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Show Of Hands December 25th, 2012 12:00am

Should it be illegal to make a gun with a 3-D printer? (3-D printers are devices that can "print" physical shapes/objects from digital plans. Functioning guns will be technically possible before long).

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12/25/12 11:52 am

Better catch up with the technology! We're printing with some very durable materials these days...

12/25/12 9:07 am

Maybe I am lost... Printing a picture of a gun.... Illegal?!?!?!

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
12/25/12 9:11 am

At 65 I thought I keep up with this techy stuff but what the heck is a 3D printer and how is this done?

listgarten SF Bay Area
12/25/12 4:56 pm

Metal to set off a metal detector

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/25/12 9:21 pm had gun components up until the CT shooting. Not hard to come by and not illegal. They took them down due to their own ethical concerns. There are already replacement repositories for the files.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
12/25/12 9:13 am

At least I don't think so, from what I've read about the technology.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/25/12 9:23 pm

You must be thinking ABS extrusion processes. There are other methods that can create very durable plastic components.

Rosebud Ohio
12/26/12 8:19 am

Great idea. Then when someone breaks into my house and tries to hurt my daughter or I, I can be carted away to jail bc I broke the law when I shot the bad guy to protect us. The nerve!

Rosebud Ohio
12/26/12 8:24 am

We've been saving our casings to create our own ammunition. It's a fantastic money saver, as ammo is so expensive today. We'll be able to go to the firing range more often once we start, making us all better shots. And if ammo becomes "ungettable" for some reason, we won't have to worry c

Rosebud Ohio
12/26/12 8:27 am

You're right, it should be consistent. I'm not sure the laws, but I'd guess it varies state to state. Here in OH you don't have to register your guns. Which I quite like. But in other states you do have to register.

halsnobordrgrl CT
12/25/12 12:43 pm

I think it should be illegal because we will have no way of regulating the gims

susanr Colorado
12/26/12 9:12 pm

Not really; it would be like outlawing one category of product from any of those, and none of them produce only one category, so you would still be able to use them for other products.

susanr Colorado
12/26/12 9:14 pm

Why not? They seem to be very useful for a lot of things. Non-controversial things.

12/25/12 12:48 pm

What makes you think it should be illegal

12/25/12 5:19 pm

Actually I think you can't just program it but buy a blueprint - same rules for that as for buying a gun.

susanr Colorado
12/26/12 9:22 pm

While you're busy damning people you don't agree with, that is. Me, I'm just observing, not damning.

12/25/12 9:37 am

If serialized and the same rules are followed as standard manufacturing then yes...but I don't think the technology is there yet for the "workings" of a firearm

12/27/12 7:41 am

There is a big difference between making a simple, single shot weapon and being able to manufacture a modern weapon of war in your own home.

Burned Missouri
12/26/12 8:52 am

Tony, have u been play black ops 2 lately? I think this is a little too unrealistic. There are some things that will forever remain impossible to the human race...

chile safer than congress
12/26/12 1:22 am

How many? I'll print up several rounds in a jiffy.

They won't kill, but they will sting like hell

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 1:09 pm

A skilled person can manufacture a weapon on their own today. How do we police someone who makes their own weapons today? As a kid we made bombs, dart guns and other interesting weapons. It is not that hard if we could do it as kids... This is not that different.

Fact FL
12/25/12 9:49 am

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MarciS Formerly mjs83
12/25/12 1:21 pm

I had to answer the question to see the discussion to figure out what in the heck this was. Lol. Changed my answer when I figured it out too.

12/25/12 5:46 pm

Although 3D printing with metal is currently used in addition to plastics the available structural integrity for ballistics isn't quite there. However, that being said, the disposable gun is not far off and Philip K. Dick 'esque futuristic assassinations will be coming soon.

12/25/12 9:58 am

I learned about these kinds of printers in my biology class. They can design an atom or strand of DNA on the computer, and the printer can use whatever material chosen to print out that object, one layer at a time. Virtually anything could be made. But guns? Lets use it for what its made for.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
12/25/12 1:25 pm

There is a place about 12 miles from me where you can print anything on their 3D printer. It costs only a small amount for the time it takes to print. 5-10 bucks for something fist sized, plus materials.

12/25/12 10:00 am

Their about $1000 each also.

12/25/12 1:33 pm

I don't understand how it would work, how could you print metal.

AnnieM The Island
12/25/12 6:05 pm

I've been wanting to submit a question along these lines, but couldn't think of how to word it. I first saw a 3D printing machine in action in 2005.

susanr Colorado
12/26/12 9:18 am

You don't have to register in OH? One more reason to be glad I left, I think! <chuckles> (Grew up there, moved away, returned at 52 to live 13 more years there, left again.)

12/25/12 1:36 pm

I've seen a 3D printer in action. It is pretty amazing. The one I saw was plastic but that technology could produce metal printers. I don't think just anyone should be able to print one just like just anyone should be own one.

cruckel Shadow Moses Island
12/25/12 10:03 am

Uneducated people will always be uneducated.

ncbuc Get Over It
12/25/12 6:15 pm

I said yes only because it could be easily used in a terroristic way. However I am against any further gun control. But in all reality. Anyone with basic mechanical aptitude can make a functional firearm with some readily available resources if they wanted to. And in that respect.....doesn't matter.

bigdog3210 Around
12/25/12 1:50 pm

Let me get this straight, you think no one should own a gun?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 10:08 am

Those are young guys trying to raise money... The working model is a simple barrel and electronic solenoid retrofit. The plastics break when it is used. They have not started on a working mechanical model. They are selling distributed manufacturing without regulation or monopoly. Sounds good.

anonymous0 Nevada
12/27/12 9:29 am

Don't we have enough accidents in this world? Plus suicide and murder. There's not enough regulations w guns.

liberalD Massachusetts
12/25/12 6:35 pm

I dont see why it shouldent be legal... Its an easier way to craft guns. Bithi g wrong with that

12/26/12 2:18 am

Oh ok thanks but the truth it, if I were a criminal wanting to make a gun, I first of all wouldn't make it, I would get it black market, and second, I wouldn't have the time. Also if it was just for fun, it would be too dangerous.

dpoirr11 Addis, LA
12/25/12 6:40 pm

Very true. I just wonder if it could even hold up to the first shot. It may be possible. It's an experiment I'd like to see.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/25/12 2:15 pm

what? How is allowing this taking steps in the right direction? Majority of Americans wants SOME type of control, but for this to be this close...

12/25/12 10:12 am

Even if the technology was right to make a working gun, you would only get one shot off with the gun it wouldn't be strong enough to handle any more than that

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 10:13 am

The concept of micro manufacturing is an exciting promotion point. However, using substandard materials is dangerous for the user. The chamber can become shrapnel. Can manufacturers be threatened like bookstores have been?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 10:15 am

You can make a crude weapon like this with steel tubing.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 7:19 pm

They just built a basic barrel, retrofitted an electric solenoid to fire the cap. It is not a gun as we know it. It is like taking a steel tube and putting an electronic firing pin on the end, just made of plastic instead. It breaks after use.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/25/12 7:23 pm

Printing the basic barrel is only the first step. They can't produce a working mechanical gun. They still have to build the firing mechanism by hand and add it.

Misterme7 Under the Rainbow
01/01/13 12:46 pm

No, crimes could be much harder to track. When you buy it they can track it to you. The printer may leave a specific mark but smarter criminals could avoid that.

12/25/12 10:19 am

Are you being sarcastic?
You have to be using sarcasm, right?