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Show Of Hands December 6th, 2011 12:00am

If you were an NFL team owner, would you rather have Tim Tebow or Cam Newton as your young QB? (UserQ)

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DavesNotHere where am I
12/06/11 7:32 pm

Who cares what Tebows religion is. What's that have to do with throwing?
He will do ok if he learns to read defenses better. I'll judge him after a couple of years. All other QB's get a grace period, why shouldn't he.

12/06/11 7:15 pm

Not a joke, just not a franchise qb.

vergil New Jersey
12/06/11 6:39 pm

I'll take cam as my qb and tebow as my halfback

ncbuc Get Over It
12/06/11 6:20 pm

Tebow will suck... Just like every other qb from Florida has. He will be a back up in 2 years tops. Mechanics are all wrong. Releases at the back of his head.

12/06/11 5:06 pm

I guess the question is somewhat vague. If you want to win for many years, then there is no question it is Cam. If you want to hang out with a good guy, then you would pick Tim. I can't believe these results!

12/06/11 4:01 pm

@coloradica go down a few comments and read dr. Brules post. Then tell me what Tebow can do as a QUARTERback vs Newton. You can retread mine also where Newton has already set 13 records 10 of which are specifically passing records.

12/06/11 3:49 pm

@tony.. Tebow is the dream guy he has strong values, loves his momma, very easy on the eyes and will always have a job and most likely a virgin or only had one girl. I'm not very religious but I have stood next to him and felt very convicted he just has that pull

12/06/11 3:49 pm

So which one is involved in dog fighting?

12/06/11 3:21 pm

I'll take the one who can lead me to the playoffs (and isn't involved in dog fighting.)

12/06/11 3:10 pm

I remember a quarterback who was a great guy, a good role model. Took the rams to the Super Bowl twice losing once. Then played horrible until his final years with the cardinals. If you look at the team built around him during his Super Bowl appearances you'll know why.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
12/06/11 2:19 pm

Two years from now, when everyone's got Tebow figured out (and they will figure him out), look back on this and remember: You bought the hype, and that's all it was - hype.

cup0pizza .
12/06/11 2:05 pm

Tebow, if for no other reason than the revenue from jersey sales.

DavesNotHere where am I
12/06/11 2:01 pm

All the hype about Tebow was and is unwarranted. he's an excellent athlete who has a lot to learn. The Broncos all of a sudden remembered that defense is part of the game. But in the long run, when teams have seen him a few times, hell have to be be a real QB. Newton is a better QB on a worse team.

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/06/11 1:41 pm

Angie, that's crazy. It's football. Very exciting.

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/06/11 1:39 pm

Denver wasn't winning until Tebow stepped on the scene. You can say all you want about stats, but the W is what's important, and Tebow gets W's.

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/06/11 1:37 pm

Tfull, where was that defense before Tebow played? They won almost all their games this season under tebows lead. Regardless of what everyone thinks, the dude wins. What's cams record?

DamageInc California
12/06/11 1:27 pm

I'm holding off my final judgment on Tebow until after he plays a few decent teams with playoff hopes and winning records.

LicensedNe North Carolina
12/06/11 1:19 pm

Cam Newton is already shining and his talent as a QB will only get better. I don't want a QB that doesn't stick to the plays and thinks that he can run whenever he wants (Tebow). The thing about it is, Cam Newton is a rookie meaning that his salary is low compared to other players, an easy choice.

Wes28 CBus
12/06/11 1:09 pm


dmob Earth
12/06/11 12:45 pm

The better question would be Andy Dalton or Cam Newton

tfull Tennessee
12/06/11 12:05 pm

Why would u ever pick tebow? He's a talentless running back that has an awesome defense. Cam can do anything tebow can plus he can throw the ball. I'm just saying don't bring a tight end to a QB fight

12/06/11 12:04 pm

tis true that Tebow is unconventional and most owners would not choose him over Cam. But it's hard to argue with results. Taking this poll q, I as owner would watch Tebow with scrutiny but I'd stay with him as long as he wins

12/06/11 11:54 am

Yea it's only the NFL who needs/wants talent??? Haha

12/06/11 11:17 am

Tebow is a leader that can rally a team to follow. I would take that over ego and talent any day.

12/06/11 11:06 am

Denver is the #1 rushing team in the nfl. There offensive line is much better. Carolina is "better" offensively because of Cam & what he brings to the team. Tim is a fullback that throws the ball once in a while. Tebows a nice story but your confused if you think a NFL owner would take him over Cam

12/06/11 11:04 am

what's more important to you as an owner, winning real games or winning fantasy football games? Tebow is a "stats be damned" winner, while Cam is a "I want to hold the record for rushing TDs by QBs" narcissist

Eric Wisconsin
12/06/11 10:57 am

Alright, people.... Offensively, Carolina is a lot better than Denver. Defensively, Denver is better than Carolina. If Tebow were in Carolina, he'd be doing better offensively. Cam would be screwed in Denver.

12/06/11 10:54 am

I appreciate Tebow for what he is & what he does. If I'm a NFL owner & I have to pick one of these two young guys to work w/ & move my team into the future, I'll take Cam.

12/06/11 10:54 am

47.5 comp % 1054 pa yards 13 total tds
4.75 40 time = Tebow

60.8 comp % 3297 pa yards 26 total tds
4.5 40 time = Cam

12/06/11 10:50 am

the QB position is more than a skill slot; it's a leadership role. The fact that all the Broncos are playing better since Tebow took over shows why he's better

leftocentr Oregon
12/06/11 10:13 am

Newton has pure talent. Tebow has luck and a fighting spirit. Newton will last longer in the NFL.

12/06/11 10:13 am

so I guess ck1011 missed the game where tebow's fundamentally throwing the ball every game. it takes time to develop. Sanchez blows.

12/06/11 10:07 am

Tebow is not a natural quarterback. Unless he changes the way he throws and become more accurate he will be a back up again. His game is about his running.

12/06/11 9:45 am

I am a huge Tebow fan. Even though I am a girl I still love football. Tebow's the person I look up to.

12/06/11 9:41 am

If you put Denver's team around Newton and Tebow aroun Carolina, you'd see Newton at 8-4 and Tebow at 1-11

12/06/11 9:17 am

I am a big Tebow fan, but Newton is already a record setting quarterback. Tebow has better record, but Newton's numbers are better. The reason is the very weak panthers defense. Cam Newton is the man to pick.

12/06/11 8:38 am

Al3cn, I'm a lady and a Republican, and I'm not into his looks or Jesus. I'm in Denver, he's a good guy, and I had to ask my husband who the other guy even was. So there are many more than two reasons to choose Tim Tebow.

12/06/11 8:03 am

Chicks dig the looks. Reps dig the Jesus.

Eric Wisconsin
12/06/11 7:53 am

Well, Newton is definitely more prototypical, but if I have to choose, I'm going with Tim Tebow. Cam Newton doesn't win games, steals laptops and was paid to play college football. Tebow wins, is morally sound and apart from that crappy Super Bowl commercial, he hasn't done much wrong.

12/06/11 7:32 am

This is a rarity: a question in which dems and repubs are split by roughly 20 points, and women are with the repubs. Most often, females as a group tend to track with dems as a group - something y'all have taught me.

I guess chicks dig Tebow.

angiebrite Gallifrey
12/06/11 7:31 am

Burnsey, I'm totally serious! I don't follow football at all! I've tried to appreciate it but it's just boring to me.

12/06/11 7:03 am

Ok cam might seem like the right answer. But I live ne fl this is Tebow land and the jags were idiots for not choosing him. Now we have a new owner and new head coach soon I wonder what they would have done