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Show Of Hands September 13th, 2012 12:00am

Should K-12 public schools consider their social role to be more broad than academic instruction, or should they stick to the books?

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SnowKatcher The Road To Nowhere
09/13/12 8:59 pm

They need to pay more attention to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and less time pushing their social agenda.

09/13/12 8:54 pm

So most democrats want a government run school indoctrinate their kids? Please move to north Korea.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/13/12 8:43 pm

Not strictly academics, but strictly education. Driver's Ed, shop, home skills, band, all valid. Basketball, football, wrestling, not so much.

09/13/12 8:11 pm

Our schools are grossly failing in acedemics!!! Educate not indoctrinate!!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/13/12 7:53 pm

Academic (reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.) only!!! The discussions about where babies come from, and whether or not little Johnny has two daddies, and the like, should be left to a child's parents and pastor to explain.

ugafan Southern by choice
09/13/12 7:30 pm

Good teachers love their students and teach them more them academics everyday.

kehvn Towson, MD
09/13/12 7:03 pm

The problem is we've handed our schools over to the government.

If we had school choice (i.e. the DoE was disbanded, and the whole system privatized)... Then sure.

If not privatized at least under state control. Maybe, but probably not.

09/13/12 6:56 pm

Teachers are already expected to do both.

Wert A picture of my junk
09/13/12 6:48 pm

School is not a daycare. Stick to academics.

09/13/12 6:47 pm

I think we are closing in on the time when parents should have to get a license to have kids. As long as we are talking about what smokers, overweight, drunks, drug users are costing society lets talk about what stupid, negligent parents do creating children they expect society to pay for.

09/13/12 6:31 pm

Considering they can't even get the academic part down, I say they focus on perfecting that before venturing into social roles.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
09/13/12 6:26 pm

They aren't supposed to socialize kids, and so they are unequipped to. The outcome would be halfway socialized kids. Leave everything except for learning to the parents. That includes health.

09/13/12 6:25 pm

I don't want a teacher pushing their distorted social engineering concepts on my daughter.

09/13/12 6:18 pm

Teachers are already expected to raise kids anyways.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 6:15 pm

...about things that they might not be exposed to anywhere else.

Quinnipiac Here
09/13/12 6:14 pm

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38041 Georgia
09/13/12 6:14 pm

@see Fair enough. Do you think that those things are completely inappropriate in school? My students ask me about my political and social beliefs all the time. Should I tell them i shouldn't talk about such things? I feel it is my duty to have discussions with my kids and challenge them to think...

09/13/12 6:03 pm

<----- I am not talking about religion, that was meant as an example of mental manipulation. I'm talking about handing out condoms in school ( promoting sex ), teachers talking about THEIR political views ( which my son mentioned ), or talking about their beliefs about things like gay rights.

09/13/12 5:34 pm

We taught our teens to change a tire. Besides, most schools (hi schools) have auto mech and I'm sure they would learn there. We aren't falling behind in tire changing.

Emma Austin.ish.
09/13/12 5:23 pm

students are people. you have to consider their entire person to be effective at educating them.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 5:07 pm

And (4) Sports and the arts were only added in the 20th century. Our public education goes back to 1640.

09/13/12 5:07 pm

I interpret broad to mean music and physical education, including current events, and socially acceptable interaction. I voted for broad since all of these are important in a well rounded education.

38041 Georgia
09/13/12 5:06 pm

@see2016 (1) This is not Cuba, this is America. (2) Our public schools are forbidden from establishing any religious or non-religious beliefs. (3) Our children receive candy from a magic bunny on Easter because Jesus died. know, there's that.

hippiedude fields of green
09/13/12 4:59 pm

Kids need to be social. Thats what gets you places in the real world. You learn a lot of great life values in sports, arts, and other after school programs in school like student council, and SADD. Its not all the schools fault, it has a lot to do with the government as well as parents.

