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Show Of Hands December 6th, 2011 12:00am

If you were an NFL team owner, would you rather have Tim Tebow or Cam Newton as your young QB? (UserQ)

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HolyBabble Mississippi
12/18/11 6:27 pm

Work hard and believe in yourself..... Don't rely on an invisible sky-daddy.

kreed Kentucky
12/14/11 12:44 am

LauRn no one in the NFL is just luck...that's ridiculous. He is a starting quarterback in the NFL I feel that takes more than luck.

kreed Kentucky
12/14/11 12:43 am

Tebow for sure... Newton may have better natural talent but Tebow is a leader and gains his teams respect. Cam newton is a head case. TO was a great receiver but bounces around because he has a giant head.

12/13/11 5:41 pm

Just interesting to see the difference.

12/13/11 5:41 pm

i.e., Tebow having broader support base, better for team economics. A very Republican perspective. But I am only surmising and inferring, not necessarily stating analytical fact.

12/13/11 5:38 pm

Thought that there might be economic overtones since the female/male choices are of the same order.

12/13/11 5:36 pm

Interesting that age and income are consistent across the groups, however, politics seems to affect football - major differences by party.

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
12/11/11 2:59 pm

@hadil im sure tebows sinned in his life. We all do

12/11/11 12:42 pm

The people who would pick Tebow obviously know NOTHING about football. He has nothing but luck and appeals to people. Cam Newton is the real deal.

12/10/11 8:32 am

Newton has bigger numbers. Tebow gets lucky late

12/09/11 1:44 pm

newton's got over 3000 yards already in his rookie year. nuff said

12/08/11 10:19 pm

Tebow sucks, god is doing that for him, eventually when Tebow sins god will stop playin for him then what?

12/08/11 7:00 pm

Muck Fichigan! Go Bucks!

12/08/11 5:52 pm

not here not now.really tebow has more votes? look at his stats not the teams. cam is by far a better qb

tytygirl79 Indiana
12/08/11 5:13 pm

This seems shallow but ik nothing about football so I'm going with the hottest one: TEBOW! plus he has a cool name :)

12/08/11 10:36 am

I'll take the one that is going to win a super bowl first... And who has the better defense? Denver. What was that? Defense wins championships?

StNik North Carolina
12/08/11 8:34 am

I'm going to assume that if you live outside the Carolinas you haven't gotten to see Cam play.

hokie Virginia
12/07/11 8:04 pm

hmmm the white guy who prays all the time or the black guy..... who saw these results coming??

Ranks New Jersey
12/07/11 7:47 pm

Perot4Prez your the type of guy who should not discuss economics, politics or religion. Your probably the type of guy who's really good at what you do but thinks your good at everything else. Do yourself a favor and just let us handle this & go back to what you do best. Your embarrassing yourself.

12/07/11 7:26 pm

If you are going to thank God for your successes, why don't you spend just as much effort praising God for your failures?

12/07/11 7:11 pm

Can't wait to see when Tebow starts to go downhill... Guarantee most of the Tebow fans here will throw themselves off the bandwagon lol

12/07/11 4:16 pm

tebow aoutcorrecting to taboo is kinda ironic, lol

12/07/11 4:16 pm

not to mention every time I hear taboo talk I want to push mute on tv. he is a complete phony

12/07/11 4:15 pm

newton can actually throw the ball & play qb. the bows success is due to great defense by Denver & a gimmicky offense that opponents have not fully figured out yet

12/07/11 8:14 am

Tebow is popular. After 5+ years of unrelenting pr, people either love or hate Tebow but they all talk about him. Good publicity for your team.

12/07/11 7:15 am

Cam Newton is breaking records, to say that Tebow is better is just ridiculous. Cam is better in facets of the game; throwing, running...etc

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
12/07/11 1:42 am

Tbow will foster better endorsement. Neither will be playing in 7 yrs, so short term profits are key

12/07/11 12:15 am

It also helps when you don't throw picks or fumble, that was Orton's problem

12/07/11 12:14 am

Tebows playing style promotes defense, the clock is always running with tebow, so there is less game time the defense has to be out on the field.

That's not all cams fault, but recognize that the broncos D didn't get that much better, they just aren't on the field as much

StNik North Carolina
12/06/11 10:40 pm

Cam has no defense. Tebow's success is based largely(the past weekend excluded) on great defense.

Newton would e undefeated with the Broncos defense which, ironically, is coached by former Panther head coach and defensive guru John Fox.

striker59 Colorado
12/06/11 10:23 pm

I guess everyone's forgotten about cam newtons national championship at auburn last year.

12/06/11 9:49 pm

Oh and this is Tebow's 2nd year. Lol he had under 700 yards his first year. Cam has already broken rookie records lol

12/06/11 9:48 pm

@gryffindor what stats did you check? Lol. Cam has him by almost triple the passing yards. Which I'm not sure about you but if you were an owner is assume you'd want your quarterback to actually pass the ball. I wouldn't waste the money or effort on a gimmick.

yesca Washington
12/06/11 9:35 pm

this is purely based on T.bows popularity, for sure not his skills as a q.b. He may develop into a passing q.b. but right now he is no.comparison to Cam.

yesca Washington
12/06/11 9:35 pm

this is purely based on T.bows popularity, for sure not his skills as a q.b. He may develop into a passing q.b. but right now he is no.comparison to Cam.

12/06/11 8:44 pm

I'd rather have a quarterback that can actually pass the ball. Cam Newton, please.

The only reason Tim Tebow is 5-1 is because of the Broncos defense, and the fact that the best team they've beaten so far is the Jets.

l0veSp0tt Wisconsin
12/06/11 8:25 pm

Can I pick neither??? I would MUCH rather have Aaron Rodgers 4 my QB. GO*PACK*GO-12-0-GO*PACK*GO

12/06/11 8:14 pm

Cam newton is going to be the next big Ben he is tall and pretty fastz

icematthew Texas
12/06/11 8:09 pm

Tebow is 5-1 as a starter and sent Kyle Orton to waivers! Not many new QB's can do that.

Nerdz Texas
12/06/11 7:37 pm

just checked the stats and tebow looks more promising