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Have you ever changed your political party affiliation? (UserQ)

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kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/04/11 12:07 am

Technically I'm an independent, but I lean far more on the liberal side than the conservative side. Always have, always will. I will always vote for whoever represents my ideology best, regardless of their party affiliation.

10/02/11 9:10 pm

I'm an Independent. My dad is a strong Republican, and I find myself agreeing with them more then the Democrats.

10/01/11 12:01 pm

I said no, even though in middle school I claimed one party, and another after I actually learned information in high school/college. I won't say which came first, and I don't count claiming a party without any knowledge of political matters.

PearlyGate Texas
09/30/11 8:21 am

Grew up not caring, now officially a Democrat. One day I want to be politically active... Despite our corruption ...

waaazzaap Arizona
09/29/11 8:53 pm

Proud Independent, we need to end the two party system because as others have said it's only cutting americans in half ....I will vote for a socialist American party but I will be crucified here in AZ if I pull for that

modernrock Ohio
09/25/11 5:00 pm

People who don't usually just have politics fed to them.

09/25/11 9:37 am

Same exact thing. Except it wasn't just that reason.

09/25/11 12:36 am

I was conservative until I became a vegan. Then some of my views changed and I'm independent now.

cato Santa Barbara, California
09/24/11 9:09 pm

I was a registered republican until daddy bush lied about reading his lips. The day he signed a bill raising taxes I registered Libertarian.

09/24/11 8:19 pm

I have become more conservative, especially since '08.
But even though I call myself a Republican I still believe in gay rights and a woman's right to choose.

Maybe I am more of a liberal, I just don't like liberals so I cannot call myself that.

Comments North Carolina
09/24/11 6:01 pm

no one changes their mind other than independents, so obvious it is shocking. we need more independents

09/24/11 11:16 am

2 party system doesn't work, only divides, just look at all the comments on these polls, so much hate, and for what? congress is loyalty to the interests of their financiers not you, so what are you really fighting for?

09/24/11 10:24 am

I can never join the conservative party. My family on my mom's side are very liberal-thank God. The family on my dad's side is very conservative and I CAN'T STAND IT!!! It's so annoying, always posting about Obama on Facebook, and God, and more BS than you'd ever know. Democrat is the way to go!

joshieca California
09/24/11 8:30 am

older, wiser, seen the evil republicant ways, can't take it anymore, had to stop the pain

Think Lovin Life
09/24/11 8:11 am

older, wiser ... now conservative

09/23/11 3:54 pm

lol maleRN: methinks autocorrect has a dirty mind

09/23/11 2:02 pm

Grew up Republican and now Democrat...

09/23/11 2:00 pm

@fisting: Bush was a badass when it came to killing terrorists; politically/fiscally/socially, he was more of a lefty. A RINO.

He pissed me off countless times during his eight years.

09/23/11 1:56 pm

@Snuzzo: my ballsack is a better option than Obama. Just pull the trigger and vote GOP.

09/23/11 1:54 pm

@skeptisys: I am sorry to hear that. It must be tough supporting a cause that always fails.


09/23/11 1:53 pm

Good point anarchy. F*ck the good old boy GOP, I am talking about the new breed of GOP; Christie, Bachmann, Palin, Rubio, etc...

Get rid of Boehner, McConnell, Graham.. those old RINOs.

09/23/11 1:49 pm

@Rosebud: it makes you funky, girl. And in my book, funky is good. Don't fight the feeling, just go with the funk. Make sure you vote GOP.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
09/23/11 11:58 am

Yeah, Soitgoes, I know. I would just rather try and reform the Republican Party than join a different one.

09/23/11 11:30 am

Democrat party from 18-23. Graduated, went to work, pay taxes... Republican party 23-current. I believe Winston Churchill said, if you are young and not a democrat you have no heart. if you older and not a republican you have no mind.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/23/11 11:17 am

Y'know the Constitutioist Party has a candidate every year, right Austrian?

09/23/11 8:48 am

Yes, changed from independent to republican because Nevada has closed primaries. But, I hate the decision because off the shut mailings they send that I never look at, EVER!

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
09/23/11 12:41 am

I'm under 18 so I don't think I can actually join a party, but I have always associated myself with the Republican Party. At this point, I just think it is the lesser of two evils. I used to be a neoconservative and now I'm a constitutionalist.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/23/11 12:23 am

Veritas must have his account hacked. He just made a series of valid points!

09/22/11 10:31 pm

Funny thing is, I am not a registered democrat.

09/22/11 8:47 pm

Tops, pretty similar here. Pro life, pro make your own life.
MaleRN, I'm independent. With those, being a (half-assed)member of the tea party, for small gov't espc Feds, birder control, ect... What does that make me? Plus you've seen my posts.

09/22/11 7:31 pm

t's interesting they want to go to Clinton taxes but not to Clinton spending levels.. the booger the government the bigger the coorpertism

09/22/11 7:30 pm

I agree the repub claim to want a small government but grew big under bush . however I do nit believe pointing out bad behavior justifies bad behavior. our current administration is continuing bush policy of careless spending.i...

veritas… Texas
09/22/11 7:01 pm

…government and cutting spending; however, it is VERY HARD to believe this isn't kit another political ploy to get votes after the Bush administration spending and Govt size increases.

That's just my view, though.

veritas… Texas
09/22/11 7:00 pm

…votes. And the democrats, now that the economy has tanked, instead of refocussing their values and emphasizing their sound social views, have been silent and have done nothing to help the economy. Both parties need SERIOUS refocussing. The repubs may have started that with their cry for small…

veritas… Texas
09/22/11 6:58 pm

@Fiat. Ya. Both parties need to clear up their values. Especially the republicans. That party needs to set a CLEAR VIEW about their planks. I don't believe that a party that spent like crazy for 8 years now suddenly cares so much about fiscal conservatism because of genuine beliefs and not to get…

09/22/11 5:44 pm

Well.. I shouldn't say an affinity.. It really depends on the person.

09/22/11 5:37 pm

Was a devout republican because of my family. Now I am in independent who has an affinity for conservatives.

09/22/11 5:09 pm

I grew up thinking I was a Democrat. Once I became an adult, I realized I had been brain washed by my parents. Now, I am an independent that leans Republican.

09/22/11 5:08 pm

liberal, hate repubs with a passion but if they give me a better option I'll vote for them

burnsey89 Louisiana
09/22/11 5:06 pm

Haha voted for Nader! May as well vote for the tooth fairy!

burnsey89 Louisiana
09/22/11 5:05 pm

No, redebbms family didn't understand them. The values aren't about making money and pushing everyone down. They are about having the freedom to succeed without having the whole world leach off you or limit your ability to succeed.

09/22/11 4:41 pm

I agree with Bev's comment from eight hours ago. I'm a pro-choice conservative, who's also pretty soft on other social issues. But my husband says on economic issues I'm a little right of Attila the Hun.
I vote Republican, and I vote party over person.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
09/22/11 2:49 pm

I think MaleRN is an angry closet case of another kind.

erw331 New York
09/22/11 2:33 pm

I changed from republican to conservative and getting ready to change again to libertarian. I'm 67 and seen enough of no difference between the two.