent. The dumbest thing I ever heard was "I like Reagan more, but I'm nit going to vote for him because I'm a democrat." I'm an independent thinker so therefore I went independent.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/21/11 4:39 pm

Yes several times,depending on who's running at the time.

09/21/11 4:28 pm

I have a memory so never ratpublican !!!

09/21/11 4:28 pm

I have a memory so never ratpublican !!

nogoodname League City
09/21/11 4:25 pm

I stay dem but I would vote across lines if I felt strongly about the candidate.