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Show Of Hands September 13th, 2012 12:00am

Should K-12 public schools consider their social role to be more broad than academic instruction, or should they stick to the books?

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09/13/12 12:49 pm

Keep your "social" views and opinions to yourself. I'm starting to hate that word.

09/13/12 12:47 pm

Number one reason I send my kids to a private school. I know what's being taught.

09/13/12 12:44 pm

They don't force their morals on us (except one teacher who talked about how much she hated gays) and they don't 'raise people's kids' but help them become people. They leave the parenting to our parents and just try to set us up for being good students and workers.

09/13/12 12:41 pm

The teachers legitimately care about you and can become like friends. It's incredible.

09/13/12 12:41 pm

I've gone to public schools all my life and they just stuck to the curriculum and were just teachers. In a few situations students had teacher mentors. But not much more. NOW. I am in a private high school where it is so much more than just academics. It truly an amazing environment.

charles02 Charleston,SC
09/13/12 12:35 pm

Broadish abd not to the point where it hinders academics

Steve6453 Michigan
09/13/12 12:18 pm

@Lmurder i really hope you are being sarcastic because as a nation we are remarkably stupid

hazhap1 Las Vegas
09/13/12 12:08 pm

I know I'm going way out on a limb here... But maybe parents should be held accountable for their children.

09/13/12 12:08 pm

Social education such as peer interaction and friendship skills...not installing morals or beliefs-that is not the school's responsibility.

lmurder MDK
09/13/12 12:08 pm

Stick to the books. It's worked out well for us so far.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/13/12 12:02 pm

They should and do have it more broad. Clubs, activities, tutoring, mentoring, counseling--it's all essential and non-academic.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/13/12 12:01 pm

@besmart: What are you even talking about? Go get an education yourself.

Kyonkichi Memphis
09/13/12 11:30 am

These comments are absolutely scary. Oh my God.

09/13/12 11:22 am

I don't want the government, which runs the public schools, to be remotely involved in social education. Geesh, I just heard some school decided PBJs are racist! You know, because kids from other countries may not eat
Sandwiches, but pitas!!

09/13/12 11:20 am

They can't even educate our kids worth a shit... Why in the hell should they try to do more??? (referring mostly to administrators, NOT the teachers)

NotQuiteWhite Earth
09/13/12 11:19 am

of knowledge I encounter from those who grew up in the American public school system. We are falling behind the rest of the world. There are third world countries that receive better education than us.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
09/13/12 11:18 am

I went to elementary school in Japan. We socialized after school and our instruction was intense and boring. When I came back to the US for seventh grade, I went straight into algebra and took AP sciences and on high school. To this day, I am astounded by the lack of education and general ignorance

blockfisher Clinton, CT
09/13/12 11:17 am

Young children learn better through social interaction. If they sit in a chair all day and listen to lecture you only create an absent minded child with no desire to learn. If you incorporate social development (including sports and other Extracurricular activities) children will be better off.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
09/13/12 11:15 am

Thank you. I was about to point out that there is no correlation between social instruction and religion or morals. Just another reason to bash the dems. However, I strongly believe we need more rigid academic instruction.

mariot21 New Jersey
09/13/12 11:11 am

It's amazing how the majority of people on this thread do not pay attention to context. The question was "what role should shools play from k-12, academic or a broader role ( wood shop, art, sports, automechanics, home evonomics, etc.). This question has nothing to do with teaching morals.

09/13/12 10:49 am

You Dems cry foul when people pray in public, but you want some teacher you hardly know to teach your children about social/moral issues? Idiots!

