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Show Of Hands December 25th, 2012 12:00am

Should it be illegal to make a gun with a 3-D printer? (3-D printers are devices that can "print" physical shapes/objects from digital plans. Functioning guns will be technically possible before long).

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Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/25/12 10:19 am

Rapid prototyping machines are made for printing small machined objects. Like guns.

12/27/12 7:05 pm

I have one in my shop that prints using a powdered metal / laser activated binder matrix.
It cost me $85k and, yes I have made a working gun on it with the exception of the barrel that I made from steel and screwed on, although I could have easily made one on the printer, I just went the safer way.

bigdog3210 Around
12/25/12 10:24 am

It would explode before the round even left the chamber. The plaster that they use isn't nearly hard enough to withstand the pressure that a gun creates.

satiricalnick meh
12/25/12 2:42 pm

We'll be able to print food before long.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/25/12 10:27 am

You can't print springs or chambers. Even the super high end stuff doesn't have the right combination of tensile strength and surface quality/tolerances.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 7:54 pm

Send your trade secrets to the central spy network each time you print.

12/25/12 7:57 pm

And when I say "most" I mean "most people."

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/26/12 5:38 am

Agreed, trying to regulate the device itself is a bad idea. An effective regulation manages the outcome not the how. Ban people from making their own guns if this is a concern. If plans are offered, make sure they are safe.

zourn Texas
12/25/12 10:34 am

I think it should be lightly regulated, the same as it currently is to manufacture your own gun by hand.

shovelhead someplace with coffee
12/25/12 2:57 pm

It only "prints" the lower assembly which is part on an AR-15 which has to have a serial number. With that being said I'm ordering my lower tomorrow from Cabalas for $79.

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
12/25/12 8:33 pm

They didn't want the plans to be free and available online. I don't remember all of the details, but they're online.

12/28/12 4:00 pm

Only the plastic 3D printers can be made at home, to make metal parts you need a very sophisticated printer.
I paid $85,000 for mine and it was one of the cheaper ones.
Mine has an envelope of 16" x 16" x 14", just big enough to make upper and lower receivers for an AR 15.

12/25/12 8:36 pm

that sounds like an awesome gun!

12/25/12 11:03 am

Is this really something that people will be able to afford for in home use?

JamesMadison La Palma
12/30/12 8:46 pm

Are you retarded, you could print out a REAL functioning gun. It is entirely different from drawing a gun that can do nothing

dolando Missouri
12/27/12 2:36 pm

its still legal to purchase firearms... for now

12/27/12 7:34 pm machine holds tolerance of +/- .001", I use powdered steel, titanium, 17-4 stainless etc. The parts are easily as strong as machined parts except for small, heavily loaded springs. The printer takes it's data from computer solid models (not blueprints), the finished part is as accurate as model

12/27/12 7:39 pm

..the gun I made is an AR 15, I have fired a couple hundred rounds through it with no problems and no sign of wear. If that is all I used the printer for it would be a very expensive gun, but I use it for medical implants that are difficult to machine. I also have a AR that I CNC machined, cheaper!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/26/12 8:07 pm

I'm all for 3-D firearms printing actually. It'll be to firearms what the Gutenberg press was to books.

shovelhead someplace with coffee
12/26/12 3:03 pm

Rosebud* the part you are missing is that the printer can make fully automatic gun parts and that's what's illegal. I was making an analogy between illegal gun parts and illegal drugs but I guess that when over your head.

12/25/12 3:49 pm

We are getting a 3d printer in the technology department at my school and we were shown there capabilities it is just weak plastic not the right material to make a gun

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/26/12 3:15 pm

You shouldn't get ANY of your info from CSI. They can blow up a grainy security photo and "enhance" it to see the emblem on a guy's ring.

spindrift take the red pill
12/25/12 11:26 am

This is the origin of the questions btw.

spindrift take the red pill
12/25/12 11:27 am

You can say that until it happens, and that will be soon.

EarlyBird Portland
12/26/12 7:22 am

U tube video - Cody Wilson , wiki guns.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/26/12 3:32 pm

I worked in a warehouse when I was a kid. We had a "pecan gun" made out of lead pipe/fittings. We'd pack black powder & wadding into it, bottle rocket fuse thru the fitting & jam a pecan in the business end. It would chunk the pecan through a layer of heavy cardboard & into the coils of an AC unit.

tdyakker lost
12/25/12 4:16 pm

I was referring to regular joes going out and buying such a printer. I'm sure there are places like you describe but from what I've seen the average person will not own one for a while due to cost. I wouldn't spend the money needed for one. But I like to get my hands dirty n make things for myself.

12/27/12 11:19 pm

A cheaper one runs about $435

markiep Illinois
12/25/12 11:36 am

How will they regulate it? They can barely regulate it the system in place now.

12/25/12 11:40 am

I think it should be, but it would be another unenforcible law.

12/26/12 11:04 am

Kind of hard to get enriched uranium, and people already make homemade bombs. Look at McVaigh. People already do everything they want to do and are capable of.

12/25/12 11:46 am

Video of the printed gun that you said can't exist.

Also look up cars, microwaves, airplanes, disposable contact lenses, turducken, and other things that people said could never happen.

12/25/12 11:47 am

Yes, it will be very affordable. Startrek 's replicator is further down the road, but it is coming to most.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/27/12 6:09 am

@susanr, do you have brightly colored hair, a pug nose, and a jewel in your belly button?

Rosebud Ohio
12/25/12 4:33 pm

It could end badly, but I err on the side of more freedom. Nothing illegal to own (aka full auto or by/to someone mentally incapable of responsible ownership), but if you are allowed to own it and it isn't stolen yes. It could reduce the manufacturing costs.

Rosebud Ohio
12/25/12 4:34 pm

Wow, I hadn't thought of that. It is technically the press... But also bearing arms... Regardless it's protected as a freedom.

dpoirr11 Addis, LA
12/27/12 6:17 am

So true. I think people underestimate the amount of work it takes to produce any functioning mechanism even I you already have the printer.

susanr Colorado
12/27/12 10:40 am

I've completely missed the point of your question, pinky, but the answer is no to all of those.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/25/12 9:08 am

A: you can't make a whole gun with a 3D printer yet

B: it's not illegal to make yourself a gun. Why would a 3D printed gun be any more dangerous than a conventionally built one?

susanr Colorado
12/27/12 10:42 am

Not disagreeing with you on that, pinky. Just didn't think your analogy was logical since no one is suggesting banning the printer itself.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/25/12 12:06 pm

Only the lower receiver was printed, not the whole gun. On top of that, I don't think that any parts that actually move during firing process were printed.

listgarten SF Bay Area
12/25/12 4:55 pm

It is currently impossible to print a full gun without metal. An all plastic gun would be a problem bc it could slip through a medal detector, (though I don't know how you could print a functioning bullet out of plastic). I think that all-plastic guns should be illegal. There needs to be enough

Rosebud Ohio
12/26/12 8:10 am

Shovel no one has the right to do those drugs. Try using a logical argument, or else you're the only one who looks stupid.

lastjedi Florida, US
12/26/12 8:13 am

@Jason19 a CNC mill can shape metal products much in the same way that a key machine duplicates keys. Also the company Shapeways has printers that use aluminum and stainless steel.

jinger New York City
12/25/12 12:23 pm

I said yes as if kids and other people are casually making guns makes it accepted in society. This is bad because it will make people think it is ok to have them. If it is not made like this, it will not seem as acceptable.

12/25/12 5:00 pm

So the question should be about selling?