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Have you ever changed your political party affiliation? (UserQ)

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09/22/11 12:08 pm

malern: but regardless, republicans spend too much money and continue to grow government, perhaps not as much money and don't grow government as rapidly, but it's the same direction.

09/22/11 12:07 pm

Yes I'm liberal. That's what I said.

09/22/11 11:24 am

@jotex: Republicans are people too. We all say stupid things. The same goes for Democrats. Sometimes you gotta wade through the stupid comments and pay attention to the heart of the matter.

09/22/11 11:22 am

I can't wait for the political ads touting the comment Obama made about 'shovel-ready' jobs not being so 'shovel-ready'.

I bet he kicks himself in ass daily over that statement.

jotex Tennessee
09/22/11 11:20 am

Both sides have a lot wrong with them. I lean to the right because of the fiscal issues. My parents are small business owners, so I see that raising taxes on the "wealthy" can have a real impact on a small business. That said, sometimes I shake my head at what out of republicans mouths.

09/22/11 11:20 am

@skeptisys: you're a liberal, plain and simple.

09/22/11 11:19 am

@anarchy: well dude, liberals do not share the libertarian point of view!! You might as well vote GOP!

09/22/11 11:16 am

@ToppsQueen: a liberal in denial :)

09/22/11 11:16 am

I am liberal and independent. I switched from democrat after they stopped being liberal. I voted for Nader the last 4 elections.

09/22/11 11:15 am

not true malern! I'm an independent...I lean to the libertarian side of things...I don't vote republican. I throw my vote away, yes, but I refuse to vote for a party that rarely seems to stand for anything.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/22/11 11:14 am

@ male RN I am pro life & pro gay rights so what does that make me. For workfare and medical aid. So what does that make me in your book?

09/22/11 11:05 am

...probably vote Democrat.

09/22/11 11:04 am

Independents are nothing more than closeted liberals too afraid to come out. You're fence-sitters. In battle, you fight for your side and the enemy.

When it comes down to it you will either: vote Democrat, vote Republican, or not vote at all.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/22/11 9:17 am

LMAO @ Babs comment! So true....

Peaceful Minnesota
09/22/11 9:00 am

I'm sure redebbm's fam understood the repubs just fine

09/22/11 8:49 am

If you're not liberal when you're young you have no heart. If you're not conservative when you're old(er) you have no money.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
09/22/11 8:48 am

Switched from Republican to Independent during the Bush years. The republican social and economic platform scare me.

09/22/11 8:33 am

I agree with republicans on fiscal matters and democrats on social issues. I vote republican because without a good economy, social issues become irrelevant ( if Johnny is starving, the fact that he is gay becomes secondary).

capplik Florida
09/22/11 7:56 am

Former cpusa member, but they are not the same anymore.

eradicator JC
09/22/11 7:41 am

Vanguard: Darwinism = GOP. Interesting!

09/22/11 7:10 am

Started as Dem, now a registered Indy, but I'll be honest, I lean Dem.

I agree with a lot (not all) of rep economic points, but they are a bit too backwards in their social views.

I've voted for about 6-10 reps in my lifetime.

noobama Illinois
09/22/11 6:50 am

Grew up indipendent then worked with the teachers union and realized im a republican.never. Voting dem

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/22/11 6:36 am

@veritas… Yep, that's about what happened. If the Republicans stay the same (Tea Party) and the Democrats get their values fixed (by a huge amount), I would definitely hop on with the Democrats.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/22/11 6:33 am

@Kristea yep, that is why I didn't swing to the other side, values out-way economic benefits. However, that doesn't and won't change who is in office and therefore I let them do as they see fit.


burnsey89 Louisiana
09/22/11 6:13 am

Redebbm, I'm sorry that your family misunderstood republican or conservative values.

oriole Indiana
09/22/11 5:51 am

Repub all the way! Competition is the only thing that works, democrats have delusions of social/economic equatilty which will never happen

09/22/11 3:41 am

Republican all the way. Screw the weak. Survival of the fittest is still in play - don't let modern day life ever mask that from you. Kill or be killed.

redebbm 91709
09/22/11 3:31 am

Was raised a Republican. Was told you had to make millions and screw everyone in your way, that anything other than private healthcare was socialism. No longer a Republican (thank god) i consider myself an independent liberal now.

09/22/11 1:41 am

I started off as a democrat. Then I learned about the fiscal issues and realized it wasn't a fit.

Then I went to the republicans and learned about the social issues and realized it wasn't a fit.

Now I'm independent and now know that the issues are bigger than any single party.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/22/11 12:38 am

Seeing George Wallace when I was little I became a republican. I became a demo to block h Clinton in the primary. However. It's high time that gays get rights.

09/22/11 12:15 am

@coloradica I hope Cain gets to say more than 1 thing in the next debate, b/c I'm not really liking any of the top 3 rep candidates at this point

dubster California
09/22/11 12:11 am

im now an independent since the republican party has its establishment repubs.never voted for a dem though.maybe if just 1 would have a good idea i might vote for them.

09/21/11 11:53 pm

Legally, no - VA doesn't have voters register as a certain party. So it's impossible for me to change while a registered voter there.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/21/11 11:43 pm

Ever since Kennedy I could not be a Democrat. Since Bush II very wary of the Republicans. Now an Independent Conservative. I like Herman Cain he may begin to surge towards the top of this race.

09/21/11 11:39 pm

I'm surprised the independent number is low. That's a lot of lifelong independents

kristea Denton, TX
09/21/11 11:31 pm

I use to be quite liberal but after getting back into the Bible I couldn't support some of the things I use to support.

09/21/11 11:23 pm

I was a liberal for about 8 hours about 20 years ago.. But I was tripping on acid and had delusions of world peace... Then I realized the error of
My ways

09/21/11 11:12 pm

When registering to vote I originally put Republican, not wanting to upset my parents. I voted Democrat even under the GOP party head. Now I'm rightfully registered. Coming out as a liberal was just as hard as coming out.

09/21/11 10:55 pm

I'll be a republican until the party moves away from me somehow- but i wont compromise my positions just to stay in the party

09/21/11 10:53 pm

i can understand being attached to your particular point on the political spectum, but i cant get people who have allegiance to kne party or another because political parties all change over time. its like favorie restaurants- you have one until they change their menu - then you find a new favorite.

Wes28 CBus
09/21/11 10:33 pm

Started republican, switched to democrat. Now I'm independent and probably will be for a loooooong time! I just can't stand parties, and I honestly can say that my views are split evenly between the two.

09/21/11 10:32 pm

Right wing till death

BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 10:26 pm

I love the omniscient sound of that ... IT IS KNOWN! Hehe.

eradicator JC
09/21/11 10:22 pm

After LBJ the democrats ceased to be defined by the alliance of southern conservatives and northern urban bosses. It is known.

BadBadger Georgia
09/21/11 10:21 pm

The South is always a different story.

09/21/11 10:20 pm

Was a democrat when I first registered but will stay republican.

Jzz California
09/21/11 10:19 pm

grew up in a dem family. starting w/ reagan x2 bush then dem after that. locall. senate congress & local is all over the board

eradicator JC
09/21/11 10:18 pm

The South is a different story.