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Show Of Hands December 6th, 2011 12:00am

If you were an NFL team owner, would you rather have Tim Tebow or Cam Newton as your young QB? (UserQ)

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ncbuc Get Over It
12/06/11 6:20 pm

Tebow will suck... Just like every other qb from Florida has. He will be a back up in 2 years tops. Mechanics are all wrong. Releases at the back of his head.

12/06/11 5:01 am

He's a good role model becuz he's a Jesus freak? How biased can one be.

softball1? Florida
12/06/11 5:02 am

TEBOW!!!!!! :D he wins every game for the broncos!

12/11/11 12:42 pm

The people who would pick Tebow obviously know NOTHING about football. He has nothing but luck and appeals to people. Cam Newton is the real deal.

DavesNotHere where am I
12/06/11 2:01 pm

All the hype about Tebow was and is unwarranted. he's an excellent athlete who has a lot to learn. The Broncos all of a sudden remembered that defense is part of the game. But in the long run, when teams have seen him a few times, hell have to be be a real QB. Newton is a better QB on a worse team.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
12/07/11 1:42 am

Tbow will foster better endorsement. Neither will be playing in 7 yrs, so short term profits are key

12/06/11 8:44 pm

I'd rather have a quarterback that can actually pass the ball. Cam Newton, please.

The only reason Tim Tebow is 5-1 is because of the Broncos defense, and the fact that the best team they've beaten so far is the Jets.

12/08/11 10:19 pm

Tebow sucks, god is doing that for him, eventually when Tebow sins god will stop playin for him then what?

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/06/11 5:34 am

Tebow. He makes the team better. Not just the offense, but every part of the team. I bet even the towel boys are performing better with Tebow in charge. He can work on his passing, but he's not a failure at the passing game either. To me, both are great, but Tebow is a leader.

cup0pizza .
12/06/11 2:05 pm

Tebow, if for no other reason than the revenue from jersey sales.

12/06/11 5:55 am

Tebow had a good game last week but he is more of a running back than a QB.

12/13/11 5:36 pm

Interesting that age and income are consistent across the groups, however, politics seems to affect football - major differences by party.

12/13/11 5:38 pm

Thought that there might be economic overtones since the female/male choices are of the same order.

vergil New Jersey
12/06/11 6:39 pm

I'll take cam as my qb and tebow as my halfback

tytygirl79 Indiana
12/08/11 5:13 pm

This seems shallow but ik nothing about football so I'm going with the hottest one: TEBOW! plus he has a cool name :)

12/13/11 5:41 pm

i.e., Tebow having broader support base, better for team economics. A very Republican perspective. But I am only surmising and inferring, not necessarily stating analytical fact.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
12/06/11 2:19 pm

Two years from now, when everyone's got Tebow figured out (and they will figure him out), look back on this and remember: You bought the hype, and that's all it was - hype.

12/13/11 5:41 pm

Just interesting to see the difference.

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:18 am

although I love Tebow even from his FL days but I'm a panther fan

12/07/11 4:15 pm

newton can actually throw the ball & play qb. the bows success is due to great defense by Denver & a gimmicky offense that opponents have not fully figured out yet

12/07/11 4:16 pm

not to mention every time I hear taboo talk I want to push mute on tv. he is a complete phony

12/07/11 4:16 pm

tebow aoutcorrecting to taboo is kinda ironic, lol

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/18/11 6:27 pm

Work hard and believe in yourself..... Don't rely on an invisible sky-daddy.

MrWalrus Undergrid
12/06/11 6:39 am

someone posted here that they picked Newton because he can do it all. Umm, he can't win. Andy Dalton us better than Newton. Newton is the next in line of Vince Young, Michael Vick, Phillip Rivers and Kordell Stewart. None of them could win very many playoff games.

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:55 am

Lovejoy your an idiot who knows nothing. Look at the Panthers. They have 1 good WR a decent O line good RBs and decent TE... But the defense is down right terrible. Injuries have hurt our D and we need to get heathy. Even our number 2 WR and 1 RT got hurt so injuries... Just u watch next season

12/06/11 6:56 am

I attended UF from 04-08, Tebow contributed two Nat'l Championships and a Heisman. Cam Newton got booted his Sophmore year for stealing a laptop then lying to cops about it. Call me crazy but I'm going with Tebow.

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:57 am

Go watch film on him he can truly do it all. He has a rocket arm better throw power than Tebow. Has good accuracy but needa to improve but it's better than Tebows. Newton is faster than Tebow and runs a lot better cuz he doesn't take as big hits even tho he can since he's bigger slightly. ......

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/06/11 6:58 am

Newton even caught a pass last game set up his blocks and took it down to the 2 yard line almost scored it was a 27 yard catch and run. When you sit down and get to know these to young men and watch film on them then talk. I love Tebow huge fan great guy but if I'm an owner in picking Newton

12/06/11 7:03 am

Ok cam might seem like the right answer. But I live ne fl this is Tebow land and the jags were idiots for not choosing him. Now we have a new owner and new head coach soon I wonder what they would have done

12/06/11 3:10 pm

I remember a quarterback who was a great guy, a good role model. Took the rams to the Super Bowl twice losing once. Then played horrible until his final years with the cardinals. If you look at the team built around him during his Super Bowl appearances you'll know why.

12/08/11 5:52 pm

not here not now.really tebow has more votes? look at his stats not the teams. cam is by far a better qb

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
12/11/11 2:59 pm

@hadil im sure tebows sinned in his life. We all do

12/06/11 3:21 pm

I'll take the one who can lead me to the playoffs (and isn't involved in dog fighting.)

angiebrite Gallifrey
12/06/11 7:31 am

Burnsey, I'm totally serious! I don't follow football at all! I've tried to appreciate it but it's just boring to me.

yesca Washington
12/06/11 9:35 pm

this is purely based on T.bows popularity, for sure not his skills as a q.b. He may develop into a passing q.b. but right now he is no.comparison to Cam.

12/06/11 7:32 am

This is a rarity: a question in which dems and repubs are split by roughly 20 points, and women are with the repubs. Most often, females as a group tend to track with dems as a group - something y'all have taught me.

I guess chicks dig Tebow.

yesca Washington
12/06/11 9:35 pm

this is purely based on T.bows popularity, for sure not his skills as a q.b. He may develop into a passing q.b. but right now he is no.comparison to Cam.

12/07/11 7:15 am

Cam Newton is breaking records, to say that Tebow is better is just ridiculous. Cam is better in facets of the game; throwing, running...etc