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Show Of Hands November 29th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever genuinely feared for your life?

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skibrush Missouri
12/05/12 5:05 pm

A trucker from Minnesota with an eighteen wheeler and a full load fell asleep at the wheel. Nearly killed the rest of us. RIP Rick from Minnesota.

NyahRenee California
12/03/12 9:37 pm

Me and natural bodies of water now have a mutual agreement to stay away from each other after 3 episodes over my lifetime that tells me to just say no.

12/03/12 3:46 pm

I did that too. On one of the zips I couldn't see the other end. That was very scary! I almost backed out but knew if I did I would always regret it. So I took a deep breath and screamed until I ran out of breath. Which wasn't even half way.

susanr Colorado
12/02/12 1:28 am

Twice. The 1st, about 1968, involved a gang of thugs and a knife. The second involved a car, a very icy street, and another car coming straight at us. Both ended well.


12/01/12 11:23 am

I got caught in a bad rip tide, swimming alone, no one on the beach. when i finally made it close to shore, a huge set came in. I was young and that was so stupid.

12/01/12 11:20 am

nice! ha!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/01/12 6:09 am

Pink, I have never been seriously injured. It looks like my guardian angel has been working hard. I appreciate that.

12/01/12 1:48 am

SCUBA diving the group came across an oceanic white tip shark. Very scary.

robolds Initiative
12/01/12 1:35 am

Now that was funny!

12/01/12 1:03 am

Kind of. I went through a really dark period in my life and was constantly susicidal. I didn't want to be, but I was so miserable/depressed, I felt like a prisoner captive in my body. I attempted suicide 3 times by ingesting 40+ pills. Luckily, I got help but I still fear I'll feel that way again.

12/01/12 12:02 am

My ex husband held a knife to me and told me to drive until we ran out of gas and then he was going to kill me. In that moment I feared that I would never make it back home to see my son again. So I took action pulled In to a driveway and jumped out of the car screaming he got scared and ran

BandNerd Moderately Absolute
11/30/12 9:35 pm

Every time I trip down the stairs, for a half second my heart stops.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
11/30/12 8:54 pm

When hiking along lake superior, my sister was carrying me because I had rolled my ankle. She leaned over a cliff to look at the lake and nearly dropped me. Dad carried me after that.

penelope USA
11/30/12 8:00 pm

Thanks. My life is exponentially better these days. It's been two years now.

11/30/12 7:29 pm

Then why would you continue to do it?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
11/30/12 6:28 pm

Once I didn't put the cart in the corral at the grocery store and some SOH's people were there......

mikemcm22 Massachusetts
11/30/12 6:13 pm

Getting sucked into a strong currebt as a floated away helplessly, only to be saved by a random dock that I passed by. Scary.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
11/30/12 3:15 pm

Car accident. I was the passenger in a car that slid on gravel and hit the end of a guard rail. It came through the windshield on my side.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
11/30/12 3:13 pm

Thank you. And I am glad you are here to comment.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
11/30/12 3:12 pm

I take it you are/were military? Thank you for your service.

11/30/12 2:02 pm

When i was younger me and my friend were chased by coyotes.

mstar1 Saint Cloud
11/30/12 1:30 pm

Having been homeless for 10 years, there were multiple times I truly feared for my life. I was stabbed 3 times, shot once and beaten to the point of needing ER/ICU and life support once. The up side is that no matter how bad things seem these days, I can always look back and see they could be worse

Lakehill Texas
11/30/12 12:19 pm

I pray for you.

38041 Georgia
11/30/12 9:54 am

Not me. My wife nearly died during delivery of first kid. He wasn't breathing, and the doctors gave her something that nearly killed her in the process. Both are still alive and healthy 9 years later.

Dream Hogwarts
11/30/12 7:38 am

This is why I don't go rock climbing :)

hazhap1 Las Vegas
11/30/12 6:39 am

My aunt is a survivor. Stay strong and never lose hope!

38041 Georgia
11/30/12 5:05 am

Good for you. Hope things have worked out for the better.

38041 Georgia
11/30/12 5:02 am

That is terrible news. Not that my words could possibly mean anything, but I hope the results are negative.

11/30/12 4:46 am

This week I learned I may have breast cancer. Waiting on results and I'm terrified.

frostedchalk warehouse 13
11/30/12 4:21 am

I went into atrial fib. Once thought I was dying. Scariest thing ever. Thought I was having a heart attack at the age of 21. I have heart problems so I knew right away something was terribly wrong good thing I was at work they called 911 immediately after a little shock to my heart I was okay

Rhymez Alaska
11/30/12 3:49 am

Almost got T-boned on icy Alaskan roads. Luckily I hit the gas and slid outta the way. I was about one second away from being smashed head-first into a 55mph truck.

11/30/12 12:07 am

We tried to flag someone down for help. Thankfully someone pulled over and tied the anchor rope to our boat a pulled us to safety

11/30/12 12:06 am

A few times. Almost had a head on collision bc some guy was being way too risky with going around someone. Another time was when I was fishing out in the middle of a lake when a big storm approached us. We cranked the boat up only to find it was flooded and wouldn't crank. As other boats zipped by,

pokemonaudio Washington
11/29/12 11:57 pm

I was staying in the hospital and they gave me a new medicine through the IV. It gave me seizures. I was positive I was dying.

11/29/12 10:30 pm

Flying on Blind Bat flare missions over the Ho Chi Minh trail with AAA gunfire coming up at us.

chile safer than congress
11/29/12 10:26 pm

Thank you for serving

chile safer than congress
11/29/12 10:24 pm

Thank you for serving your country!

chile safer than congress
11/29/12 10:19 pm

You all are awesome! Thanks for sharing your stories, and for minimal critique on this one.

11/29/12 10:07 pm

Once driving on a highway something large flew around a huge semi. I still don't know what it was. But I could see it coming at my windshield and could do nothing about it. A semi in front of me, to my side, and a car behind me. All I could think was... "Ok so this is happening."

brianparks69 charlotte
11/29/12 10:06 pm

Second time coming down from climbing Longs Peak (14000ft) in Colorado. Got caught in a lightning storm 3000 ft above tree line, hid in some boulders. Saw ball lightning for the first time. You could feel the electricity in the air, and lighting popping everywhere! Fun stuff.

brianparks69 charlotte
11/29/12 10:02 pm

First time was Doha Kuwait in '91. An ammo carrier loaded with 155mm howitzer shells caught fire in our "motor pool" and blew up, starting a chain reaction of explosions. I was not far away and shrapnel was flying everywhere. Saw my life flashing before my eyes. Lucky to only get minor wounds.

11/29/12 9:55 pm

had more than one close call were ive woken up in an ambulance... never feared for my life, i know im going to a better place when its the right time for my soul to leave this earth

EarlyBird Portland
11/29/12 9:50 pm

Sounds like a good scary. Must have been beautiful.

TexasPaul Texas
11/29/12 9:33 pm

When I was a teenager my sister and I were home alone at night. I was in my room when my sister screamed for her life from downstairs. I flew to open my door assuming a gunman and knowing I was about to die, but it strangely didn't bother me. I just knew I had to help. Turns out it was her friend ????