09/13/12 10:48 am

The trouble with broadening academic classes for grades K-12 is that the people learning are at a very influential time. It would be hard to teach them in an unbiased way which, in my opinion, isn't fair to the students. But that aside, the more critical thinking introduced into academia the better.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/13/12 10:29 am

@stjohnnac Well of course. That was just an example of how bad it really is. Have teachers been caught, anywhere, ever, brainwashing children with songs about the President before though? I don't ever remember seeing this behavior, in America, before. North Korea? Yes. China? Yes.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 10:16 am

Now come on, Cowboy, even you have to admit that schools have been indoctrinating kids for a long time, well before Obama was around.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/13/12 10:08 am

There's way too much social aspects in school. But the unions aren't interested educating children. Only indoctrinating them. Barack. Hussein. Obama. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 9:56 am

It SHOULDNT be the school's responsibility, but a lot of parents leave their kids' raising up to the school system.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 9:55 am

@see2016 You are the kind of parent we don't have to worry about. Sadly, some 12-year-olds need to be told how to use a condom because their parents won't explain sex to them.

tidford My little piece of heaven
09/13/12 9:52 am

Guess which party sees the schools as a tool for brainwashing young minds. Let's see, is it the Nazis, or the Stalinists, or Mao's Red Guard? They done it before.

What are they calling themselves now in America, these intolerant statist brainwashes of young minds?

For the answer - read this poll!

yepnope Maryland
09/13/12 9:47 am

Dems, remember that the deep south will further brain wash their kids if their schools allow it. Stick to the books but make psychology and sociology a part of the curriculum.

09/13/12 9:46 am

The idea of having teachers focus more on the social aspect is down right scary. Ask that question to the parents of the Chicago school kids.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/13/12 9:41 am

Let's hear the expertise and insight from single men....

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
09/13/12 9:36 am

The school only has to handle academics, but social aspects are a large part of being in high school. The school has no authority over that part except at school sponsored events.

09/13/12 9:16 am

<------ Do your job and teach academics, don't push what you think are your moral values on my kids. That's my job. Stay out of my kids heads. Who the hell told you you could give my 12 year old condoms and show him how to put it on a banana?! Please, do your job and teach the basics!

pe1031 San Marcos, TX
09/13/12 9:15 am

Innovators aren't born from books but experiences. We need a broad base for kids at a young age and then narrow the education and focus it on a career path for the student.

09/13/12 9:05 am

Our kids are losing ground to India. Look at the number of Indian small business owners popping up in America or the number of Indian physicians being hired in our hospitals. Thats not because our kids aren't adequately's because their are failing academically.

09/13/12 9:03 am

These people would rather teach my children their misguided social mores than teach them math.

09/13/12 9:00 am

Public schools are too distracted as it is. They are not excelling at teaching basic academics, why in the hell would we want them juggling more programs??

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 9:00 am, but I teach some absolute gully dirt as well. It makes me nervous for our future.

Logan1980 Texas
09/13/12 8:59 am

Academics, not indoctrination.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 8:59 am

...that boundary to help those who need it most because of their incompetent parents. It blows my mind that you need a permit to drive a car or build a house or get married or start a business, but any scumbag past puberty can have a child. I teach some amazing kids who might just change the...

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 8:56 am

@iraqvet I totally agree. The students who are most at-risk come from shitty parents. The ones who really want to learn are held back by a system they focuses on catering to the turds who can't or won't learn. Ideally, schools should be about academics, but realistically, we have to go beyond...

09/13/12 8:42 am

You can't base your life off of books

adalla Virginia
09/13/12 8:42 am

I said academics, but I understand that pre-k and kindergarten are devoted mostly to teaching kids how to wait their turn, work in a group etc... stuff parents don't bother to teach any more. Can't get to education without basic discipline.

09/13/12 8:41 am

Stick to education, our schools are horrid and our kids are way behind other countries. Hell, my Indian friends are starting to move back once their kids reach school age because our schools are so subpar. We need a revolution in education, it's time for America to be back on top.

AlexD Respectful Debate
09/13/12 8:39 am

Amen IraqVet. The academic role is a challenge enough for schools. Let them focus on doing this well.

IraqVet03 North Carolina
09/13/12 8:31 am

I think it is interesting that in America these days, people are more concerned with assigning blame instead of assuming responsibility.

IraqVet03 North Carolina
09/13/12 8:27 am

I think a lot of people have kids that do not have any business being parents. They look at their kids as a burden rather than as a joy. School functions as a daycare for them. They expect the teachers to do everything. In turn teachers end up being disciplinarians rather than instructors...