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Show Of Hands December 6th, 2011 12:00am

If you were an NFL team owner, would you rather have Tim Tebow or Cam Newton as your young QB? (UserQ)

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BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:58 am

Newton even caught a pass last game set up his blocks and took it down to the 2 yard line almost scored it was a 27 yard catch and run. When you sit down and get to know these to young men and watch film on them then talk. I love Tebow huge fan great guy but if I'm an owner in picking Newton

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:57 am

Go watch film on him he can truly do it all. He has a rocket arm better throw power than Tebow. Has good accuracy but needa to improve but it's better than Tebows. Newton is faster than Tebow and runs a lot better cuz he doesn't take as big hits even tho he can since he's bigger slightly. ......

12/06/11 6:56 am

I attended UF from 04-08, Tebow contributed two Nat'l Championships and a Heisman. Cam Newton got booted his Sophmore year for stealing a laptop then lying to cops about it. Call me crazy but I'm going with Tebow.

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:55 am

Lovejoy your an idiot who knows nothing. Look at the Panthers. They have 1 good WR a decent O line good RBs and decent TE... But the defense is down right terrible. Injuries have hurt our D and we need to get heathy. Even our number 2 WR and 1 RT got hurt so injuries... Just u watch next season

MrWalrus Undergrid
12/06/11 6:39 am

someone posted here that they picked Newton because he can do it all. Umm, he can't win. Andy Dalton us better than Newton. Newton is the next in line of Vince Young, Michael Vick, Phillip Rivers and Kordell Stewart. None of them could win very many playoff games.

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:18 am

although I love Tebow even from his FL days but I'm a panther fan

12/06/11 5:55 am

Tebow had a good game last week but he is more of a running back than a QB.

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/06/11 5:34 am

Tebow. He makes the team better. Not just the offense, but every part of the team. I bet even the towel boys are performing better with Tebow in charge. He can work on his passing, but he's not a failure at the passing game either. To me, both are great, but Tebow is a leader.

softball1? Florida
12/06/11 5:02 am

TEBOW!!!!!! :D he wins every game for the broncos!

12/06/11 5:01 am

He's a good role model becuz he's a Jesus freak? How biased can one be.

angiebrite Gallifrey
12/06/11 4:00 am

I don't know who either of these men are....Tebow because that's a cooler name

12/06/11 1:54 am

Cam Newton is waaaaaaay better than tebow. End of discussion.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/06/11 1:20 am

If not for the fans Tebow would have never had a chance. The fans yelled Tebow, Tebow, Tebow right behind Coach Fox's sideline. The fans were tired of Ortons good stats but always losing & never inspiring. Tebow is a great role model for families & Bowlen our team owner was smart to pressure Fox.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/06/11 1:15 am


Well if you watched the game then you can see what will happen when Tebow is required to throw. He did a great job. They are both great talents, but Tebow is a Football Player. Not a pampered Quarterback we've grown accustomed to over the last 20 years.

12/06/11 12:30 am

The broncos run a high school option lol. Tebow has 1 passing record beat where Cam has already set 8 nfl passing records and 2 team records. What's going to happen when Tebow's option gets shut down and he has to pass? He's a qb not a rb lol

12/06/11 12:06 am

Tebows team was 1-4 without him, how can you say they win in spite of him!?

12/05/11 11:58 pm

Just because the team loses doesn't mean the individual terrible. Look at Dick Butkus, Earl Campbell, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas... All hall of gamers that do not have Super Bowl rings lol

12/05/11 11:50 pm

I am an avid fan of the broncos and the personnel has not changed enough to explain the difference in the defense since tebow began starting, he is a leader, just listen to veterans like champ bailey and rookies like Von miller...they have all bought in.

12/05/11 10:51 pm

And before the Tebow lovers come out & start hammering on me for no apparent reason....I'm just basing my opinion on the question. If I'm an NFL owner, I'm looking into the future based on what ive witnessed this season & i want the guy who can do it all.

12/05/11 10:50 pm

Ballin for my team Tim tebow n123a

12/05/11 10:49 pm

I'm as big a Tebow fan as they come but these results indicate the majority of you would make terrible team owners.

jeffgreen Texas
12/05/11 10:45 pm

Tebows team wins despite him. He doesn't lose it for them. Newton doesn't have a team around him and still puts up numbers.

12/05/11 10:43 pm

dr brule is the only person who know what he's talking about

12/05/11 10:42 pm

Wow filters!! You republicans love you some Timmy T!!!

12/05/11 10:37 pm

I'm def not a Tebow hater either. Like that he's humble & a team guy....

12/05/11 10:37 pm

Tim Tebow this season: 6-1. Cam Newton this season: 2-9.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/05/11 10:33 pm

Tebow makes me barf in my mouth and then I swallow it just to get the idea of Tebow out of my head.

12/05/11 10:32 pm

Im a sports addict,the answer is w/o a doubt Cam. Don't get me wrong Tebow is a winner and that's great. Cam has a rocket for an arm (with nice touch when needed) he's 6'5" & he runs a 4.5 40. A Defensive coord. nightmare. Tebow has a much better D & consistent run game, give that to Cam & look out

12/05/11 10:28 pm

What would happen if it turned out that Tebow was like Herman Cain!?

EvanIsEpic Charlotte NC
12/05/11 9:16 pm

Cam because he's got more potential, and also because I'm a Carolinian ;)

12/05/11 9:14 pm

Tebow because he is smarter, the qb needs to be smart

12/05/11 9:08 pm

Tebow can't win forever. Newton can be corrected faster since his numbers aren't all that bad. It's mostly cams team that keeps them down.

12/05/11 9:08 pm

Tebow wins, newton hasn't yet

12/05/11 9:02 pm

Tebow is humble, something that is sorely missing in sports these days

12/05/11 8:57 pm

Newton, because he's a better athlete.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
12/05/11 8:57 pm

Don't know who either are. All I know that Pennington is going all the way!

12/05/11 8:56 pm

I just like tebow. I would rather a likeable guy who is average than someone i hate who is amazing. Haselbeck > Jackson

12/05/11 8:44 pm

Tebow's 6 & 1, & he's got my vote, but I'm a hometown lady so that's no surprise :). Stereotyping aside, I like him so far because he doesn't seem to care if the camera's on him or not - nice trait in an athlete.

12/05/11 8:39 pm

All I know is Tebow sucks. Yes, his TEAM has a good record. He, on the other hand...