09/13/12 4:47 pm

<----- Sports and the arts have ALWAYS been a part of the education system and should remain so.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
09/13/12 4:35 pm

Definitely just academics. Maybe once all academics are perfected then move on to more...

09/13/12 4:18 pm

I saw a clip from Cuba years ago, a teacher tells young kids, close your eyes and pray to God for candy. Open your eyes. Nothing. Now, close your eyes and pray to Uncle Fidel for candy, open your eyes. WOW, we all have candy! Is that the way you want YOUR kids educated. Stay out of my kids heads!

veritas1 Panda
09/13/12 4:11 pm

Sports and the arts are also important.

09/13/12 4:04 pm

I said yes but probably only in the lower grades. And then as they got older just reserve it for kids with behavioral problems, autism, etc.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/13/12 4:00 pm

Academics only that's what schools are for.let the social stuff work it out it self

MannIsMe Did You Assume My Party
09/13/12 3:55 pm

I'm a high school student and I'd be awfully pissed if none of my education was practical, but I take special classes for those things. I think the academics are the root of all schooling. True, a lot of both practical and paper subjects can wait until college, but many shouldn't wait.

lmurder MDK
09/13/12 3:41 pm

@sexysteve coming from you doesn't matter if I'm serious or not.
We already went over this.
Yes we are better off. Greatest nation in the world. We are pioneers and trailblazers.
How is it we've only been here for less than 350 years yet we are the most powerful and advanced?

DavesNotHere where am I
09/13/12 3:35 pm

Kids today are dumb enough, don't need to water it down even more! Truth hurts

drhawkeye CA
09/13/12 3:35 pm

In K-12 I love how they teach the practical things in life like quadratic functions. While they leave out the unnecessary things like how to change a tire.

09/13/12 3:28 pm

Schools need to offer more curriculum around forcing kids to work out real world problems and apply their knowledge as opposed to just reading books. This will encourage creativity and life lessons. In addition schools need to instill the values of social skills in kids early & often

chrismisen atlanta
09/13/12 3:24 pm

i said academics under the belief that music and sports are included in that. i took broad as being that schools get into personal life like social skills and stuff.

09/13/12 2:51 pm

Some things never change. Including grammar, spelling and math. We much teach kids what we know from history. Don't be so lame!

09/13/12 2:48 pm

As far as the roles schools play, a teaching environment should include the three R's. Besides that, a teacher and school have to be prepared to set good examples for life skills, not so much outwardly teaching morals. As much as parents do try, kids spend most of their waking hours at school.

09/13/12 2:43 pm

I haven't had any complaints with any of my kids schools. I don't know where you all are that the schools are overwhelmingly horrible.

09/13/12 2:14 pm

Books are butt. Things change every day. The books are obsolete

09/13/12 1:58 pm

Broad, they are still basically kids so I believe it is good to expose them to things that make life fun, interesting, and just give them experiences. Of course, academics will always be there but I think college is a better place for a hardcore academic education.

fester Ohio
09/13/12 1:46 pm

Anyone who said just academics clearly believes that all sports, music, and other after school activities should be dropped!

09/13/12 1:39 pm

Academics...that's why kids are in school, to learn, not to have mommy and daddy part two....a good teacher teaches skills like "respect" automatically while teaching not talking in class, don't interrupt the teacher etc....

elbrutus53 60304
09/13/12 1:29 pm

Schools should do both. They need to develop skills that students will need later in life. People do need to realize that a child's life is very orientated around school. Why shouldn't schools focus on teaching important life skills such as dealing with others and respect.

09/13/12 1:14 pm

Well maybe we should work in the academic part first... Since we're not doing so hot

09/13/12 1:11 pm

you can't "teach" someone how to practice proper decorum In every and all situations. You have to go out and experience the terrible terrible realities that is life.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
09/13/12 1:10 pm

"Social Roles" in schools, not "social" views and opinions! Read the question!

09/13/12 1:07 pm

I think teachers should try and inspire kids to do great things, develop new ideas, and be overall good people.